Can Anti-Aging Or Wrinkle Cream Works Better Than Botox?

Based on what most of the skin-care ads say nowadays, many women will believe a skin-care product can work better than Botox, but nothing could be further from the truth.

But frankly, how do some cosmetic companies get away with what is either false and misleading claims and exaggerating their benefits and effects on the skin to the public? Well, because for these companies, getting around cosmetics regulations has become a skill that has tricked many consumers worldwide.

A case study

This is the case of StriVectin, which used the slogan “Better Than Botox!” to take a $1 million dollar annual revenue product to a $150 million dollar gold mine. Then, as a result of FDA pressure and legal threats from Allergan, when StriVectin couldn’t prove its claim that it was Better than Botox!, their ads went from Better Than Botox! (a declarative statement) to Better Than Botox? (a question). That little change of punctuation satisfied the FDA and “truth” in advertising.

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What should anti-aging and wrinkle creams do?

Anti-aging and wrinkle cream, in theory, should diminish fine lines and wrinkles. They should firm the skin and increase your skin’s elasticity. They should even out your skin tone and texture. They should also help prevent collagen breakdown and help stimulate the growth of new collagen.

But do note that not every anti-aging and wrinkle cream will have all these properties.

What can’t anti-aging and wrinkle creams do?

They can’t totally eliminate severe wrinkles, creases, and folds, but they can soften their appearance. No OTC cream can completely replace lost volume in the face or permanently fill in wrinkles. They may work on superficial wrinkles, for only a short period of time.

Botox/fillers v.s. wrinkle cream

While every woman needs a good moisturizer and a wrinkle treatment cream, you can be discriminating in your selection. No OTC cream can have the same profound effect as an injectible filler or Botox. OTC wrinkle creams can soften and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide the immediate benefit of hydrating the skin. OTC wrinkle creams cannot physically eliminate deeper lines. Only an injected substance can do that.

Forming a complement

That doesn’t mean, of course, that you shouldn’t maintain your skin at home with daily use of wrinkle creams. Botox or fillers and OTC products are not mutually exclusive — they’re complementary. No matter what you decided to do to treat deeper wrinkles, you’ll still want to treat your skin to prevent pre-existing wrinkles from getting worse and preventing as many new ones as possible from forming. In addition, you want to use your sunscreen to prevent any winkles from getting worse.

The truth!

No cosmetic or skin-care product can address all of these physiological issues and problems. A combination of products and medical treatments can achieve some success against these elements, but to imagine that a single miracle cream can do this all by itself is just not realistic.

Bear in mind that the only skincare products that have been studied for safety and effectiveness, and are approved by the FDA to treat aging skin, are tretinoin creams, such as Renova or Tazorac. These are prescription creams and not available OTC.

In other words, there is no OTC anti-wrinkle cream that can legitimately claim to be scientifically proven and FDA approved to treat wrinkles.

Bottom line

There is no topical anti aging or wrinkle cream that is better than Botox!

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