Belif True Anti-aging Essence, Hungarian Water Essence, True Cream-Aqua Bomb & Cream-Moisturizing Bomb

Have you heard of this brand named Belif? If you a regular shopper at Orchard, you probably will have noticed their flagship store at Wisma Atria B1-64.

Belif, with motto “Believe in Truth”, is a Korean herbal skincare brand that combines traditional herbal treatments with modern natural cosmetic science.

Late last year, I have attended my first Belif event to preview 4 hydrating skincare products – Hungarian Water Essence, The True Anti-aging Essence, The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb and Aqua Bomb. Thanks to Chantana for extending this invitation to me.

Belif was first discovered in 2012 by a group of adventurous cosmetic scientists from South Korea. Belif’s founder, Duncan Napier who is a respected botanist and herbalist, was the first to open a herbal clinic and shop in Scotland in 1860 where herbal treatments are considered an important form of traditional natural therapy. Today, Belif has inherited Napier’s 150 years of history and formulates products free of harmful ingredients.

Standing by its 5 truths – True Ingredients, True Formula, True Benefit, True Safety and True TimelessnessBelif develops skincare and body products for women, men and even babies that are formulated from Napier’s traditional herbal processing methods proven for preserving efficacy of the herbs.

Only carefully selected ingredients are believed to be used. No synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil and animal origin are used in Belif. They are claimed to be suitable for people with delicate and sensitive skin too.

Hungarian Water Essence

Product Claim : The moisturizing effect of Hungarian water is the secret to the Hungarian queen’s beauty. Formulated with only the purest Hungarian water, this essence provides long lasting moisture instantly without stickiness, leaving skin soft and supply.

The texture is very dilute and it has a tinge of lavender scent actually. It feels more like a toner than an essence.

The True Anti-Aging Essence

Product Claim : A two-layered liquid essence, with calendula’s ultra-moisturizing whipping cream layer with Acai Berry’s anti-oxidant essence layer. Calendula is known for its moisturizing and soothing effects while Acai Berry is famous as a super anti-oxidant. It supplies sufficient moisture and nutrition to skin, preventing skin from aging.

Have you used a shaking essence before? Here is one for you. Belif made this shaking essence based on the inspiration from Calendula ointment. When shaken, the two layers turn into a soft milky lotion.

The True Cream-Aqua Bomb

Product Claim : Meet the cool aqua bomb, a refreshing gel type moisturizing cream. This lightweight gel cream is the answer to oily/combination skin. It supplies instant moisture while balancing oil and water level in the skin. Forms a protective layer that wraps skin in comfort.

It has a lightweight non-oily gel texture with a mild natural fragrance scent which is quite soothing. It feels good on my skin.

The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb

Product Claim : The only cream proven to hydrate skin for 26 hours! Comfrey Leaf, a powerful hydrating agent found in this cream supplies skin with long lasting moisture, relieving dryness and tightness.

Extremely love its rich texture very much! I must say it is one of the best hydrating moisturizers I’ve used so far! I will be doing a review on this moisturizer soon, do stay tuned!

Upon the event, I was presented with a goodie bag (with a magnifying glass) that contains a Hungarian Water Essence, The True Anti-Aging Essence, The True Cream-Aqua Bomb and The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb. Thank you Belif! :D

Belif stores are located at Wisma Atria B1-64 Tel: 6836 6409, Plaza Singapura #01-61 and Junction 8 pop-up store #01-28B.

For latest updates on Belif products, do check out their Facebook page at : or their website at

For those who stay in Europe, you may obtain Belif products via UK website at :


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  1. I know the place Orchard is somewhere in Singapore. I have tried strolling there once during the holiday season and I really love the lights. Regarding skin care products, I also found a lot of them there but I haven’t encountered this one yet. Looks promising though whichi is worth the try.

  2. Flora Lee says:

    Hi Shirleen!! I am 18 and I really love browsing your blog!! My true passion is also about beauty and fashion. I admire you for having to try out such wonderful products. And regarding the belif, you might want to try out the whitening line they are wonderful! Right now I am caring my skin with them plus Strivectin photo white booster serum. They are all amazing

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