Laneige’s Latest Improved White Plus Renew Line & New 6-in-1 BB Cushion


In January 2014, I have attended a private Laneige event to preview its latest improved White Plus Renew Line and its new 6-in-1 BB Cushion. The event was held at TCC By The Bay @ Marina at Keppel Bay.

laneige white plus renew

The new improved White Plus Renew line comprises of Bubble Cleanser (S$34), Skin Refiner (S$45), Emulsion (S$45), Original Essence (S$78), Eye Cream (S$55), Spot Treatment (S$65), Original Cream (S$62), Tone Up Corrector (S$45) and Capsule Sleeping Pack (S$42).

Through its innovative and proprietary Melacrusher™ whitening technology, the new improved White Plus Renew line helps Asian women to achieve brighter, clearer and flawless-looking skin. This technology not only brightens but also provides 3-color undertones care to balance the red, yellow and dark undertones. This improves rough and dull skin tone which is found to be a common problem for many Asian women. Skin looks radiant, flawless and 2 tones brighter than one’s natural skin tone, which many Asian women perceive as the ideal skin tone for herself.

Melacrusher™ Technology

Formulated with truffle yeast, green tea extracts and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Melacrusher™ Technology is said to break down and remove melanin, helping our skin achieve a radiant, even-toned complexion. It also eliminates tri-colored undertones – red, yellow and dark – resulting in a 2-tone brighter skin. With this new technology, Laneige White Plus Renew line improves six core elements of brightening – glow, moisture, brightness, clarity, even skin tone, and reduced melanin level.

The White Plus Renew line is free of 1.4 dioxane, animal products, artificial pigments and mineral oil.

laneige white plus renew original essence

laneige white plus renew original essence

The improved White Plus Renew Original Essence, retailing at S$78 for 40ml, has a safe and mild formula that is said to make the skin 2 tones brighter than the natural skin tone. This best-selling star product has won 10 Global Beauty Awards in Asia within the first year of its launch.

laneige white plus renew original cream

laneige white plus renew original cream

This new improved White Plus Renew Original Cream, retailing at S$62 for 40ml, is a day and night whitening cream that coats the skin with a protective brightening film and maximizes moisturizing and glowing effects from the deeper layer of the skin.

laneige white plus renew capsule sleeping pack

This White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack, retailing at S$42 for 16 capsules (3m each), is the latest addition to its White Plus Renew line. This sleeping pack ampoule is a combination between a whitening capsule and hydro gel cream. The innovative formula provides an optimal 3:1 ratio between hydro gel brightening capsule. The hydro gel is a transparent gel-type hydro ample which hydrates the skin and makes the brightening capsule more effective. The brightening capsule is a soft and non-sticky cream type ample, which contains the whitening agents of Melacrusher™ technology.

The single-use hygienic packaging is travel-friendly and can be easily stored in the fridge, which gives a more refreshing experience. This 2-tone brighter treatment, to be used during a good night’s sleep, delivers both moisturizing and brightening care through the night.

laneige 6-in-1 BB cushion

Laneige BB Cushion, a record-breaker that has achieved global one million pieces sales, is making a new leap and launches an even more powerful 6-in-1 BB Cushion! Laneige, Korea’s leading Young Premium Total Beauty Brand, is proud to be the first to started the BB Cushion sensation.

laneige 6-in-1 BB cushion

The new 6-in-1 BB Cushion has incorporated its innovative Melacrusher™ Technology to target melanin formation, as well as bead tree extract and natural mineral water for added skincare and hydration benefits. What’s so special about the award-winning BB Cushion is that it uses a specially-developed technology, called “Cell-trap Sponge Multi Cushion Form”, to put fine liquid contents in an optimal 800,000 cell sponge. Through this special technology, that was recognized with an award of excellence at 2012 Korea Technology Awards, Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion delivers light, fresh and natural make-up that keeps skin looking and feeling great throughout the day.

It comes with six benefits in a single compact : brightening effect (Melacrusher™ Technology), moisturizing effect, water-resistant, make-up tint (transparent cushion powder with medium coverage) and soothing effect (immediately cools, soothes and refreshes skin fatigued by heat).

The new 6-in-1 BB Cushion, with SPF50+ PA+++ UV protection, available in five shades to suit Asian skin tones : #13 True Beige, #21 Natural Beige, #23 Sand Beige, #31 Brown Beige and #33 Coffee. Priced at S$59, it will be available in March 2014.

laneige 6-in-1 BB cushion

Each blogger got to choose a complimentary shade, I was torn between No.21 The Natural Beige (a light warm tone) and No.13 The True Beige (the lightest shade that appears neutral to cool). Eventually I have picked The True Beige.

Upon the event, I have received a new 6-in-1 BB Cushion, a new White Plus Renew Original Essence and a box of Capsule Sleeping Pack. Many thanks to Laneige Singapore! :D


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3 Comments on "Laneige’s Latest Improved White Plus Renew Line & New 6-in-1 BB Cushion"

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi, did you get a chance to try out this line? I’m particularly interested in the essence and BB cushion. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. Many thanks in advance!

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I haven’t tried the essence and the BB cushion yet. If time allows, I may probably review one of them soon. :D

  2. jenny says:

    I am using the BB cushion right now. It is very light and mix well with my skin. I look refresh after applying it. I am using no. 21 The natural beige.

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