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[REVIEW] Enlighten + PicoSure = Two Is Better Than One

Earlier this year, I was invited to try out the PicoSure laser at Dr Joseph Yang’s Aesthetics and Medical Clinic in Wisma Atria. If you had read my earlier review on PicoSure laser, you would have known by now that it is one of the latest generation of aesthetic laser which administers laser pulses in picosecond (trillionth of a second!).

Unlike the previous generation of nanosecond technology lasers which utilise photothermal (heat) energy, picosecond lasers use photomechanical impact (light pulses) to directly target skin concerns without causing thermal damage to surrounding tissue. They are much more powerful and safer with very little or almost zero downtime. And for that reason, they are gaining popularity among the aesthetic doctors in Singapore.

Dr Yang was the FIRST doctor in Singapore to own a PicoSure Laser, and his PicoSure Laser treatment has recently won him the ‘Style: Best Beauty Treats 2016’ award by Style Magazine.

Constantly seeking betterment of his practice of an aesthetic doctor, Dr Yang is always on the lookout for aesthetic medical equipment for his patients. When he saw that there is another high-performance Picolaser (known as Enlighten) that is tunable and highly customisable to treat different skin concerns, he knew he had to get it. So now, he did it once again by being the FIRST and ONLY doctor in Singapore to own BOTH the PicoSure laser and Enlighten laser.

Dr Yang was very kind to invite me for another round of laser treatments.

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[REVIEW] PicoSure Laser – Ultimate Solution For Pigmentation Problems Is Now Available In Singapore


When I first started working, I was constantly plagued by skin woes and they persisted over the years– pigmentation (freckles), blackheads, clogged pores, pimples/acne, u name it, I had it.

But ever since I went for my first laser treatment at an aesthetic clinic, it proved to be the best decision I’ve ever made and I never looked back. The freckles on my face which I hated all my life since I was a child were gone and the rest of the skin blemishes also began to diminish after I started going for aesthetic laser treatments.

From then on, I put all my faith and trust on aesthetic laser treatments. There are so many aesthetic lasers out there that can do wonders, and they always outdo each other by coming out with newer, better lasers with breakthrough technologies.

Early this year, I was invited to a media launch for the FIRST PicoSure laser in Singapore, available only at Dr Joseph Yang’s Aesthetics and Medical Clinic in Wisma Atria, and also had the opportunity to try out this phenomenal laser. Why do I call it “phenomenal laser”? Read on to find out…

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Video – Laser Treatments for Wrinkles with Dr. Irwin


Looking for a solution to remove wrinkles? Here’s an informative video by Dr. Irwin on laser treatments for wrinkles. View the video and find out which laser treatment will be suitable for you.

Click here to learn more about Fractionated Carbon Dioxide Laser or here about Fractional Lasers.


Pigment Lasers


Q-switched Alexandrite, Q-switched ruby and Q-switched Nd: YAG lasers are normally used to treat brown spots of hyperpigmentation, usually caused by excessive production of melanin, triggered by sun exposure.

They use tiny pulses of concentrated energy to remove hyperpigmentation spots on the face, hands, shoulders and chest. These lasers work by targeting and then destroying darker pigment in the skin.

A topical numbing cream is applied before the procedure is performed so that the treatment causes only a slight amount of discomfort. Small scabs may appear immediately afterward, but they usually fall off in just a few days. Other than that, there is no downtime, though treated skin is especially very sensitive to the sun and so you are required to wear a sunscreen. An SPF 30 or higher is recommended.

For optimal results, a series of three sessions is recommended.