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Healthy Habits

Before you prepare each meal, hold up three fingers and say to yourself: “I need a protein, a god source of carbohydrates, and a small amount of unsaturated fat.” Therefore, your typical meal should consist of a piece of chicken or fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, and a small source of monounsaturated fats such as olive oil or a few nuts such as almonds or macadamias.

Add a habit called grazing -eating four to five small, well-balanced meals a day – and you’ll keep your insulin levels balanced. The value of eating several small to medium meals is that you never overload your body with sugars or other nutrients. Even when you’re eating healthy foods, you can have too much of a good thing. If you eat a very large meal, for example, you fill your gastrointestinal track with food, which then loads your bloodstream with sugar, which makes your insulin levels spike. So it’s best to eat small quantities of food throughout the day.


Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D.
The Wrinkle Cure

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