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Albion EXCIA Whitening Premium Range


Albion Excia Whitening

Received this Albion EXCIA W Premium Coffret quite a while ago, didn’t get to blog about it sooner. This coffret comprises of EXCIA Circulating Watery Cleansing Cream, EXCIA Circulating Essence Foam, Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV, Whitening Lotion SV and Whitening External Stem Nova Cream.

Upon checking the items, my usual next move was to check out the ingredients. Spotted alcohol on all of the products. It’s one of the ingredients I’m not really comfortable with. The alcohol scent is dull even though it is listed under one of the top five ingredients (for three of them).

Albion Excia Whitening eternal stem nova cream

Alcohol is claimed to help other ingredients such as vitamin C penetrate our skin more effectively. EXCIA Whitening External Stem Nova Cream actually contains Ascorbyl Glucoside. It is known as a form of vitamin C that has the antioxidant or skin-lightening properties.

Alcohol is good for the product, but maybe bad for our skin. Probably, we might expect dry, irritated skin if we use a cosmetic product with alcohol.

I noticed many of my peers love using skincare products that contain alcohol, one of their favorites is Lancome Genifique. They seem to have no issue with it so far.

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Laneige Launched Upgraded White Plus Renew Brightening Line with L-Proved Remedy


Laneige, a leading premium cosmetics brand from Korea, has recently launched an upgraded White Plus Renew brightening line, specially created to solve the daily skincare concerns of Asian women. The new Laneige White Plus Renew line is now upgraded with L-Proved Remedy to help improve skin texture and tone, providing a radiant and flawless complexion.

Laneige White Plus Renew

Laneige White Plus Renew

Recently, I was super delighted to receive a white pentagon-shaped gift box with a white lovely bag that contains three of the White Plus Renew products – White Plus Renew Original Essence, Spot Treatment EX and Tone Up Corrector SPF 40 PA+++. Do continue reading as I will soon share more about these 3 products.

Upgraded White Plus Renew Brightening Solutions with L-Proved Remedy

Laneige White Plus Renew

Understanding the increased demand for skin brightening solutions, Laneige launches the L-Proved Remedy, the brand’s own professional and high-performance skincare range specially designed for Asian women. L-Proved Remedy‘s effort includes spending 7 years to survey 1,200 women in 11 cities of 5 Asian countries to listen to their daily skincare concerns. Thoroughly tested on Asian skin, L-Proved Remedy is globally approved by dermatologists in Korea, China and Japan as well.

Laneige developed its own skincare technology Melacrusher™ (formulated with truffle yeast and green tea extracts) which removes the melanin veil that cause discoloration of skin. With new technology, Laneige White Plus Renew line is said to improve 6 core elements of brightening – glow, moisture, brightness, transparency, even skin tone and reduced melanin level.

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Create A Crystal-Clear Skin With Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Solution


Two weeks ago, I have actually shared a post on the newly launched Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White range. This new collection is now available at Kiehl’s stores from February 2012. Click here to read the previous post.

This latest breakthrough whitening skincare range is specially developed to help eliminate dark spots, improve skin clarity and provide a brighter, crystal-clear complexion. Thanks to its latest Activated C formulation which is 100% active on skin immediately to rapidly correct dark spots, discolorations and uneven skin tone in as little as 8 weeks.

What do Asian women today want for perfect skin? Other than having firm and wrinkle-free skin, most Asian women actually desire a more brighter, translucent, luminous and spotless complexion, as though the skin has been ‘air-brushed’.

So what is ‘air-brushed’ complexion seem to you? Don’t get me wrong as I’m not referring to air-brush makeup but I’m actually referring to a spotless, bright and crystal-clear complexion. Unfortunately, many women and even celebrities rely on digital retouching (photoshop) or even makeup tricks to get that flawless complexion! Sad to say these magical touches are just temporary and they are not the ‘real’ skin!

So why depend on these temporary coverage tricks to conceal your faults when you can actually achieve a beautiful, smooth and naturally flawless skin with the correct use of skincare products?

Makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath it!

Loss of translucency, alongside dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone, is consistently cited by Asian women as their major skincare concerns. These skin problems caused by aging, sun damage and acne scarring will actually make you look older than you are.

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (S$75 for 30ml), the anchor of this highly anticipated whitening collection, is formulated with Activated C (the latest generation Vitamin C derivative) that comes with this Anti-Cluster technology to prevent the formation of new melanin cluster and break apart existing melanin clusters to diminish visible dark spots and discolorations. It also decreases melanin production at the melanocyte and slows melanin transfer to skin’s surface.

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NEW Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solution® Clearly Corrective White Has Been Launched!


Two weeks ago, I was delighted to attend an interesting event hosted by Kiehl’s Singapore, to preview their latest whitening skincare collection that is specially formulated to eliminate dark spots, improve skin clarity and provide a brighter, luminous complexion.

Introducing the new Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective! This new effective 5-step range of formulations, specially created for Asian women, comprises of Purifying Foaming Cleanser, Skin Brightening Exfoliator, Clarity-Activating Toner, Dark Spot Solution and Hydrating Moisture Emulsion.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective, an addition to the Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solution® range, has officially been launched in February 2012.

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, the anchor of this newest range, is formulated with Activated C – the latest-generation Vitamin C derivative with ‘anti-cluster’ technology. This treatment is 100% active on skin immediately to rapidly break apart discoloration and prevent the formation of new melanin in as little as 8 weeks.

What do Asian women today want for perfect skin? Other than having firm and wrinkle-free skin, most Asian women actually desire a more brighter, translucent, luminous and spotless complexion, as though the skin has been ‘air-brushed’.

Do continue reading to uncover the power of Activated CKiehl’s breakthrough in Skin Clarity!

The event was held at White Rabbit Restaurant @Dempsey Road as to coincide with the launch of the new whitening products, and almost all guests were dressed in white too. Lovely!

Upon reaching the venue, I was greeted by a huge hopscotch with 5-step skincare regimen painted on the entrance floor. Interesting!

Say hello to our Kiehl’s buddy – Mr Bones!

And not forgetting our friendly Kiehl’s Boys too!

Myself with the Kiehl’s team. I was the first guest to arrive and I actually felt like a superstar even without the red carpet hee hee <grin>…………

Well unfortunately I’m not the “brightest” star and I need to give way to…….. and the STAR of the day is of course the new Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

What makes Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution so unique and set it apart from other whitening serums?

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