Do We Need Night Cream?



What is night cream?

A night cream is a moisturizer in which there is a greater concentration of hydrating ingredients than is typically used in a day cream or lotion. Because of this richness, night creams may leave the skin with a slight occlusive layer that many people would not be comfortable wearing during the day or under foundation.

Day cream vs. night cream

Although some doctors may claim that there is no difference between what the skin needs during the day and what it needs at night. But many moisturizing formulations for day have great sun protection and that is the only way you should differentiate a daytime product from a nighttime version.

Why night cream?

There are two reasons why a night cream is useful. One is that transepidermal water loss is greatest at night, and a night cream can help prevent that kind of dehydration. Two is that the body’s cells are replenished with nutrients and are being regenerated at night, so this is the time to optimize the delivery of the raw materials skin needs.

Free radical at rest

Now, too, is when free radical damage from the environment is at its lowest point. You’re indoors, in the dark, and not active, so fewer free radicals are being produced within your skin as well. You can take advantage of this break in the action to disarm the free radicals that have accumulated during the day and saturate the skin with an extra supply so that you don’t start the next day unprotected.

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