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[Review] Thermage Total Tip Treatment – Collagen Booster


Skin sagging is often considered an inevitable part of aging.  Although aging may be inevitable but I believe the rate of aging is certainly not. With this in mind, I’m constantly taking steps to delay my aging process as much as I can.

Well, I’m not a fan of cosmetics surgery, not even botox or fillers too. I prefer to age gracefully and to maintain my youthful looking skin naturally without going under the knife.

Do you know the biggest cause of aging skin is the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin? Collagen production in the skin tends to decline with age, as much as by 1% per year after the age of 18, which ultimately leads to aging skin.

I definitely can’t boost my collagen production with surgery, not even collagen cream as the molecule is too big to even penetrate the surface of my skin. Due to decreased collagen production, my skin appears thinner and less firmer.

Hence in order to upkeep my youthful skin and boost collagen production, my ultimate beauty solution is the non-invasive Thermage CPT Total Tip treatment!

The FDA-approved Thermage procedure uses radiofrequency energy to create a uniform heating effect in the deep dermis. This gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen. It reduces wrinkles and achieves brow lifting, cheek lifting, and jaw line lifting.

thermage total tip

This latest Thermage treatment is no longer painful unlike the older generations. And this Total Tip is the latest generation.

Thermage Total Tip 3.0

Thermage Total Tip 3.0

For safety precaution, do ensure your practitioner is using the genuine Thermage treatment tip, designed for one-time use.

A month ago, I had Thermage treatment done on my face by Dr. Tyng Tan at Aesthetics and Hair Clinic, located at 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #08-04, Singapore 238873 (Tel: +65 6235 0010). With mild to moderate sagging on my face, I find Thermage is the best choice for me.

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Thermage CPT Procedure Revisited


Recently, Asia Healthcare Associates, the exclusive distributor for Thermage, has organized a private event to re-introduce the Thermage CPT procedure. In addition to Thermage, Asia Healthcare Associates also distributes Fraxel, Liposonix and Clear + Brilliant.

The Thermage Patient event was held at Pheonix Medical Group @ HillV2 at HillviewRise.

What is Thermage? Well, in short, Thermage procedure can help smooth, tighten and contour your skin for an overall younger looking appearance in a single treatment without surgery or injections. Thermage procedures can effectively and safely treat fine lines and wrinkles on most body parts, including the face, neck, eyes, tummy, arms, hands, thighs and buttocks.

I must confess I’m a big fan of Thermage. This is one aesthetics treatment which I swear about. As I age, the collagen in my skin breaks down, resulting in sagging skin, nasolabiol folds and marionette lines. The new Thermage CPT System uses patented radiofrequency technology to safely heat the deeper layers of my skin, stimulating my existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth.

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[Review] Eyes By Thermage® at SL Clinic by Dr Kelvin Chua


I noticed the skin around my eyes is one of the first places to show signs of aging. The skin in this area is said to be 40% thinner than anywhere else on my face, causing it to age faster. As I age, fine lines around the eye area become more apparent. The upper eyelids become droopy, puffy and heavier, and that make me appear tired. What I hate most is the crepey texture of my eyelids that make it hard for me to apply eyeshadow.

Before, eye lift surgery was seem to be the only solution to reverse the aging around the eyes however there are potential side effects and risks involved with any surgical procedure. I’m not ready to go under the knife at this moment for sure. Fortunately, there’s a proven non-invasive procedure that can help to reverse the aging around my eyes – it is the Thermage® Eye Procedure.

The Thermage® Eye Procedure is the only procedure that helps smooth and tighten skin and decrease wrinkles and hooding the eye area without surgery or injections, and little to no downtime. I’m pleased to learn that Thermage has the industry’s first and only FDA clearance for non-invasive eyelid treatments.

Three months ago, I have FINALLY gone for the Thermage Eye Procedure at SL Clinic, performed by Dr Kelvin Chua. Yes FINALLY! I have always wanted to go for this treatment for the longest time! WooHoo! <grinning>

This picture was taken before the procedure, with missing double eyelids.

thermage eye procedure sl clinic dr kelvin chua

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Review – THERMAGE® TOTAL TIP – A Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Procedure


I realized my skin has aged rapidly after hitting my 35 ten years ago. As I age, my skin is losing its elasticity that causes sagging jawline, nasolabiol folds (the folds that run from each side of the nose to the mouth) and marionette lines (the lines that run straight downwards from the corners of the mouth).

Now at 45, I believe I’m an ideal candidate for surgical face lifting. But with all the new non-invasive technologies (designed to reverse skin aging) launched in the market in the recent years, the surgical facelift with potential risk and downtime, is obviously not the best option to take years off my face.

To reverse my signs of aging, I WANT a safe procedure that not only helps lifts up my sagging skin with zero potential risk factor, gives reliable results with minimum to zero recovery and pain factors, and also helps increase collagen production that gives a long-lasting benefit! And Thermage fits the bill perfectly! Surgical facelift cannot build collagen.

I have to confess I’m a super big fan of Thermage treatment. I’ve tried all the generations of Thermage, including the most painful first generation (original), second generation (Thermage NXT) and third generation (Thermage CPT).

Solta Medical, the leading aesthetics company behind Thermage, is proud to announce the launch of Thermage Total Tip 3.0 – a new and improved tip designed for the use on the face, neck and body that aims to deliver as much as twice the bulk heating volume which allows more tissue to be heated to higher temperatures, hence delivering greater results.

Click HERE to find out more about Thermage Total Tip 3.0.

Three months ago, I was super delighted to be one of the first to try out this new Thermage Total Tip 3.0! I’m now ready to review the treatment!

I have my treatment done at Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetic & Laser Centre.

thermage total tip 3.0 review

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An Interview Session On The latest THERMAGE® TOTAL TIP – A Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Procedure


In the past, the only significant option available to look 10 years younger was a surgical facelift, which results in several weeks of recovery and pain. However, surgical facelift is not guaranteed to last more than 5 years. And with any surgical procedure, there are always potential side effects and risks involved too.

Today, Thermage is the ultimate option. Thermage is a non-surgical, skin tightening procedure that can be performed on the face, eyes, neck and body with little to no downtime and little pain.

Solta Medical, the leading aesthetics company behind Thermage, is proud to announce the launch of Thermage Total Tip 3.0 – a new and improved tip designed for the use on the face, neck and body that aims to deliver as much as twice the bulk heating volume which allows more tissue to be heated to higher temperatures, hence delivering greater results.

Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to non-invasively help smooth, and contour the skin, as well as temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, in a single treatment with little to no downtime. The Thermage Total Tip is effective for facial treatments because it delivers uniform, volumetric bulk heating. This heat is dispersed through the vascular structures, which are more abundant on the face than other body areas. The dispersal and uniformity of energy may lead to increased patient tolerability and allows practitioners to deliver an efficient volume of heat on the face, with highly positive outcomes. Patients notice both early and long-term results.

Last week, I was delighted to be presented an interview opportunity with Mr Jeff Nardoci, Vice President of Global Marketing, Solta Medical, and Gene Burdette, Director of International Marketing.

Below are some of the questions on Thermage Total Tip I’ve asked during the interview :

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Review – Latest “Skin-Tightening” Thermage CPT (3rd Generation) Procedure


Age is really catching up with me lately (44 this year) and there’s nothing I can do to prevent it. I’m fully aware that aging is inevitable, so what I can do for myself now is to delay the aging process as much as I can.

One of my most obvious tell-tale signs of aging on my face is loss of skin firmness and sagging jawline. Although the best option is to go for a surgical facelift but there is too much risk involved and I’m not ready for it yet. Probably in another three to five years down the road I may consider it. Hence for now, the best alternative for me is to go for a non-invasive skin-tightening treatment – Thermage.


Why Thermage?

Are you new to Thermage? Well Thermage is a non-invasive skin-tightening procedure that can help smooth, tighten and contour our skin for an overall younger looking appearance in a single treatment without surgery or injections. It uses patented radio-frequency technology to safely heat the deeper layers of our skin, stimulating the existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth.

I opt for Thermage instead of other skin-tightening treatments such as Ulthera and Titan, as I personally feel more confident with it and it has researched to be the best option for skin tightening.

I actually have Thermage procedure done twice, first by Dr Valentin Low (Paragon) many years ago and last by Dr Calvin Chan (Wheelock) last year in November 2011. However both were big disappointments!

This round, I decided to get Thermage procedure done by Dr Chee from Chelsea Clinic (formally known as Wen & Weng Medical Group) as he’s using the latest Thermage CPT technology.

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Guest Blogger Dr. Irwin – Anti-Aging Beyond The Face


Womenlovebeauty’s guest blogger Dr. Brandith Irwin who has been a guest medical expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the Weekend Today Show, provides beauty tips on anti-aging, my favorite beauty topic ever.


Anti-Aging Beyond The Face

When we think of anti-aging treatments we automatically think about the face. But don’t forget that the neck, chest and hands age too! In order to look flawlessly youthful, it is a good idea to treat all of these areas so you have an even look.

Laser treatments, chemical peels and injectables are common non-invasive anti aging treatments for the face that can also be applied to the neck, chest and hands.

The skin on your neck and chest is usually exposed to the sun just as much as your face, but not everyone remembers to apply sunscreen to these areas. Therefore this skin can become damaged. Laser resurfacing treatments, like fractional CO2 or Fraxel, or IPL can remove the sun damage, brown spots and wrinkles on your neck and chest, leaving all of your skin looking smooth, fresh and youthful.

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Video – In Love With Thermage


Although I have done Thermage before but I do feel fainty watching this video. I have to admit that Queenie is lucky to find the RIGHT DOCTOR! It is soooooooooo IMPORTANT!!!

I have previously done my Thermage with Dr Valentine Low at Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic and Laser Clinic at Paragon and have spent almost $6000 of my hard-earned savings with him. What pissed me off is his professionalism. He is not focused and attentive on treating my skin (unlike Queenie’s doctor). He will walk here and there ‘multi-tasking’ with different patients at the same time. There are always three patients waiting for him at the same time at different spots (exclude the patients sitting at the couch) – one waiting for consultation at his office, two waiting for treatments at two separate treatment rooms.

I didn’t have the markings done (Queenie’s video) on my face at all. These markings are useful to help doctor identify on which areas have been treated. Instead of giving Queenie a local anesthesia injection like most doctors do (I’m having local anesthesia too), Queenie’s doctor preferred to give her the general anesthesia which makes her in the state of total unconsciousness. I guess there are pros and cons on either one. Well, if given a choice, I will go for general anesthesia as Thermage is so “@%#&” painful and even with the help of local anesthesia doesn’t seem to help much, my goodness!



Treatment Review – My Painful Experience With 1st Generation Thermage

I have always troubled with my nasolabial folds and marionette lines for many years. These signs of aging are due to insufficient protection against the sun in my 20s, extreme stress and severe insomnia which I’ve suffered for a year.

These facial aging, nasolabial folds (the fold of skin hanging down around the mouth) and marionette lines (the skin that fall down over the corner of the mouth and chin), make me look much older than I should. So early last year, I began to do some research on the best remedy through internet, press and feedback from my dermatologist.

At first I couldn’t decide between Titan and Thermage for skin tightening. I have in fact tried Titan treatment once many years ago when it was considered a fairly new machine at that time but no tightening result was shown.

So after analyzing the pros and cons on both treatments, I finally decided on Thermage as the most ideal choice to treat my problems.

Why I choose Thermage from Titan

Based on the research : Only 1 treatment is required for Thermage, whilst Titan requires at least 3 treatments in order to see results.

Thermage is able to burn fats, therefore able to contour my chubby face and reduce the double chin.

The cost factor : As most doctors are charging Thermage @$5k to $6k, and Titan @$1.5k to $2.5k. So after calculation, if 3 treatments are required for Titan, in total I will have to spend more on Titan to see result.

Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic and Laser Clinic

I’ve gotten to know Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic and Laser Clinic at Paragon through Beauty Shines Through – a website created by Allergan, where you can find a list of well-known doctors in Singapore.

My first encounter

What I remembered most on my first consultation session with Dr Valentin Low is that he gave me a feeling of confidence and assurance. His consultation was pretty convincing I must say. He painted a beautiful picture and told me not to worry too much and leave everything to him as he can achieve miracle for me. And he was very confident that these lines will be disappeared effortlessly.

My bad experience

It was a painful experience for me, in term of monetary and physically.

In fact, the first generation Thermage is considered the most painful non-invasive treatment I have tried so far. It was unbearable!It was so painful, I almost surrendered half way through the treatment. I couldn’t see any results unfortunately! Those who have tried the first generation Thermage will agree that it is really painful.

A month later….

I went back to the clinic for a review appointment a month after the treatment. Skin is overall firmer; eyelids are tightened, less puffy and sagging. But the major disappointments are the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, no visible improvement on these worried lines at all. He assured me that I will be able to see better results in the next couple of months time. In order to cheer me up further, he offered to give me ‘little’ complimentary treatments to tighten up my skin – ‘his trademark’ Gold-Threading (only on my cheek area) plus fillers injections (on my cheek bones), all FOC.

Immediately, I was able to see some superficial improvement with the Gold-Threading treatment. But sad to say, this ‘happiness’ was short-lived, the result barely lasted even 3 months.

3 to 6 months down the road….

Subsequently, I’ve visited him twice again, once on 3rd month and 6th month after the first treatment. Still no improvement at all. As expected, he convinced me that he can see the differences between before and after. He turned down my request when I asked for a ‘touch-up’ thermage session again. He advised it is risky for repeated thermage treatment within a year.


Research has shown that the result for first generation thermage treatment could only last for a year.

So for me, as expected, I still see no result after a year. I really felt so painful to spend my $6k hard-earned savings in this way. :-(


Will I try again? Probably for eyelid rejuvenation only

[Update @ 14 Dec 2014] Fortunately, Thermage has gone through a few generations and the latest Thermage is Total Tip. In fact, I’ve tested all the generations including the newest Total Tip. It’s definitely less painful and I could see the results instantly. Just a few weeks ago, I’ve my second Total Tip treatment at another clinic! :D Can’t wait to review it soon! By the way, Dr Valentin Low’s clinic also provides the latest Thermage Total Tip. The first generation Thermage is long gone!


Thermage – The radio-frequency facelift


Thermage employs radio frequency technology called ThermaCool which involves superheating the dermal layer of the skin, causing it to contract and as a result tighten the skin. A handheld device delivers the heat to the collagen layers while simultaneously protecting, cooling and without burning the outer layers. The premise is that radio frequency can heat the skin at higher temperatures than lasers can without burning the skin so it has more of a tightening effect than they do.

Immediately, range from 25 to 50 percentage improvements in tightening mild to moderate laxity in the nasolabial folds, forehead, the skin surrounding the eyes, and jowls. Over the following two to six months, new collagen is produced to further tighten the skin and more recontouring may be seen. Results are variable and more than one treatment may be required.

Radio-frequency waves are especially used to deliver energy to tighten, shape and firm loose skin on the neck, face and body without surgery, injections and little to no downtime. It is also often used to tighten loose skin on various parts of body especially the abdomen and thighs. Women aged 35 to 60 normally have the best and most predictable results.

Thermage cannot replace lose volume and treat deep wrinkles.

This treatment can be quite uncomfortable and light pain medications will be offered prior to treatment. Your skin may be slightly red for a few days after treatment.

Results may last 24 months or longer based on the patient’s natural aging process. Patients can return to their regular activities immediately.

$2,500 to $11,000 depending on area