January 11 –
To believe or not to believe


Are Facials Helpful At All?

A facial can make you feel great – someone gently massaging your facial muscles while applying toners or masks. Extractions from your pores and mild exfoliation can brighten your complexion. But I’m not crazy about the prospect that bacteria may be lurking in such a busy setting. Choose your salon very carefully. If you get facials too frequently, they can start to become irritating, and even cause broken blood vessels. I also believe that many products used in salons are highly comedogenic, causing blocked pores and irritated skin. Go ahead and treat yourself once in a while, if these appeal to you, but I do not recommend more than one or two per year, at most.

It would be equally beneficial to your complexion if you opted instead for a full body massage. This gets your blood circulating, pumps oxygen into your muscles and tissues, and relaxes you even more than a facial does. Massages detoxify by increasing lymph flow into the body’s waste bin, that is why frequently after a massage one has to urinate, even though there has been no increased hydration.

If you’re pampering yourself at a salon, go for the massage instead of the facial from time to time. Your complexion will benefit, and so will the rest of you. Massage stimulates the flow of lymph, which is the clear liquid that you might see when you squeeze a pimple and the blood disappears. Lymph has its own circulatory system and is mechanism for removal of waste and toxins from your skin.


Dr. Gregory Bays Brown
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2 Comments on "January 11 –
To believe or not to believe"

  1. cindy says:

    but if I wanted to remove my blackheads then how? My skins are alright but blackheads are crazy! I do not know what to do unless I extract them out!

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Cindy,

    Although extraction done at salon is effective and convenient for most of us but you just have to ensure the salon that you patronize do have proper hygiene on the beauty ‘tools’ they used. It is true that bacteria can spread easily if they never cleanse them properly.

    Other alternative to remove blackheads at home is to exfoliate your skin with BHA. It is the most effective and safest way so far.

    You can check out Paula’s Choice BHA 1% or 2% in either gel, lotion or liquid.

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