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Darphin from Paris, founded by Pierre Darphin in 1958, is now available at VivoCity Tangs. If you are fond of skin care using plant extracts and botanical aromas, Darphin Paris may be right for you.

The virtues of aromatherapy

Darphin’s beauty protocol features unique Aromatic Care formulas that contain inhalant blends of aromatic essences in their purest state. Used in custom precision blends, these beneficial aromatic extractions and essential oils help stimulate the senses, transform the body and evoke a feeling of overall beauty and well-being.

3D Beauty Expert Program

To provide truly individualized skin care, Darphin skin care addresses both ‘skin type’ and ‘skin condition’. Three complementary daily formulas – a Serum, an Aromatic Care and a Cream – are custom selected to address the total dimensions of your skin’s needs.

Darphin’s easy beauty skin care routine :

A.M. – REPAIR with a Serum + REPLENISH with a Cream/Fluid

P.M. – RESTORE with an Aromatic Care + REPLENISH with a Cream/Fluid

Darphin Serums - treat your skin’s ever-changing, specific problems and needs, and help repair your skin’s appearance.

Darphin Aromatic Cares - help balance your skin conditions and restore a sense of well-being, critical to your inner and outer beauty.

Darphin Creams - help replenish moisture and deliver corrective and protective benefits to address your skin’s as well as current and future needs.

My Opinion (No hard feeling Darphin!)

Many of you may presume that using plant-extract ingredients is the best option for the skin in a long run. But frankly, I’m not into it.

Ironically, many people may think of natural ingredients as being less irritating, but scientifically, many ‘natural’ ingredients do have some risks to the skin especially those with sensitive skin. They may cause inflammation and require more preservatives due to the breakdown of the plant ingredients and the presence of fungi on the plant extracts.

If you have sensitive skin…..

Avoid these ingredients like lemon, lime, ylang ylang, lavender, eugenol, hydroxycitronelial, mint, cinnamic alcohol and sandalwood.


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