Video – In Love With Thermage


Although I have done Thermage before but I do feel fainty watching this video. I have to admit that Queenie is lucky to find the RIGHT DOCTOR! It is soooooooooo IMPORTANT!!!

I have previously done my Thermage with Dr Valentine Low at Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic and Laser Clinic at Paragon and have spent almost $6000 of my hard-earned savings with him. What pissed me off is his professionalism. He is not focused and attentive on treating my skin (unlike Queenie’s doctor). He will walk here and there ‘multi-tasking’ with different patients at the same time. There are always three patients waiting for him at the same time at different spots (exclude the patients sitting at the couch) – one waiting for consultation at his office, two waiting for treatments at two separate treatment rooms.

I didn’t have the markings done (Queenie’s video) on my face at all. These markings are useful to help doctor identify on which areas have been treated. Instead of giving Queenie a local anesthesia injection like most doctors do (I’m having local anesthesia too), Queenie’s doctor preferred to give her the general anesthesia which makes her in the state of total unconsciousness. I guess there are pros and cons on either one. Well, if given a choice, I will go for general anesthesia as Thermage is so “@%#&” painful and even with the help of local anesthesia doesn’t seem to help much, my goodness!



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One Comment on "Video – In Love With Thermage"

  1. dblchin says:

    omg!Thermage looks totally soooo painful!!!
    So sorry fer ur bad experience hope u’ll find a gd doc soon

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