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Crow’s feet, fine lines around the eye area is the first to show tell-tale sign of aging. Your eyes hold centre stage in your face and are the key to facial beauty. When your eyes succumb to fatigue and lose their radiance, the entire face loses its vibrancy, expressiveness and its youth.

“A youthful-looking eye contour is more open, brighter.”

Recently, I have attended a cosy private Lanc´me event to preview the NEW G©nifique eye serum that offers breakthrough care to illuminate eyes with a 360º treatment and also to peek at the latest FALL Makeup Collection too! Click here to read my recent post on the latest FALL Makeup Collection.

G©nifique, first launched in 2009, is proud to introduce its new innovative eye care addition to its line – G©nifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activator. It will be available at all Lanc´me Beauty Counters from September 2012 onwards, retailing at S$110 for 20ml. For the first time, Lanc´me creates an eye serum combining the science of G©nifique with a high performance pearl-shaped applicator to make eyes appear more open.

The eye contour is a particularly fragile area and is where signs of aging appear early. Equipped with strong expertise in eye contour care, Lanc´me’s Laboratories have now identified up to 10 signs of eye aging such as puffiness, dark circles, loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles. G©nifique Yeux Light-Pearl serum offers eye contour care that does not only target these anti-aging concerns, but provides a global brightening solution to rejuvenate the entire youthfulness of the eye area and, by extension, the face.


G©nifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activator – S$110 / 20ml

G©nifique Revolutionary

For the first time after 10 years’ research, Lanc´me’s Research Laboratories combined two cutting-edge sciences, Genomics and Proteomics, that led to the creation of a futuristic formula. Outstanding markers for genes activity, these proteins determine skin’s density, suppleness and aesthetic qualities. A major scientific breakthrough protected by 7 patents.


The Light-Pearl – A New & Patented Light Applicator

G©nifique Yeux Light-Pearl eye serum revolutionises the eye contour cares thanks to a high performance pearl-shaped applicator that makes eyes appear more open.

This breakthrough eye serum booster is applied with a rotating and massaging applicator that illuminate eyes with a 360º treatment.

Made with medical-grade surgical steel due to its hygienic properties, the Light-Pearl represents the first of a new generation of applicators. Its cool sensation & relaxing massage provide a wave of freshness, a highly relaxing and energising effect. In addition, the applicator boasts the unique feature of a 50º rotation angle, allowing for a high degree of suppleness on application.


A Light & Fresh Formula Infused With Light

G©nifique Yeux Light-Pearl, a creation between G©nifique Yeux serum and the Light-Pearl applicator, has a exceptional light texture that is easily absorbed into the skin and it is fragrance free. Layer this G©nifique eye serum booster with an eye cream to boost skincare’s efficacy.

It is formulated with Caffeine, Escine and an extract of the micro-algae Chlorella Vnlgaris that are said to correct puffiness, dark circles and area of shadow.

I’m rather uncomfortable to spot ‘alcohol denat’ in the ingredient list actually.


Unique Study Protocols

30% women who applied G©nifique Yeux Light-Pearl noticed that their eyes are more open.

Lanc´me has done self-evaluation tests on 49 women, in just 7 days :
Eye contour skin texture is improved : 71%
Eye contour skin seems fresher : 71%
Eye contour skin seems moisturized : 84%

Self-evaluation tests, 4 weeks’ of usage :

On 107 women :
75% of women noticed their under eye bags are visibly faded. The eye contour is smoother, the eyes appear more open and brighter hence visibly youthful-looking eyes.

On 49 women :
The formula was designed for all eyes and it is claimed to be suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens-wearers too. 68% of these users found their eyes are comforted and feel less dry.

On 41 women :
The effects on eye openness : more open looking eyes
20% to 30% of improvement on the wrinkles, coarse texture below the eye and smooth appearance of the upper lid.

Here’s a simple tutorial video to demonstrate the 3-step application technique to illuminate the entire eye area using the G©nifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activator.

First Step Application Technique
360º massaging action for wide-opened eyes : Trace to-and-fro movements above and below the eye.

Second Step Application Technique
To fade dark circles and reduce puffiness : Move across the under-eye area from the inside outwards in small and fast circular strokes.

Third Step Application Technique
To eliminate fine lines and crow’s feet – Rest the pearl on the wrinkle and smooth each of them in to-and-fro movements along their length.

All information on product information and self-evaluation tests results are obtained from the press kit.



G©nifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activator, retailing at S$110 for 20ml, will be available at all Lanc´me Beauty Counters from September 2012 onwards.

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