NIP+FAB – Celeb-Fave Cult Beauty Brand – Has Finally Arrived In Singapore


After the successful introduction of the NIP + FAB Body Fixes, NIP + FAB is now ready to launch its skincare line in Singapore.

NIP + FAB, UK beauty cult brand, is the creation by beauty expert and celebrated creator of global bestselling brand Rodial – Maria Hazistefanis. The NIP + FAB skincare range comprises of facial products aimed at rejuvenation, anti-aging and restoring moisture; containing skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients.

NIP + FAB is loved by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cheryl Cole, Kelly Rowland, Eva Longoria and more.

Many weeks ago, I have attended my first NIP+FAB event which was held at Viridian Art House Gallery.

During the event, I got to preview most of the bestselling and must-have skincare products including wrinkle buster Frown Fix, No Needle Fix, Moisture Fix and Shine Fix.

I’m presently surprised to learn that almost all of the NIP + FAB skincare products are unbelievably affordable at only S$19.90 and S$29.90. The one and only expensive product is the No Needle Fix that is priced at only S$39.90. WOW!! Amazing!

Currently, NIP+FAB skincare range is available at most Watsons stores nationwide and at

Below are some of the products I’ve previewed. Product information were retrieved from the press kit. Do note that these information do not represent my opinion.


No Needle Fix – S$39.90 / 50ml

Do you believe NIP+FAB’s No Needle Fix is reputedly having a UK waiting list of 10,000 orders before it went on sale at Boots? This serum plumps and volumises skin with active ingredient OSILIFT® while smoothing and reducing the appearance, improving elasticity and tone.


MOISTURE FIX – S$29.90 / 50ml

NIP + FAB Moisture Fix, a multi-tasking daily moisturizer, is claimed to add radiance and improve elasticity leaving skin conditioned and hydrated.

It is claimed to contain specially formulated hyaluronic acid filling spheres which bind up to 1000 times their weight in water to visibly “fill” and plump the skin for noticeably smoother fine lines and wrinkles.

Enriched with a combination of essential oils including the mildly astringent grapeseed oil which helps tighten and tone and meadowfoam seed oil to fight the signs of aging and protect against the everyday harmful effects of the environment, this must-have moisture fix will leave your skin hydrated and protected.

Working in harmony with other active ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, evening primrose oil, rose hip oil, glycerin, lanolin and mica, Moisture Fix will leave the skin looking and feeling younger, smoother and naturally radiant.


SHINE FIX – S$19.90 / 15ml

Shine Fix is a mattifying gel that is designed to control shine and reduce congestion, leaving pores cleansed and blemish free.

It contains ‘microsponges’ to absorb excess surface oil, seboclear® to purify and nettle astringent to decrease inflammation. I’ve noticed a skin irritant Alcohol Denat in the ingredient list.


Spot Fix – S$19.90 / 15ml

Spot Fix is formulated with salicylic acid for deep pore cleaning, vital to target blemishes plus eucalyplus and tea tree to purify skin for a triple threat in blemish busting.

This anti-blemish gel is claimed to decrease the appearance of redness and swelling whilst preventing and reducing the appearance of UV-induced erythema for sensitive skin. It is said to get fast relief from spot-prone skin.


Dark Circle Fix – S$29.90 / 15ml

This triple-action eye cream is claimed to reduce the appearance of puffiness + dark circles while hydrating to fight against premature aging.

This 3-in-1 formula combines red algae to target dark circles, tetra peptide to reduce puffiness and shea butter to hydrate and soften the skin.


During the event, a range of products were introduced and this is the recommended sequence (starting from left) :

No Needle Fix > Dark Circle Fix > Shine Fix > Spot Fix > Moisture Fix > Frown Fix > Sheer Make-up Fix > Eye Fix.


Upon the event, each of us (bloggers) received a goodie bag that contains Sheer Make-up Fix, Pigmentation Fix, Eye Fix and Frown Fix.


Sheer Make-Up Fix – S$29.90 / 40ml

Best-selling NIP + FAB Sheer Make-Up Fix is designed for those in hot pursuit of a smoother, softer and more even complexion. Formulated with Osilift®, this wonder gel is claimed to firm, lift, smooth and soften wrinkles. Available in clear and tinted textures. I’ve received the clear texture. It can be used with or without makeup for a natural, youthful skin.


Pigmentation Fix – S$29.90 / 30ml

Pigmentation Fix is claimed to effectively reduce the appearance of existing age spots and prevents the formation of new ones. With a combination of Vitamin C to help improve skintone and orange leaf extract for brightening.


Frown Fix – S$19.90 / 15ml

The experts behind this best-selling instant line filler received over 3,000 requests for this multi-tasking, no nonsense product. Currently, NIP + FAB has a waiting list of over 4,356 people desperate to get their hands on this frown fixer. It is claimed to smooth and reduce expression lines and the appearance of fine lines for a youthful look. It can be used on crow’s feet and forehead lines too.


Eye Fix – S$19.90 / 2ml

Enriched with hyaluronic acid, glycerine and cucumber extract, this 2 in 1 eye cream cum concealer is claimed to hydrate, plump and soften the skin. It brightens and conceals dark circles with light reflecting particles.


Side notes

Hey lovely readers, I need to re-emphasis again that the product description (all above) do not represent my opinion. Information are extracted from the press kit. I’m still contemplating if I should review any of the four products received. Well if I do, I’m afraid it will not be that soon. See you soon. :D



NIP + FAB skincare range is now available at most Watsons stores nationwide and at


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