Fancl Introduced New 5-Step AGING CARE Line


fancl aging care

FANCL, the leading Japanese skincare brand, widely known for its unique MUTENKA (無添加) philosophy takes women one step close to triumph in the quest for younger looking skin with the launch of its new AGING CARE line. Back by years of research conducted by FANCL’s researches, AGING CARE line combines new Advanced Penetrating Nano Capsule Technology and key active ingredients such as Jujube Fruit Extract and HTC Collagen to achieve youthful skin from within.

fancl aging care

fancl aging care

fancl aging care

A few weeks ago, I was delighted to receive the new AGING CARE line kit that comprises of Aging Care Lotion II, Aging Care Emulsion II, Aging Care Essence, Aging Care Cream, Aging Care Mask and Bright Life Supplements in full size. Many thanks to FANCL Singapore for the products! :D

As we age, our skin lose collagen and skin cell layers grow thicker and lose firmness and elasticity, making it harder for nutrition from skincare to work effectively. To treat the problem at its root, AGING CARE line is formulated in two essential levels :

Skin Purification
Malvidin, distilled from flowers like the Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) and the Blue Sweet Pea, has the ability to purify skin by removing stress. As the purification process revitalizes and repairs damaged skin cells, skin becomes younger and trouble-free.

Advanced Penetrating Nano Capsule Technology
FANCL‘s new breakthough technology promotes the maximum absorption of the concentrated ingredients, allowing skin to look younger instantly. A higher amount of beauty ingredients is delivery to each layer of the skin through the use of a high-penetration cellular-sized capsule that is protected with highly-affinitive membranes.

All new MUTENKA Aging Care products contain HTC Collagen, Jujube Fruit Extract, Hydrolysis Yeast, Flowers containing Malvidin Extract, Fresh Moist Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. Centella Asiatica Extract and Early Harvest Kiwi Extract can only be found in Aging Care Essence and Mask.

5-Step MUTENKA Anti-Aging Solution

The AGING CARE line has a 5-step anti-aging solution, consisting of both basic and special care products for all skin types to achieve firm, supple and youthful skin.

fancl aging care lotion II

Step 1 : Intensive Hydration | Aging Care Lotion I and II – S$36 for 30ml

I have received the Aging Care II. Aging Care Lotion I is for oily skin and Aging Care Lotion II is for combination, normal and dry skin. Aging Care Lotion is rich in moisturizing active ingredient that penetrate deeply. It delivers essential nutrients to enhance collagen production ability to minimize early signs of aging. After washing the face, dispense a small amount (size of a 20-cent coin) onto clean palm and gently apply lotion into the skin.

fancl aging care essence

Step 2 : Nourishment | Aging Care Essence – S$78 for 18ml

Aging Care Essence, the star product of this range, is packed with concentrated active ingredients, Jujube Fruit Extract enhances the absorption of important nutrients to boost collagen synthesis, necessary for young, glowing skin. Formulated to intensively repair and strengthen damaged collagen, the Aging Care Essence minimizes signs of aging such as wrinkles, dullness and sagginess. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used in the day and night.

Aging Care Essence is packed with a small window at the back for product visibility.

fancl aging care mask

Step 3 : Lifting | Aging Care Mask – S$78 for 6 sheets

An unique mask designed with “lifting” effect that adheres perfectly on skin to refine texture and firm facial contours, restoring skin firmness and plumpness. Containing potent ingredients to boost moisture level, promote collagen production and repair damaged collagen deep beneath. It can be used 2 to 3 times per week, depending on individual skin condition.

fancl aging care emulsion cream

Step 4 : Seal in Moisture | Aging Care Emulsion – S$36 for 30ml / Aging Care Cream – S$66 for 18g

Aging Care Emulsion is for oily to combination skin, Aging Care Emulsion II is for normal to dry skin, whilst Aging Care Cream is for very dry skin. I’ve received Aging Care Emulsion II and Cream. I will probably use Aging Care Emulsion II in the day and Aging Care Cream in the night.

Aging Care Emulsion is a lightweight non-greasy moisturizer that firmly seals and retains moisture and nutrients delivered to the skin. Aging Care Cream replenishes dehydrated skin with nutrients like HTC Collagen and Hydrolyzed Yeast that enhance collagen production within the skin. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep moisture inside the skin.

fancl aging care bright lift supplement

Step 5 : Inner Care | Bright Life Supplements – S$45 for 180 tablets

An ideal oral complement to the FANCL Aging Care line, Bright Lift Supplement supports collagen production with 3 key ingredients : HTC Collagen for firmness and softness, Apple Polyphenol to prevent photo-aging and strengthen skin collagen, and Silybin to remove old collagen trapped in skin, restoring skin’s radiance. It is especially suitable for individuals above 35 who are concerned with aging and photo-aging. Take 3 tablets 2 times per day.

fancl seal cap

Encompassing “safety, gentleness and assurance”, FANCL products contain no potentially harmful preservatives and other additives, only potent beauty agents that actively work to enhance our skin’s natural beauty. To ensure 100% freshness, bottles come with fully sealed caps to be removed before use.

Freshness period : Skincare products – Unopened, 1 year from manufacturing date. After opening, 60 days. Supplement – Once opened, consume within 4 months.

fancl freshness sticker

For added assurance, a freshness sticker lets you record the date the product was opened.

fancl aging care

Most FANCL skincare products, like Aging Care Lotion II and Aging Care Emulsion II in 30ml, and Aging Care Essence and Aging Care Cream in 18g/ml, are packed for a 30-day supply so they stay fresh to the last drop.

The FANCL Aging Care line will be available from 26th July 2013 at all FANCL outlets. Store locations can be found at :

I have yet to try out the full range as I’m currently reviewing another new skincare product. Hope to do so very soon. That’s all for today, thanks for reading! See ya soon! :D


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