Clarins Introduced New Improved DOUBLE SERUM® [Hydric + Lipidic System] – Twice The Anti-Aging Power


This September 2012, Clarins has proudly launched the new DOUBLE SERUM®. It is said to be the only age control treatment that combines two age-defying serums into one optimum balance to reactivates skin’s 5 vital functions to delay the signs of aging.

Not too long ago, I’m extremely delighted to receive a bottle of the latest improved DOUBLE SERUM®. I hope to test this serum pretty soon.

I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that DOUBLE SERUM®, first double serum with separate hydric and lipidic phases, was first developed 27 years ago in 1985. Its pioneering concept was packed in two separate bottles, a Hydro (water) and Lipo (oil) Phases. It was then improved in 1996 when both water and oil were packed in one single bottle. The third generation was then introduced in 2002 and followed with the fourth generation in 2007.



One gold double serum. Twice the anti-aging power.

Based on 27 years of anti-aging expertise, DOUBLE SERUM® is formulated as a complete age control concentrate for all women from age 25. Its new formula, the result of the very latest advances by Clarins Research, combines 20 most powerful anti-aging plant extracts to reactivates skin’s 5 vital functions – hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration.

Age, stress, pollution and sun exposure all contribute to making them slower and less efficient. Skin is no longer as radiant and beautiful as it was.

5 vital functions – hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration

DOUBLE SERUM® is said to :

Boost hydration by +75%, up to 4 hours after application.
> Delays the appearance of wrinkles
> Maintains skin’s softness and comfort

Increase the speed at which nutrients penetrate the skin cells.
> Skin’s suppleness is restored

Improve cell oxygenation
> Skin regains its radiance

Stimulate the activity of 2 genes involved in skin protection.
> Protects against premature skin aging

Boost production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans, which are responsible for skin firmness and density.
> Maintains skin’s firm, smooth, dense appearance


Hydric + Lipidic System

A Unique Double Formula

DOUBLE SERUM® has achieved what a single formula cannot : it provides skin cells with an optimum concentration of the best age control ingredients.

This performance is made possible by the unique [Hydric + Lipidic System]. Two separate phases – one hydric, the other lipidic – presented in side-by-side vials enable the otherwise impossible combination of water- and oil-soluble ingredients with no risk of incompatibility or instability.

Its duo texture, combines the lightness of a gel with the comfort of a cream, instantly absorbed into the skin. It has a nice refreshing fragrance scent that is a blend of fruity and floral notes.


Rich in 20 Plant Extracts

Clarins, the expert in plant-based anti-aging skin care, culminated in the selection of 20 extracts for their performance on the skin’s 5 vital functions.

Cangzhu extract, specially developed for Clarins, is said to be a booster of cell activity. It stimulates G protein, a key protein of the cell membranes, which amplifies the messages sent to the cells by the formula’s active ingredients. Cangzhu extract thus helps to boost significantly the efficacy of the other plant extracts contained in DOUBLE SERUM®.

Ingredients for HYDRATION : (from left) Double molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Burdock extract (root), Organic marshmallow extract (root) and Katafray extract (bark).

Ingredients for NUTRITION : (from left) Kiwi extract (fruit), Organic perilla oil (seed) and Organic macadamia oil (seed).

Ingredients for OXYGENATION : (from left) Maritime pine extract (bark), Organic rosehip oil (seed) and Arnica extract (flower).

Ingredients for PROTECTION : (from left) Organic green tea extract (leaf), Pistachio tree extract (gum oil), Organic quinoa extract (seed) and Oxydendron extract.

Ingredients for REGENERATION : (from left) Organic green banana extract (fruit), Lemon thyme extract (flower), Unsaponifiables of avocado (fruit) and Hop extract (flower).

To the 20 plant extracts rigorously selected by Clarins Research for their targeted performance, are added two further powerful ingredients close to the skin’s own natural components : hyaluronic acid with double molecular weight and phytosphingosine, both obtained by biotechnology.


Target all signs of aging

The efficacy of DOUBLE SERUM® on all the parameters of beautiful, youthful skin was demonstrated by a large-scale testing program involving more than 400 women of all ages and skin types and including 50 Asian women. The results : firmer skin, smoothed wrinkles, restored radiance and even skin tone, less visible pores.

Test was conducted on 50 Asian women and 90% of them judge DOUBLE SERUM® more effective than their usual serum. And 100% satisfaction upon the first application. 98% of them experienced firmer skin while 94% saw a reduction on wrinkles upon 4 weeks of usage. 95% found that DOUBLE SERUM® boosted the effectiveness of their face cream.

Unlike other Clarins products, DOUBLE SERUM® comes with a gold-printed (both sides) elegant hard cover that envelopes the signature Clarins packaging.


DOUBLE SERUM®, packed in a dual-chamber bottle with double pump system, is retailing at S$118 for 30ml.


FREE 7 Days Trial Supply

Keen to try out the DOUBLE SERUM® before purchasing the actual bottle? Now you can with the FREE 7 Days Trial Supply! Simply sign up at Clarins Singapore Facebook Page to receive a 7-day trial supply of Double Serum and a complimentary skin consultation! One trial supply per customer. While stocks last!

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The duo texture is separately packed in each sachet.


Clarins Invites You To Experience The Clarins SkinTime 30

And if you are keen to try out the DOUBLE SERUM® plus other Clarins products at the same time, you may want to experience the Clarins SkinTime 30!

If you have 30 minutes to spare, why not check out the signature Clarins SkinTime 30. This FREE-OF-CHARGE session allows you to test the products on your face in order to see the result before purchasing the products. This will definitely help to avoid spending unnecessary on products that do not work for you. You may receive a free supply of samples customized to your skin after the session. You are not obligated to buy any product on the spot and you can think about it and buy the product that you like in the later part.

In this 30-minute one-to-one session with an assigned beauty specialist, you will :

  • Discover the perfect beauty regime for your skin
  • Learn step by step, how to achieve optimum skincare results and
  • Enjoy a customized trial supply of Clarins products.

Clarins is the only brand in Singapore to do this!

If you are rushing for time, you can also opt for the SkinTime 15 which means a 15-minute session on your forearm to test the products.


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