August 10 –
To believe or not to believe


Have you ever wondered why some middle-aged celebrities don’t look anything like the rest of us? Their posture, their trim, muscular figures, the way they move, all convey energy. And their lineless faces, thick hair, and strong voices belie their years. What do they know that most people do not? What do they do?

Well, they have access and money to pay for the best that anti-aging medicine has to offer. I ought to know because many of them come to me, arriving at my office in black limousines with tinted windows, surrounded by security guards and personal assistants. Many of them come to me to receive injections of human growth hormone (HGH). They find that it makes their voices stronger and younger, gives them a remarkable edge in the battle of muscle versus fat, restores energy, sharpens memory (great for learning the lines), lessens depression and anxiety, thickens hair, and tightens the face. Need I say more?


Dr Adrienne Denese
Secrets For Ageless Skin

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