Can Collagen-Based Skin Care Products Penetrate The Skin?

What is collagen?

Collagen is a large, long-chain molecular proteins that lie on top of the skin and bind water, also helping to prevent water loss. It also gives our skin its youthful suppleness and tautness.

Skincare products with collagen

In recent years, collagen has been used in creams and masks. Many cosmetic companies have been aggressively convincing consumers that collagen is a ‘special’ ingredient and is able to improve skin texture, eliminate wrinkles and lines and most importantly reverse signs of aging. Nevertheless, many women have parted their hard-earned money on these believes.

Scientific Truth

Unfortunately, collagen is way too big to ever penetrate the skin, but they do a good job hydrating. Because they lie on top of the skin, they also help to “fill in” small lines and wrinkles, making skin look smoother.


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