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EQUITANCE Skincare From Japan


A few months back, I was being introduced to an online Japanese skincare brand named EQUITANCE, a whitening skincare collection infused with Linoleic acid.

“EQUITANCE” conveys the meaning of “Equity” and “Existance”, is managed by Sunstar.

Japanese women are known for their youthful looking skin and they understand the importance of the connection between the body (health) and skin to keep their skin beautiful.

With this beauty philosophy, for outer beauty, EQUITANCE created the Brightening Toning Lotion, Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector and Hydrating Brightening Cream. And Vitology Premium Rich Collagen EX for inner beauty, which I will share more below.

The EQUITANCE brightening collection actually took about 18 years to develop. After spending a long time examining and comparing the whitening effect of hundreds of different kinds of ingredients, EQUITANCE finally succeeded in developing their own whitening component called “linoleic acid”.

So what’s the difference between Linoleic acid as compared to the other whitening ingredients, such as 4MSK and Arbutin, used by major Japanese skincare brands? It is claimed that instead of inhibit the activity of an enzyme called tyrosinase and melanin production, EQUITANCE’s key ingredient Linoleic acid, on the other hand, helps promotes the breakdown of the enzyme and increase cell turnover of our skin. When skin turnover functions normally, melanin is discharged to skin surface hence dark spots cannot be seen. Tyrosinase is key factor in producing Melanin from Tyrosine.

Thanks to its “Nano-Transfer Capsule” technology (a multi-layered microcapsule containing several layers of linoleic acid), the linoleic acid can reach the melanocytes effectively and establish its effects, resulting in a sustained whitening effect.

The linoleic acid used in EQUITANCE products is extracted from the safflower seed oil and further purified.

In addition to Linoleic acid, Equitance skincare products also contains Cherry Blossom (possesses great moisturizing effect), Shell Ginger (intense moisturizing properties), Du Zhong (Eucommia) Leaves (shown above pic, rich in minerals) and Korean Ginseng (natural energy booster).

The Brightening Toning Lotion, priced at S$69.50 for 150ml, helps clarifies and softens skin to maximize absorption of moisturizer and brightening effect.

I’m not really comfortable with this lotion as it contains alcohol.

The Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector, priced at S$133.70 for 30g, targets dark spots and uneven skin tone to improve complexion using their blend of brightening ingredients delivered through their patented technology.

In addition to whitening ingredients, this Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector also contains squalane, shell ginger extract, cherry blossom leaf extract and soluble collagen that keep our skin hydrated and moistened. The brightening ingredients consists of linoleic acid and vitamin C derivative.

The Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector has a lightweight texture that penetrates into the skin easily. It can be applied every morning and night after EQUITANCE Brightening Toning Lotion.

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My 3rd Japan Trip – Beauty Products I’ve Bought & Found In Japan!

This is another long overdue post which I suppose to blog about it many months ago. Oh well I did it again! Due to blah blah blah……………. (excuses, excuses, excuses) I missed it completely. Well, it’s better late than never. <grinning>

Last year, as you may not be aware I’ve made my third trip to Japan. At Hokkaido Sapporo, I have came across a couple of beauty products which I will be sharing below and I thought may be of interest to you. Plus showcasing some of the beauty products I’ve bought during the trip too.

It’s gonna be a super long post with lots of pictures! :D

This is one of the drugstores at Sapporo I’ve visited.

I swear this DUP Eyelashes is so far the best fake eyelashes I’ve tried before. The prices are relatively high actually but I guess it’s worth it. Priced at (left to right) : ¥1260 = S$19.60 (excl tax) and ¥1050 = S$16.40 (excl tax).

I have been reusing this pair of eyelashes for almost 10 times and they’re still looking intact. Amazing!

These are the testers and what a brilliant idea for the consumers to “try out” the lashes!

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Japan’s SENKA Skincare & MA CHERIE Bloggers Event


Recently, I was invited by Shiseido Singapore to preview their two newest brands – SENKA Skincare and MA CHERIE. Both Shiseido’s massbrands will be available at selected Watsons stores.

SENKA Skincare offers a range of basic essentials skincare products including moisturizer, lotion, cleanser and sunscreen at affordable prices.

MA CHERIE, formulated with champagne, honey and other moisturizing ingredients, provides a range of hair products including shampoo, conditioner, treatment, mist, fragrance and oil.


SENKA Skincare

As the presence of customers is fundamental to the creation of SENKA products, SENKA Skincare has adopted 5 Promises :

  1. To thoroughly research and identify our needs.
  2. To create innovative products by adopting a fresh development style and applying advanced technology.
  3. To sell only safe and trustworthy products made in Japan.
  4. To focus on product quality rather than packaging frills.
  5. Their products will be kind to the environment.


SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion (1st step of moisturizing) – S$16.90 / 200ml

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Review – Dr. CiLabo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage


During my recent trip to Japan in April this year, I happened to come across a lifting cleansing product by Dr CiLabo that comes with an unique texture.

I believe most of you may not have heard of Dr CiLabo. Surprisingly it is pretty popular in Japan as I can find it at almost all the beauty stores I have patronized. Fortunately, Dr CiLabo is now available in Singapore and you can find it at Isetan Orchard, Parco Marina Bay and Centrepoint the Robinsons.

Dr CiLabo, a leading medical cosmetic brand in Japan, was founded by Yoshinori Shirono who is one of the few doctors in Japan specializing in dermatological laser surgery with over 50,000 cases under his name.

Its signature product Aqua Collagen Gel, is FREE of surfactants, mineral oils, artificial colorings or fragrances, has sold more than 10 millions jars so far.

Dr. CiLabo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage, price at S$53.00 for a 110g, is one of the few amazing Dr CiLabo products I’ve tested. It is the love at first use! It is probably one of the best makeup cleansers I’ve use so far. Continue reading to find out more….

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Review – NEW Bior© Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash


To me proper cleansing is one of the most important basic regimen for my healthy-looking skin. My cleansing process comprises of two steps. Step 1 : using a makeup cleanser to remove makeup, dirt and pollution; and step 2 using a facial wash to cleanse away the residue on my face.

Facial wash is usually available in different texture such as gel, cream, foam or scrub; and I preferably like the gel (no soap) and the foamy texture.

As Japanese women believe that pulling and putting pressure on the skin while washing will lead to loss of firmness on the skin, hence the foam-based texture facial wash is especially popular among the Japanese women.

Recently, I have received a complimentary NEW Bior© Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash to test and review. Kao Bior©, a popular drugstore brand from Japan, offers a selection of products that include facial wash, makeup remover, sunblock, pore pack and body powder.

The collagen enriched (moisturising benefit) and ultra fine fluffy foam (effective cleansing) are the 2 key selling points of this recently launched NEW Bior© Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash.

This ultra fine, soft and dense foamy texture acts as a cushion to your skin that is gentle and prevent cleansing pressure on the skin. So I believe that is why this facial wash is called “Marshmallow Whip” because of the texture similarity – bouncy, soft and cushion feel.

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Japan K-Palette Bloggers Workshop


It’s been a fairly long time since I’ve attended an extended event by The Sample Store. A few weeks back, I’ve finally attended one again and it was for the Japan K-Palette Bloggers Workshop.

K-Palette, a well-known eyeliner & eyebrow liner specialty from Japan, has been around in Singapore for a few years. Their products are mainly sold at selected Watsons and SaSa stores. For overseas orders, check out

The workshop was held over on a Sunday afternoon while many of us including myself were mostly in casual attire. Appetizing lunch was served during the workshop.

Upon arrival, each blogger was presented with a personalized lovely stick of heart-shaped marshmallows with our name printed on them……

….and a goodie bag that is full with K-Palette products.

Wow! K-Palette is very generous, that’s a lot of products.

Exclusively for this workshop, K-Palette has specially invited 2 of their lovely makeup artists and a interpreter from Japan for a live makeup demonstration.

Everyone started to gather in front of the makeup artist and a model when the demonstration began.

Makeup artist Sawako Shiratori performing a makeup application on the model using K-Palette products.

I actually like her natural eyebrows created using the new Lasting 2Way Eyebrow. I have gotten to learn some makeup techniques from the makeup artist too.

Below are the K-Palette products I’ve received during the workshop :


Oil Control Zero Teka Matt Powder

Oil Control Zero Teka Matt Powder is claimed to help cover pores, uneven skin tone naturally and absorb excessive sebum to control shine.

It comes with sun protection of SPF15+++.

This lightweight soft powder, formulated to diffuse reflection of light, wards off shiny and oily skin for a matt flawless complexion. It contains innovative anti-odor compound to keep your face smelling good.


24H Real Lasting Eyeliner

24H Real Lasting Eyeliner, the star product of K-Palette, has been consistently voted as 1 of the top 3 selling eyeliners in Japan with 10 million pieces sold since its launch few years ago.

It has won numerous local awards such as the CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2011 and Singapore Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys 2011.

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Review – New Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion


I was first introduced to Hada Labo ranges of products (hydrating, whitening and exfoliating) during their first launch event in Singapore that held in May last year.

The superstar of the event was nevertheless the bestselling Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) Moisturising Lotion. It has created a storm in Singapore and it is claimed to be the #1 lotion in Japan that sells 1 bottle in every 4 second.


One Drop Restores Youthful Bounciness

This year, Hada Labo has launched the newest Retinol Lifting & Firming range in addition to their 3 existing ranges of products. This newest retinol anti-aging range, launched in April 2011 in Singapore, is now exclusively available at Watsons stores nationwide.

The range consists of a lotion, a cream, an essence, a milk and a mask.

Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion – S$25.90 / 170ml

Retinol Lifting + Firming Cream – S$28.90 / 50g

Retinol Lifting + Firming Essence – S$34.90 / 30g

Retinol Lifting + Firming Milk – S$25.90 / 140ml

Retinol Lifting + Firming Mask – S$23.90 / 4 sheets


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Review – Japan SANA’s Natural Resource Range


A few months ago, I have received a full range of Japan SANA’s Natural Resource products and I was supposed to review them one month after usage. Yes I know it was way overdue. But due to other commitments lately, I have no choice but to defer this review. Excuses excuses excuses hee hee…………..

Thankfully, Carra from SANA has never chased me on this. Thanks Carra and Elfaine from TheSampleStore for their patience and understanding! :-)

Click here to read my earlier preview on SANA’s Natural Resource.

The range of SANA’s Natural Resource products that I have received and to review are :

  • Natural Resource Medicated Cleansing Oil
  • Natural Resource Medicated Foamed Wash
  • Natural Resource Medicated Skin Lotion (Toner)
  • Natural Resource Medicated Milk Lotion
  • Natural Resource Medicated Cream
  • Natural Resource Medicated Essence Lotion (Serum)
  • Natural Resource Medicated UV Milk SPF19 PA+++ (sunblock)
  • Natural Resource Liquid Foundation UV SPF22 PA+++
  • Natural Resource Loose Powder UV SPF19 PA+++
  • Natural Resource Medicated Compact Pressed Powder
  • Natural Resource Moist Skincare Powder 24h (night powder)


SANA’s Natural Resource Profile

SANA’s Natural Resource products, from Japan, contain natural ingredients such as balsam, wild rose, magwort, white birch, brown sugar and adlay extracts. They also contain refreshing fruits and fragrant flowers such as geranium, lavender, rosewood, bergamot (orange) and grapefuit. These natural aromas allows skin and mind to relax with the refreshing fragrance of herbal aroma and to heal tired spirit. Frankly, I was a little skeptical to review these products at first. Reason because it contains natural lavender ingredient which (I always have this perception) will cause skin irritation especially on sensitive skin like mine. But I brave myself to try out the products and to my surprise, most of the products do not cause any irritation except the Essence Lotion.

All SANA’s Natural Resource products are FREE of colorants, mineral oil, alcohol (except Skin Lotion AC), paraben, ultraviolet ray absorbent agent and artificial fragrances.

All SANA’s Natural Resource is suitable for sensitive skin except Lotion AC.


SANA’s Natural Resource Cleansing Oil

180ml / S$34.90

SANA’s Natural Resource Cleansing Oil is my favourite SANA Natural Resource product. I like the transparent lightweight, dilute and non-oily texture. It is less oilier than other cleansing oils I have tested before such as Shu Uemura and Fancl. I like the light lavender scent too.

Although SANA Cleansing Oil is very gentle but it effectively removes stubborn waterproof makeup pretty well. This oil-based makeup remover effortlessly remove all traces of makeup and it doesn’t make my skin feeling greasy/oily after use. It doesn’t make my skin feeling dry nor tight. And most importantly, it doesn’t cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. Great! It is definitely suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin too.


Will I buy it myself? Yes definitely!


SANA’s Natural Resource Foamed Wash

160ml / S$28.90

SANA’s Natural Resource Foamed Wash is my second step cleansing product. It helps to remove impurities, dead skin cells and residue on my skin. The lather is thick and supple. It feels gentle on my skin and it doesn’t cause any skin irritation. My skin feels clean and fresh after usage. Although my skin doesn’t feel tight which most cleansing foams do but SANA NR Foam Wash tends to leave a slight friction on my skin. I reckon it is due to the drying agent such as detergent in it.


Will I buy it myself? Maybe


SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion M (Toner)

180ml / S$38.90

What I like about SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion is that it provides the third step of cleansing : it further helps to remove the dirt and residue that the cleansing oil and foamed wash missed.

SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion provides this lavender scent which is very refreshing. It is not sticky and it is quite watery. It doesn’t contain alcohol or fragrance which is good.

For night regimen, I will soak a cotton pad in SANA’s Natural Resource Skin lotion and rub my face with it. I will see makeup, residue, dirt and grime on the cotton pad. This mechanical rubbing with the toner-soaked cotton pad also helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the surface at the same time.


Will I buy it myself? Very likely!

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Review & Giveaway – Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink


More than a month ago, I was delighted to receive a 30-day Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink from AFC Japan. And after completed the 30-day Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink, I’m now pleased to review it and can’t wait to share the goodness of this product with my readers!



Click here to read my previous introduction post on Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink.

And don’t miss the fantastic giveaway contest after this review! Do read on for the answer to the giveaway contest.


What makes the skin firm, supple and youthful?

Do you know what are the 3 essential major components that require in the dermis layer in order to achieve a youthful looking skin? Well they are collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Collagen, an important protein which covers more than 70% of our skin, is a major component of the dermis that helps the function of many tissues and organs. Elastin is a special type of collagen that gives your skin elasticity and hyaluronic acid surrounds and supports the collagen. Hyaluronic acid also helps maintain the moisture content of the dermis and epidermis.


Product Profile

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is an intensive high performance age-defying drink for cell renewal and collagen production. Comprising a synergistic blend of Micro-Collagen Peptides, botanical Bio-Cell Activator (BCA) Complex and Hyaluronic Acid, Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink replenishes and stimulates natural collagen formation, while repairing skin damage for youthful skin.

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is exclusively available at all NTUC Unity pharmacies at S$56.90 (pack of 10 bottles). You can also find the full range of AFC Japan supplements at The Living Pharmacy, all Nishino pharmacies, John Little (Marina Square & Jurong Point) and selected Watsons and Guardian.



The Defy-Aging Ingredients

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink contains the highest collagen concentration I have ever found. Formulated with 10,000mg micro-collagen peptides that helps promote skin firmness, hydration and clarity. The collagen also helps reduce pores, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. The high concentration also ensures sufficient collagen is rightfully delivered to the various body parts and to the skin.

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NEW SANA Cosmetics Collections


Not long ago, I have attended the SANA Natural Resource Discussion with 3 other beauty bloggers. It was a brief discussion to share our experiences and reviews on SANA Natural Resource products. We have in fact received a full set of Natural Resource products a month ago and I will be posting a full review on them shortly.

During the discussion, Carra, Product Manager, have introduced a couple of New Japan SANA makeup and skincare products which will be launching in Singapore soon. We are the first to preview these products even before the retailers do YEAH! We also get to discover some amazing SANA products which are already availabe at most retailers now. You will able to get these NEW products at all SASA outlets and selected Watsons and John Little.


This range of SANA Q10 Namerakahonpo Haritsuya skincare products – Essence (S$29.90), Cream (S$23.90), Milk Lotion (S$23.90), Skin Lotion (S$23.90) and Cleansing Wash (S$17.90) are formulated with soya milk. Researches have shown that soya extract is good for anti aging that can help to stimulate collagen production, influence skin thickness and elasticity and stimulate production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. It will launched in late September.


I love the packaging of this SANA Uruoitaishi range!


This lipbalm (S$20.90) is the newest product in the SANA Uruoitaishi range.


This Uruoitaishi Moisture Gel (S$20.90) is great for dehydrated skin that provides hydration on your face even on your eye areas.


This Uruoitaishi Moisturizing Mist (S$18.90) provides instant hydration and you can use it anytime of the day and even over your makeup too.


I love this Gafixx Flared Silhouette Mascara (S$25.90) so much! With just one stroke, I’m able to see amazing effect. I love its lightweight fiber texture and it’s waterproof too. This new mascara only comes in Clear Black color. Sadly, I couldn’t get a sample of this.


This Hadanomy Collagen collection that includes Mist (S$22.90), Lotion (S$22.90), Cream (S$22.90) and Face Mask with 4pcs (S$20.90), will be launched at SASA in late September. These products contains micro collagen (1000mg), hyaluronic acid and honey that help to nourish the skin and reduce the look of fine lines.


These SANA amazing Styling W Brows (S$25.90), comes in 3 shades, are my fave products of all!

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