Albion Introduced New INFINESSE Gravity Resistance IA


albion infinesse

Albion has recently launched a new anti-aging serum under its new INFINESSE lineINFINESSE Gravity Resistance IA – that is claimed to provide lifting effect, improve skin elasticity and ability to bounce back against the effects of gravity.

Inspired by the word ‘Infinity’ which means ‘no limits’, INFINESSE reflects Albion’s commitment to developing cosmetics that create in their customers a feeling of limitless joy.

So what exactly is “skin that is visibly lifted and firm”?

  • Visible firmness that can be seen. Smooth texture and tightly drawn pores, a radiant glow, the appearance of higher cheekbones, etc. Firmness that can perceived by the eye.
  • Tactile firmness that can be felt. When it’s touched, it pushes back. It has firm, solid elasticity. Firmness that can be felt through touch.

At INFINESSE, skin with these two properties is called visibly lifted and firm.

albion infinesse

albion infinesse

Proofs of INFINESSE.

To achieve a visibly lifted and firm skin, INFINESSE focuses on Dermal Cushion (also known as papillary dermis), a springy cushion-like layer that connects the dermis and the epidermis. INFINESSE uses an innovative ingredient, Renovate cPA®, to help lift up the skin from the dermis.

Renovate cPA®, claimed to be the world’s first of its kind anti-aging ingredient, is developed by Albion through joint research with Ochanomizu University in 1985 by Professor Kimiko Murofushi. Renovate cPA® is said to :

  • Strengthen the density of net-like structure of collagen fibers
  • Boost high polymer hyaluronic acid in the reticular dermis

Other active ingredients found in INFINESSE products are : Artichoke extract, Palmaria extract, Hydroxyproline and Centella asiatica extract.

INFINESSE Gravity Resistance IA – S$164 / 40ml

albion infinesse gravity resistance IA

1. Dramatically increase the hyaluronic acid in the dermal cushion, plumping skin rapidly and quickly, providing firmness and elasticity.

2. Enrich every millimeter of the ‘collagen network’ that constitutes the dermis structure and function, enhancing firmness and elasticity from deep inside the dermis.

  • Boosts the density of the net-like structure of collagen fibers
  • Promotes production of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and the structural components of the dermis
  • Instantly strengthens, firms, and thickens collagen fiber bundles
  • Prevents damage and promotes the production of elastin

3. Fills the stratum corneum with moisture and powerfully grips the skin’s surface. Supplies firmness and elasticity from the instant you rub it in, and maintains it.

albion infinesse gravity resistance IA

INFINESSE skincare regimen includes :

  • STEP 1 Face Washing - 1. Burnish Cleansing Milk (S$74), 2. Force Cleansing Cream (S$74), 3. Brush Up Wash (S$63)
  • STEP 2 Softening - Moisture Milk IA (S$115)
  • STEP 3 Skin Conditioning - Moisture Lotion IA (S$115)
  • STEP 4 Active (Serum, cream) – 1. Gravity Resistance IA (S$164), 2. Engraftment Cream (S$197), Signless Eye Cream (S$164)

albion infinesse eye lift massager

I’m glad to obtain one of this interesting INFINESSE Eye Lift Massager that is currently only available in Japan. Eye massaging is definitely a great conventional way to help achieve a lifted, tone eye areas.

INFINESSE range is now available at Albion counter, Takashimaya departmental store, cosmetics department level 1.

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