January 10
To believe or not to believe

Recently, some anti-aging creams costing thousands of dollars have come on the market. I suggest you save the money you’ve earmarked for the super-expensive Goo of the Month and use it to pay for a consultation with a qualified cosmetic dermatologist instead. (Sometimes, I’m shocked to say, a small jar of the Goo of the Month will cost more than several months of consultations!)

Frankly, although top-quality ingredients and the rigorous control needed to oversee their manufacture definitely cost money, there are in my opinion no ingredients that warrant a $1,000+ price tag on a jar of cream. There’s always the placebo factor, of course – thinking that because a cream is so expensive it simply has to work more effectively. Of the pleasure factor – knowing that you can afford such a luxury and showing off the beauty packaging.

There is, obviously, a difference between a $10 drugstore cream and a $100 dermatologist-created cream. A less expensive product will not have the glossy packaging and the heavy glass bottle with a gold top. It will also not have active ingredients, with the same purity or concentration. But is a $1,000 cream 100 times better than a $10 cream? What do you think?

And could you go to a dermatologist instead for much longer lasting wrinkle treatments? Yes, you can.


Dr. Fredric Brandt, M.D.
10 Minutes, 10 Years

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