Part 2 –
Things You Need To Know About Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Creams

The importance of ingredients

Nowadays, the latest and superb ingredients and claims so prominently displayed on the latest and ‘miracle’ expensive anti-aging cream jars are usually nothing more than just cleverly worded promises that do not deliver anything. Most of the time, these ‘greatest’ ingredients are just some ordinary ingredients which do not serve the purposes that the products claim to be.

There are numerous wrinkle creams in the market have misleaded consumers by using ‘innovative’ ingredients which only have hydrating benefits, inflated the claims to eliminate wrinkles.

The ‘right’ percentage to be effective

Do you know that the ingredients which are prominently displayed on the packaging and advertisements, are often present in minuscule quantities in the jar? You’ll probably be asking, ‘why aren’t adequate quantities added to the products?’.

Well, the reason is simple as many of these ingredients are quite expensive. Often, some may feel irritating to the skin and the cosmetic companies may be concerned about high returns.

Technically, it is important to put the correct or maximum percentage on the active ingredient in order to be effective. If the active ingredient is compromised, so is the skin-care product.

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