How To Choose & Use An Anti-Aging Cream

To choose the right product, can be frustrating and confusing, especially to understand which product work or don’t work for you.

Before you start

It is important to take all of these elements into consideration : your skin type, genetics, lifestyle, inherited patterns of aging, your skin’s present condition, and the way you feel about your appearance so that you can make right decisions about which products will suit your needs.

The main thing is to pick formulations to suit your skin type that are pleasant to use with a comfortable price tag. Remember, products with higher prices don’t necessarily mean more effective, though they generally do mean a product with more higher-grade ingredients.

Active ingredients

If possible, look for skin-care products that contain multiple active ingredients as these products are usually more effective than products that only contain one active ingredient because they take a multifaceted approach to treating the skin.

When considering which anti-aging product to buy, you want to look for ingredients that have been thoroughly research and have proven track record of effectiveness and safety. For example, studies has shown that retinols and vitamin C are good on collagen stimulation while vitamin E is good for antioxidants. You also need to buy from reputable companies that do not make over-inflated claims.

Every day. Morning or/and night

Whatever you choose, use sparingly and follow directions. Glopping on a lot of cream can cause breakouts and will not diminish more wrinkles. Day creams tend to be lighter, as they are intended for use under makeup, and they often contain sunscreen. Night creams tend to be richer and thicker, with no SPF.

Night creams

It is always important to moisturise the face and around the eyes before you go to sleep because moisturisers tend to work more efficiently at night than during the day because the stratum corneum barrier is less exposed at night, allowing your moisturiser to stay in contact more readily than during your daily activities.

The OTC products for anti-aging fall into several categories :

Alpha hydroxy acids, Antioxidants, Collagen Promoters/Retinols and Peptide Creams

While it’s okay to layer different functions, do not use more than four at a time (not counting cleanser and toner), as you can cause irritation and breakouts. Remember that although these products feel like moisturizers, they are treatment creams.

If you apply one in the morning, the correct application order is treatment cream, then moisturizer, then sunscreen. Sunscreen is mandatory, as you will get burned and more wrinkled otherwise. Let each layer be completely absorbed before adding another one.

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