Sulwhasoo Launching NEW Snowise EX in Singapore on February 2013


For those who like Korean skincare brands, you probably are familiar with Sulwhasoo. The great news is Sulwhasoo has finally arrived in Singapore.

Sulwhasoo is a very popular brand in Korea that is founded on the traditional philosophy of “Sang-Seng” – by achieving inner harmony for outer radiance, the belief that all things exist in relation to one another, and draws on Asian wisdom to balance the inner energies that contribute to a nourished, healthy complexion by blending indigenous medicinal herbs.

sulwhasoo snowise

After a grand official launch in Singapore in end 2012, Sulwhasoo is proud to launch its newest 3-dimensional whitening line in February 2013 – introducing the new Sulwhasoo SNOWISE EX.

sulwhasoo SNOWISE-EX

There are 9 products under SNOWISE EX Line.

Many of you are aware that UV rays, especially UVA, are the main cause of aging, dull and pigmented skin, however there’s another type of ray that can cause our skin to age too.

For the past decade, Sulwhasoo and the Seoul National University studied the harmful effects the sun has on our skin, it was discovered that while UV rays deeply root age spots and blemishes, there is a second type of ray present in sunlight – Infrared Rays.

Infrared Ray (IR) actually makes up 60% of sunlight and the heat from the IR lowers the anti-oxidant levels in our skin resulting in premature aging and uneven skin tones of yellow and red. The optimal skin temperature for clear and radiant complexion is at 30-31ºC, however, when the skin is exposed to IR, its temperature rises to 40ºC, and when the skin is not ‘cooled’, the skin accumulate impurities and lowers the resilience of blood vessels, resulting in skin dullness.

In traditional Korean medicinal terms, ‘inner heat’ has a great impact on complexion. Defined as ‘fire’ and ‘toxicity’ caused by aging, fatigue and stress, it ‘inflames’ the skin resulting in dryness, uneven, dull and pigmented skin.

After years of research, Sulwhasoo’s Korean Herbal Medicinal Science Team discovered the 3 key ingredients of SNOWISE TRI-WHITE COMPLEX™ for 3 dimensional whitening that rejuvenates skin that is exhausted from the heat, restoring a clear and bright complexion, resulting a youthful, radiant glow from within.

3 key ingredients of SNOWISE TRI-WHITE COMPLEX™

White Ginseng Saponin (Ginsenoside F1)

A precious ingredient used to combat UV rays and remove age spots and blemishes caused by light. It is treated by Bio-conversion Technology and Extracted Caprosome Stabilization Technology is applied to revitalize this rare ingredient, boosting maximum efficacy.

White Cloud Grass™

This traditional herb, containing cooling and detoxifying properties, helps reduces yellowness and redness in our skin caused by the heat from IR rays.

White Ginseng Polysaccharides

A rare and valuable ingredient in which only a precious 10% of White Ginseng Polysaccharides can be extracted from white ginseng. Harnessing of unique technology, White Ginseng Polysaccharides are carefully separated from its water-soluble form, a precious anti-aging ingredient is extracted and used for improving collagen quality and quantity, restoring translucency in the skin.

I’m glad to learn that instead of using the red ginsengs, which are commonly used in Korea, Sulwhasoo uses only the rare and valuable white ginsengs for the new whitening line.

With the harmony of Yin and Yang, Sulwhasoo adopted one of the Poje Methods, Salt Treatment, which involves baking ingredients in salt, to maximize even the hidden efficacies of ingredients. This Salt Treatment is used in SNOWISE EX Line.

Logs of mulberry tree, well known for the whitening properties, are completely soaked and baked in water fully infused with salt.

Salt not only clarifies the body and purifies the blood, but it also fortifies the “Yin” energy and detoxifies inflammation to clarify and brighten of the mulberry tree and improves the efficacy of the active ingredients.

sulwhasoo snowise ex

sulwhasoo snowise ex

sulwhasoo snowise ex

Many thanks to PR agency CROWD Singapore, I was super delighted to receive a SNOWISE EX gift box that contains a full size SNOWISE EX Whitening Serum, Whitening Water and Whitening Cream. I hope to review them soon.

sulwhasoo snowise ex

I noticed there’s a red seal in every Sulwhasoo products.



SNOWISE EX Whitening Serum – S$268 / 50ml

sulwhasoo snowise ex whitening serum

SNOWISE EX Whitening Serum is claimed to be the world’s first heating skincare product. Specially formulated to control light and heat, this signature brightening serum helps to reduce the temperature of the skin for ‘radiant whitening’ from deep within the skin, achieving optimal skin whitening efficacy for a translucent, porcelain skin.

Skin luminosity is greatly affected by the skin’s epidermis (outer layer of skin), while the clarity, radiance and overall appearance of the complexion are determined by the tone and elasticity of the dermis (inner layer of skin). With SNOWISE TRI-WHITE COMPLEX™, skin pigmentation is treated at its roots, from the inside out, revealing a brighter clear translucent skin. It is claimed that even with a darker skin-toned, the skin still looks clear and radiant.

When skin comes in contact with the IR from the sun, the temperature of our skin increases, slowing down the circulation and causing the accumulation of glycan on collagen, with this the skin loses elasticity, becoming dull and yellow. With the help of the White Ginseng Polysaccharides the quality of the skin collagen is improved, revealing soft, firm skin.


SNOWISE EX Whitening Water – S$80 / 125ml

sulwhasoo snowise ex whitening water

A gel based toner infused with mulberry root extract, removes dead skin cells, refreshes and moisturizes skin, enhancing the absorption of subsequent whitening ingredients for a clearer complexion.


SNOWISE EX  Whitening Cream – S$168 / 50ml

sulwhasoo snowise ex whitening cream

Using White Lily extract and the Moisture-Barrier Whitening Base, this whitening cream soothes and nourishes the skin and forms a moist protective layer preventing dryness and improving the skin’s natural luminosity.


SNOWISE EX Whitening Eye Treatment – S$96 / 15ml

The area around the eye has the thinnest skin on the body, with fewer sebaceous glands, it loses moisture easily, causing dehydration and pre-mature wrinkles. Scutellaria balcalensis root extract, with cooling properties, releases “heat” from the face area, revealing a brighter and translucent complexion. The metal applicator (Zamak) cools the skin upon application and helps tighten the skin and reduce puffiness.

SNOWISE EX Whitening Mask – S$162 / 10 sheets

A bio-cellulose mask designed to give optimal comfort and permeability, SNOWISE EX Whitening Mask is carefully soaked in white ginseng and fermented for 2 weeks, allowing the nutrients to thoroughly seep into each mask, improving the skin’s complexion dramatically with frequent use. I’m pleased to learn that each piece of SNOWISE EX Whitening Mask is actually individually handmade. WoW!

SNOWISE EX Cleansing Foam – S$50 / 150ml

A cleansing foam formulated with traditional Korean herbs of Ginkgo Biloba Leaf and East Indian Lotus extract. Gently removes impurities and dead skin cells, leaving your skin hydrated and radiant.

SNOWISE EX White Ginseng Exfoliating Gel  – S$68 / 80ml

Filled with the goodness of white ginseng powder, this wash-off gel formula gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells restoring vitality to your skin.

SNOWISE EX Whitening Fluid – S$88 / 125ml

Using natural emulsifier, Chinese peony extract and White Ginseng Polysaccharides, are used to soothe skin for a moisturized and supple finish.

SNOWISE EX Whitening UV Protection Cream SPF47 PA+++ – S$92 / 40ml

A dual-functioning cream, whitening and UV protection, formulated with White Ginseng Saponin that inhibits melanin generation and inflammation of the skin while promoting skin clarification and preventing future damage from harmful UV rays.



SNOWISE EX Line will be launched in February 2013 and it will be available at Sulwhasoo counter at TANGS Beauty Orchard.

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