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DHC skincare

DHC medicated pack mask

Watsons Singapore has recently held an interesting DHC Rebranding Media Event to introduce a refreshed brand direction with the launch of three new ranges: DHC Kakonjuka Skincare Series (anti-aging), DHC Collagen Powder (oral beauty supplement) and DHC Cleanecea (acne supplement).

DHC, with a legacy of 33 years in Japan, is the No.1 direct-to-consumer provider of beauty products, including skincare, body care, makeup and beauty health supplements. DHC is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores in Singapore.

The event began with an introduction of the brand, presented by Micheas Chan, Marketing & Merchandizing Director of Watsons Singapore.

Ms Kimiko Ikeda, DHC Beauty Advisor from Japan, shared with us the beauty tips on how to regain youthful beauty with DHC.

The beauty therapist from Japan demonstrated the benefits of wrapping face with hot (warm) towel prior using the DHC Medicated Q Pack Sheet. This method helps improve absorption of beauty essence such as the Medicated Q Pack Sheet.

1) After washing the face, place a hot (warm) towel (towel soaked with water and warm up in microwave for about 30 seconds) on your face for about one minute. 2) Remove the hot towel and put on a Medicated Q Pack Sheet on your face for 20 minutes. Remove the sheet and apply a moisturizer.

Can you believe these women are all over 40s! Wow! You can still look fabulous even over 40! I may keen to join this club if it is in Singapore. I’m already in my mid-40s this year, sad……. :-(

DHC cleansing oil

During the event, we got to preview these DHC Essential products including Mild Touch Cleansing Oil, Washing Powder (S$22.90 for 50g), Make-Off Sheet (NEW, S$17.50 for 50 sheets)….

DHC essential beauty products

….. Collagen Powder (NEW, S$58.50 for 5000mg), Deep Cleansing Oil (S$43 for 200ml), Mild Lotion (S$55.90 for 100ml), Olive Virgin Oil (S$72.90 for 30ml) and Olive Virgin Soap Bar.

Virgin Olive Oil, one of nature’s finest ingredients and is the foundation of DHC’s line of skin-gentle products, is claimed to help achieve and maintain healthy, younger-looking skin.

DHC Collagen Powder

DHC Collagen Powder

New DHC Collagen Powder, retailing at S$58.50 for 5000mg, is a beauty collagen supplement powder that is packed in a zipper bag with a measuring soup for convenient use. It helps replenish and maintain a healthy collagen level for a firm and supple skin. It can be added to food or drinks for easy consumption. It uses highly purified and excellent quality small molecule fish collagen peptides for more efficient absorption. It contains 50mg of Vitamin C which increases collagen and is FREE of sugar, preservatives, coloring and flavoring.

I really love this DHC Collagen Powder very much! It tastes so great with my acai berry juice! I have been taking it almost everyday and I’m finishing it real soon.


DHC Anti-Aging Series

DHC kakonjuka range

DHC Kakonjuka Skincare Range (above), the latest range in the Anti-Aging Series, is formulated with six carefully selected Japanese and Korean botanicals (extracted from the plants’ nuts, leaves, stems, flowers and fruits) to help fight signs of aging. Also formulated with Olive Leaf Extract and Trehalose derivatives to provide moisturizing effect, improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Active ingredients include Platcarya, Grifola frondosa (maitake mushroom), Glycyrrhiza, Portulaca oleracea, Sanguisorba officinalis and Lingzhi.

The range comprises of the DHC Kakonjuka Lotion, DHC Kakonjuka Essence and DHC Kakonjuka Cream.

DHC Kakonjuka essence

DHC Kakonjuka Essence, retailing at S$48 for 30ml, is a moisturizing serum with anti-aging benefits that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

DHC Kakonjuka cream

DHC Kakonjuka Cream, retailing at S$44.90 for 40g, is a nourishing cream to help improve elasticity and density.

DHC Kakonjuka Lotion (not shown here), is a hydrating and anti-aging lotion that is priced at S$39.90 for 100ml.

DHC collagen beauty 7000+

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+, another anti-aging product, is created to give a more holistic approach to give consumers an inner and outer beauty. Formulated with Fish Collagen Tripeptide, DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+ contains almost 50% more collagen than other similar health drinks. Compared to regular collagen which has large molecule sizes and long chain structures of numerous amino acids, Collagen Beauty 7000+ Tripeptide is easily and effectively absorbed by the body, producing and increasing the content of collagen in the skin, bones, ligaments cartilages and blood vessels.

Enriched with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, it has white-grape flavor and is retailing at S$49.90 for 10 x 7000mg bottles.


DHC Acne Series

DHC Acne Series

DHC Acne Series comprises of DHC Salicylic Range and the new oral beauty acne supplement DHC Cleancea. Specially formulated with Salicylic Acid, DHC Salicylic Range sterilize skin to discourage the growth of acne-causing bacteria and treat acne conditions for a healthy skin. The Salicylic Range is comprising of Salicylic Acne Face Wash (S$32 for 120ml), Salicylic Acne Face Toner (S$32 for 60ml), Salicylic Acne Face Milk (S$32 for 60ml) and Salicylic Acne Spot Therapy (S$21.90 for 15g).

DHC Cleacnea

DHC Cleancea is an oral beauty acne supplement that reaches from within to alleviate the acne symptoms. The enhanced formulation is claimed to keep pimples away by creating a healthy skin environment through a three-pronged approach – Control, Cycle and Moisturise. Retailing at S$29.90 for 60 tablets, it is recommended to take 2 tablets per day.


As the event was held at Cookyn Inc @ Rangoon Road, upon the presentation, we got to have a special hand-on cooking session on how to create our own age-defying beauty meal with new Collagen Powder and DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+.

The first two dishes (above picture), using the new Collagen Powder, are Baked Buttery Mentaiko Ramen in Parcels and Assorted Sushi Maki Rolls.

DHC collagen drink

The third dish is the dessert Yogurt Anmitsu with Fresh Fruit that uses Collagen Beauty 7000+.

DHC skincare event

Upon the event, every bloggers got to pick a lovely gift set that is wrapped with different floral print fabrics. Every gift sets contain different DHC products. I got to grab the gift set (with lots of red flowers) that was placed on top of the stack shown above.

DHC skincare cleansing oil virgin oil collagen powder

The gift set I’ve picked contains (from clockwise) Collagen Powder, Mild Lotion, Deep Cleansing Oil, Washing Powder, Olive Virgin Oil, Make-Off Sheet and Collagen tablet.



DHC flagship stores retailing the full range of DHC products including the latest ranges – DHC Kakonjuka Range, DHC Collagen Powder and DHC Cleancea – can be found at Watsons Bugis Junction, Compass Point, ION Orchard, Takashimaya S.C and Raffles City.

DHC products can also be found at the key island stores at Watsons Choa Chu Kang Lot 1, NTUC Hougang Mall, IMM, Jurong Point, Parkway Parade, Tampines 1, Tampines Mall, VivoCity and East Point.


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