December 09
To believe or not to believe

I have had the opportunity to hear the conversations of many high-level executives in the cosmetics industry. They see their job as threefold :

  • to keep the cost of the expensive and effective key ingredients and the cost of production in general under strict control
  • to word the skin-care claims on the bottle carefully, to stay within legal boundaries
  • to promote the new release in many magazines, not just in the form of ads but also in actual, objective-sounding editorial articles about the merits of the new release

When skin-care executives decide it is time for a new cream, they go to a manufacturer and say something like, “I have a budget of eighty cents per jar for a cream. What new ingredient do you have with an interesting story that fits this budget?” It is common knowledge in the industry that this is exactly how most new projects get their start. Their concerns are about marketing and, above all, staying within the almighty budget.


Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D.
Secrets For Ageless Skin

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