Choose The Correct Skin-care Products With These Lightening Ingredients


Hyperpigmentation or dark spots, is one of the first signs of what we think of as aging. Sun-induced skin discoloration begins in the late teens and early 20s and get continually worse. The main noticeable difference between teenage skin and skin in the early 20s is the discoloration caused by deposits of melanin. 

Before you start

It is best to avoid sun exposure if you are treating for any form of hyperpigmentation. Even hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal imbalances can be made worse by sun exposure. 

And if you continue to expose yourself to the sun and not use a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen, melanin production will continue.

Before buying any skin lightening skin-care products, you may start to look out for these beneficial ingredients which may help to reduce pigmentation and sun spots, and some have claimed to help on brightening up the complexion too.


To prevent, lighten or remove dark spots:

- Arbutin                                 – Cocos nucifera (coconut fruit juice)

- Azelaic acid                           - Epilobium angustifolium (willow herb)

- Bearberry extract                  - Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice extract)

- Cucumber extract                  - Gallic acid                          

- Hydroquinone                        - Kojic acid                                      

- Mulberry extract                    - Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate     

- Niacinamide                           – Pycnogenol (a pine bark extract)

- Resorcinol                             – Salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid)

- Retinol                                 – Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)     

- Saxifraga sarmentosa extract (strawberry begonia)            

- Throstat      

.               ..

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