December 10 –
To believe or not to believe


The medical community knows that the percentage of active ingredients is critical for the product to be effective. All scientific efficacy studies on cosmetics ingredients have to be reported by naming the exact percentages of the active ingredients. This is because we know that if, for instance, the retinol or the glycolic acid percentage does not reach a certain level, their presence is entirely meaningless from the perspective of performance. It might as well be missing and will do just as much good. If it is present in the right percentages, however, it may irritate some people initially before the product starts to deliver results, which may drive up product returns, the worst fear of cosmetics executives. Also, the right percentages will definitely drive up product price because some of the active ingredients cost in the thousands per kilo.


Dr Adrienne Denese, M.D.
Secrets For Ageless Skin

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