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[Review] Thermage Total Tip Treatment – Collagen Booster


Skin sagging is often considered an inevitable part of aging.  Although aging may be inevitable but I believe the rate of aging is certainly not. With this in mind, I’m constantly taking steps to delay my aging process as much as I can.

Well, I’m not a fan of cosmetics surgery, not even botox or fillers too. I prefer to age gracefully and to maintain my youthful looking skin naturally without going under the knife.

Do you know the biggest cause of aging skin is the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin? Collagen production in the skin tends to decline with age, as much as by 1% per year after the age of 18, which ultimately leads to aging skin.

I definitely can’t boost my collagen production with surgery, not even collagen cream as the molecule is too big to even penetrate the surface of my skin. Due to decreased collagen production, my skin appears thinner and less firmer.

Hence in order to upkeep my youthful skin and boost collagen production, my ultimate beauty solution is the non-invasive Thermage CPT Total Tip treatment!

The FDA-approved Thermage procedure uses radiofrequency energy to create a uniform heating effect in the deep dermis. This gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen. It reduces wrinkles and achieves brow lifting, cheek lifting, and jaw line lifting.

thermage total tip

This latest Thermage treatment is no longer painful unlike the older generations. And this Total Tip is the latest generation.

Thermage Total Tip 3.0

Thermage Total Tip 3.0

For safety precaution, do ensure your practitioner is using the genuine Thermage treatment tip, designed for one-time use.

A month ago, I had Thermage treatment done on my face by Dr. Tyng Tan at Aesthetics and Hair Clinic, located at 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #08-04, Singapore 238873 (Tel: +65 6235 0010). With mild to moderate sagging on my face, I find Thermage is the best choice for me.

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[REVIEW] Enlighten + PicoSure = Two Is Better Than One

Earlier this year, I was invited to try out the PicoSure laser at Dr Joseph Yang’s Aesthetics and Medical Clinic in Wisma Atria. If you had read my earlier review on PicoSure laser, you would have known by now that it is one of the latest generation of aesthetic laser which administers laser pulses in picosecond (trillionth of a second!).

Unlike the previous generation of nanosecond technology lasers which utilise photothermal (heat) energy, picosecond lasers use photomechanical impact (light pulses) to directly target skin concerns without causing thermal damage to surrounding tissue. They are much more powerful and safer with very little or almost zero downtime. And for that reason, they are gaining popularity among the aesthetic doctors in Singapore.

Dr Yang was the FIRST doctor in Singapore to own a PicoSure Laser, and his PicoSure Laser treatment has recently won him the ‘Style: Best Beauty Treats 2016’ award by Style Magazine.

Constantly seeking betterment of his practice of an aesthetic doctor, Dr Yang is always on the lookout for aesthetic medical equipment for his patients. When he saw that there is another high-performance Picolaser (known as Enlighten) that is tunable and highly customisable to treat different skin concerns, he knew he had to get it. So now, he did it once again by being the FIRST and ONLY doctor in Singapore to own BOTH the PicoSure laser and Enlighten laser.

Dr Yang was very kind to invite me for another round of laser treatments.

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Getting Rid Of My Loose Underarm Skin With TriLipo MED Procedure


Recently, I was introduced to a non-invasive treatment named TriLipo MED that is designed to provide wrinkle reduction, cellulite improvement and skin tightening.

TriLipo MED is a safe and completely non-surgical procedure and it is effective for :

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Improved appearance of scars
  • Firmer and rejuvenated skin
  • Facial contouring
  • Skin tightening
  • Circumferential reduction
  • Cellulite improvement
  • Acne and scar decrease
  • Stretch mark improvement
  • Muscle lifting and toning

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[Sharing] LIPOSONIX® – A Non-Surgical Treatment To Get Rid Of Fat On The Body


Have you been thinking about getting liposuction but are afraid of the high potential risk? Well I truly understand your worry. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess fat from your body by suction using special surgical equipment. It is commonly done on specific parts of the body, the most common being the abdomen, buttocks, hips, love handles and thighs. Because liposuction can be serious or occasionally fatal, it is not well accepted by most people.


Recently, I have attended an event hosted by Solta Medical Inc, a global leader in the medical aesthetics market that brings us premier brands such as Thermage®, Fraxel® and Clear + Brilliant®, to introduce us a new non-surgical treatment that can help men and women get rid of unwanted stubborn fats to achieve an ideal body shape without going under the knife. Introducing you the new LIPOSONIX®.

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An Interview Session On The latest THERMAGE® TOTAL TIP – A Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Procedure


In the past, the only significant option available to look 10 years younger was a surgical facelift, which results in several weeks of recovery and pain. However, surgical facelift is not guaranteed to last more than 5 years. And with any surgical procedure, there are always potential side effects and risks involved too.

Today, Thermage is the ultimate option. Thermage is a non-surgical, skin tightening procedure that can be performed on the face, eyes, neck and body with little to no downtime and little pain.

Solta Medical, the leading aesthetics company behind Thermage, is proud to announce the launch of Thermage Total Tip 3.0 – a new and improved tip designed for the use on the face, neck and body that aims to deliver as much as twice the bulk heating volume which allows more tissue to be heated to higher temperatures, hence delivering greater results.

Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to non-invasively help smooth, and contour the skin, as well as temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, in a single treatment with little to no downtime. The Thermage Total Tip is effective for facial treatments because it delivers uniform, volumetric bulk heating. This heat is dispersed through the vascular structures, which are more abundant on the face than other body areas. The dispersal and uniformity of energy may lead to increased patient tolerability and allows practitioners to deliver an efficient volume of heat on the face, with highly positive outcomes. Patients notice both early and long-term results.

Last week, I was delighted to be presented an interview opportunity with Mr Jeff Nardoci, Vice President of Global Marketing, Solta Medical, and Gene Burdette, Director of International Marketing.

Below are some of the questions on Thermage Total Tip I’ve asked during the interview :

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Guest Blogger Dr. Irwin – Anti-Aging Beyond The Face


Womenlovebeauty’s guest blogger Dr. Brandith Irwin who has been a guest medical expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the Weekend Today Show, provides beauty tips on anti-aging, my favorite beauty topic ever.


Anti-Aging Beyond The Face

When we think of anti-aging treatments we automatically think about the face. But don’t forget that the neck, chest and hands age too! In order to look flawlessly youthful, it is a good idea to treat all of these areas so you have an even look.

Laser treatments, chemical peels and injectables are common non-invasive anti aging treatments for the face that can also be applied to the neck, chest and hands.

The skin on your neck and chest is usually exposed to the sun just as much as your face, but not everyone remembers to apply sunscreen to these areas. Therefore this skin can become damaged. Laser resurfacing treatments, like fractional CO2 or Fraxel, or IPL can remove the sun damage, brown spots and wrinkles on your neck and chest, leaving all of your skin looking smooth, fresh and youthful.

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Can I Achieve A More Youthful Look With Non-Invasive Procedures?


Looking young or younger is a challenging task I’ve been constantly trying to achieve. Although many peers may think that I’m still in my 30s (I’m actually 43 this year in 2010), to upkeep my youthful look never comes easy and cheap. Apart from my meticulous night regimen (about an hour nightly), non-invasive procedures such as IPL and microdermabrasion actually help to maintain my youthfulness in a way. Though they are mostly used to improve skin texture, they do help to increase collagen production in a superficial way. I’ve done both treatments more than 9 months ago (early 2010).

As age is catching up on me as quickly as I write this post (hahaha!!), I’ve began to notice my face is actually aging tremendously this year. It is fairly common for women above 40s. Hiaz! :-(

Although I wanted so much to turn back the clock, plastic surgery is definitely not an option for me. Cosmetic surgery may go wrong and I’m extremely fear of that. What’s done cannot be undone! And it’s permanent! I will not go under the knife unless there is no better solution than surgery, for example my eyebag removal surgery a year ago. Till now, I’m still not pleased with the results. Too much fats have been removed by Dr Woffles Wu that cause small indentation on both lower eyelids.

All I want now is to look slightly younger and I believe non-invasive procedures will be a better option for me.

Thankfully, due to the latest technology, shaving 10 years off of my age can be done without the help of a plastic surgeon. The areas that may require non-invasive treatments are :

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Invitation To The Opening Of Priv© Clinic – A One-Stop Age Management Centre


Recently, I was one of the few bloggers to be cordially invited to the opening of Priv© Clinic (1 Raffles Place, #05-04A), a one-stop age management centre and was delighted to get up-close and personal with Dr Karen Soh.

Dr Karen Soh offers a never-before seen holistic concept that helps create a younger you with an effectively synergised range of targeted aesthetic and therapeutic treatments, and preventive health care services backed by medical science including oxidative stress tests and stress hormones evaluation.

Priv© Clinic is founded and headed by its Medical Director, Dr Karen Soh who is extensively trained in techniques such as Botox, Pigment Lights, Dermal Fillers, Hair Removal and Lasers and Light therapies, and stays at the forefront of the newest aesthetic technologies by attending regular seminars and trainings by international experts.

Dr Soh is also a board-certified age management practitioner. Her well-rounded training and expertise place her in excellent stead to help patients maintain their youthful looks while ageing with optimum vitality.

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Treatment Review – Having Pixel Laser & Titan FaceLift At The Same Time


I’m always troubled with nasalabial fold (lines that run from corner of nostril to corner of mouth) and marionette lines (lines below corner of the mouth). I have tried numerous non-invasive treatments to treat these aging lines but to no avail. I’m also troubled with age spots, fine lines on forehead and below eye areas.

Therefore one and a half month ago, being a natural born vainpot, I decided to brave myself to do both Pixel Laser and Titan Facelift at the same time, hoping to boost better results. I’m not afraid of pain and both procedures treated by Dr Chee from Wen & Weng Medical Group, took me almost a hour. Nasalabial fold and marionette lines are treated with Titan Facelift while age spots and fine lines are mainly treated with Pixel Laser. Both treatments also help to boost collagen production – my all-time favourite skin benefit. *GRINS*

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Reshape Your Face Without Going Under The Knife


Recently, I’m one of the selected few bloggers to be invited for a Facial Remodeling Workshop conducted by Dr Teo Z’Shen. This workshop demonstrates that we can create a sharper nose, higher cheekbones and slim down the face without going under the knife. This workshop is jointly organised by anti aging website,

During the workshop, Dr Z (often known as) talks about facial remodeling using BOTOX and Fillers, gives some background on BOTOX and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, the benefits of these procedures without going under the knife and most importantly to do live demos on two patients using BOTOX and Fillers.

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