New SK-II STEMPOWER Series – See Radical Firmness In 10 Days


Ever wonder what is the SK-II product heralded by top industry insiders with 96% of dermatologists wanting to try?

It is nevertheless the widely-anticipated NEW anti-aging product – SK-II STEMPOWER (50g) / (80g) – S$149.00 / S$219.00 - that was recently launched in June 2012. This anti-aging moisturizer, inspired by in-depth epidermal root cell research, is designed to empower women to experience radical firmness in 10 days. It is first exclusively available at Perfumes & Cosmetics stores @ Changi Airport.

If you have read my previous post on the launch of SK-II STEMPOWER, I’ve mentioned that SK-II will soon be extending their latest STEMPOWER Series.

A few weeks ago, I was cordially invited to preview two new additions to the latest anti-aging range – STEMPOWER Rich Cream (S$209 in 50g) and STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation (S$101.00).

The new SK-II STEMPOWER Series will be available at all SK-II counters in Singapore from 15th August 2012.

This exclusive media event named “SK-II First-ever STEMPOWER Laboratory” was held at The Luxe Art Museum.

A cozy reception to welcome guests.

Drinks were served in laboratory tubes and glass beakers.

Upon arrival, I was presented with a locker key and I was told to check out the locker which was actually situated at the reception area. I could find a goodie bag that contains a full size 50ml STEMPOWER and STEMPOWER Rich Cream, a white lab coat and a press kit.

Every guest was required to wear the lab coat provided before proceeding to the 2nd level for the full presentation.

The presentation began with a welcome message by Ellie Xie, CEO for P&G Singapore and Malaysia. Ellie is currently based at P&G Malaysia office.

Followed her was Xianghong, senior scientist as well as the manager of SK-II Global Technical Marketing, who shared with us the “Getting To The Root Of It All”, the source of skin aging and unraveling the significant relationship between epidermal root cells and skin’s radical firmness.

Before I go more in-depth about the benefits of SK-II STEMPOWER Series, let me provide you a general idea on the importance of epidermal root cells, what causes the loss of skin’s radical firmness and how it leads to skin aging.

SK-II deep research into epidermal root cells had led to the discovery that with age, the activity of epidermal root cells declines, causing loss of skin’s radical firmness.

The loss of skin’s radical firmness is one of the root causes for the appearance of multiple skin aging signs such as wrinkles, sagging, loss of radiance, compromised texture, loss of skin elasticity, larger pores, loss of hydration and a sallow complexion.

Epidermal root cells generate new cells that serve as a reservoir for tissue replacement and the maintenance of normal tissue functions. At the root of the skin renewal process and epidermal root cell activity is the production of lift-proteins – a critical factor in maintaining skin’s epidermal structure and plumpness.

With age, skin cell activation declines, leading to the decline in the production of lift-proteins, the loss of skin’s epidermal ‘springy’ structure and the flattening of the skin’s epidermal layer. This is essentially how skin loses its ‘radical firmness’ and is the root cause of multiple skin aging.

Upon Xianghong’s presentation, we next headed to a ‘classroom’ Station called the “The Birth of STEMPOWER” with Dr Taro Yamaguchi (at the background), Scientific Communication Manager for Global SK-II External Relations, giving us insights into how the new ingredient Stem-Acanax is set to help in the skin renewal process in an unprecedented way, improving a radical firmness.

SK-II‘s discovery of Stem-Acanax‘s efficiency (works in synergy with Pitera) was lauded as a breakthrough approach to further anti-aging skincare and with 96% of dermatologists wanting to try the new SK-II STEMPOWER.

The new SK-II STEMPOWER on the right (first exclusively launched at Perfumes & Cosmetics stores @ Changi Airport in June 2012) and the latest SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream (launching 15th August 2012) on the left are both formulated with Stem-Acanax complex. Both are daily moisturizers designed to address multiple skin signs of aging to see radical firmness in 10 days.

Click here to learn more about SK-II STEMPOWER on my previous post.

SK-II STEMPOWER (right) has a lighter texture whilst SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream (left) has a rich yet non-greasy texture.

The new SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream is enriched with a high concentration of the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex and Pitera and has 49% more of skin conditioning ingredients that helps to protect skin from severe environment conditions and skin signs of aging.

Proven through in in-vitro research, not only does the SK-II Stem-Acanax complex, a combination of Stem-Acanax (above) and a high concentration of SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera, help to stimulate epidermal root cell activity to promote the formation of lift-proteins which is critical in improving skin’s epidermal radical firmness, the enriched formula in SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream also helps to deliver a higher hydration level and improves skin with multiple signs of skin aging by creating a higher skin barrier function.

The new SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream actually contains an SK-II exclusive natural soft fragrance, Olive Olive Natural, and it is designed to ensure that foundation can be applied smoothly on top of the cream.

A combined regimen of SK-II STEMPOWER and SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream can help skin to achieve up to twice as much radical firmness.

Drawing the event to a conclusion was “STEMPOWER In Action” Station, where SK-II Beauty Trainer, Niti Songrienchai, shared more on SK-II‘s groundbreaking move to recalibrate the anti-aging benchmark – through its successful development of a first-ever measurement tool, Ageless Vector, to help women measure their skin’s radical firmness.

Ageless Vector is a new skin image analysis parameter which measures the angle of sagging or lack of firmness. By analyzing the length and directionality of fine lines and wrinkles from the upper to lower cheek – the two obvious ‘sagging’ points on the face – the Ageless Vector calculates the skin’s radical firmness, where the larger the angle of fine lines and wrinkles, the greater the decline in skin firmness.

Each degree of change indicates approximately one year’s loss in skin firmness which means a 10 degree improvement is equivalent to improving 10 years of visible firmness.

Magic Ring, the newest skin diagnostic tool exclusively developed by SK-II’s Research & Development Innovation Centre in Kobe Japan, is used to measure individual’s Ageless Vector.

Upon Agelss Vector analysis, a personalized anti-aging skincare regimen will be designed and optimized to meet our skin’s aging needs.

I actually did a Ageless Vector analysis and the result showed that my skin’s radical firmness is pretty good.

Though I’m already 44 this year, I was told I have a skin of age 32. Hooray!! I’m super pleased! The only concern is my skin texture which is pretty dry on the surface.

Upon the event presentation, I headed straight to my final stop (a mini counter) to check out the new SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation (S$101.00).

The new SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation with SPF 20 PA++ is formulated with the new SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex – a combination of Stem-Acanax and a high concentration of SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera – to improve a radically firm and youthful look. It also helps create a lively rosy complexion, thanks to its three blended layers of foundation swirls.

Upon application, SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex improves the “stretch network” on the skin epidermis layer, boosting the skin’s firm and smooth complexion by creating a veil of firmness on it. It is claimed that the new SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation improves skin’s radical firmness look and rosy complexion with just one application.

Chirron Pink Swirl adds a natural rosy hint – Containing chiffon pink pearl pigments, the new chiffon pink layer has been designed to give complexion a natural rosy hint of color to help women achieve a youthful, vibrant look.

The beige swirl boosts hydration and provides added skincare – In addition to coverage feature, the beige layer contains skincare ingredients Niacinamide, which penetrates into skin (epidermis layer) for up to 10 hours, as well as highly concentrated Pitera, for all-day hydration. The Dual Lucent Color Moist together with other coverage pigments adds to a translucent healthy glow on application.

The new SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation will be available in 4 shades – 310 and 330 in pinkish undertone and 420 and 440 in beige undertone.


Availability & Pricing

The new SK-II STEMPOWER Series will be available at all SK-II counters in Singapore from 15th August 2012.

STEMPOWER (50g) / (80g) – S$149.00 / S$219.00

STEMPOWER Rich Cream (50g) – S$209

STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation – S$101.00


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15 Comments on "New SK-II STEMPOWER Series – See Radical Firmness In 10 Days"

  1. I was recently in Singapore and decided to buy the much talked about SK II stemcell with also the liquid essence.

    I’m trying to find where I can purchase these products via the Internet to Australia. I know of one Internet site that sells SK II essence but does not have the stemcell light cream could you please tell me if this product is available for shipping from Singapore to Australia . I don’t want to travel to Singapore every 3-6 months to buy this miracle cream.ther must be a way to purchas online via Singapore. Can you please help.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I believe you are referring to the latest SK-II StemPower and the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

    I’m trying to obtain more information for you and do bear with me for a while and I will try to get back to you soon. :-)

  3. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I’ve managed to get an answer for you and here’s the great news :

    SK-II is pleased to announce that the Stempower & Stempower Rich Cream are now available at both Myer & David Jones nationally in Australia. To find out the nearest retailers, customers can call the SK-II hotline in Australia – 1800 012 169.

  4. Khine says:

    Dear Shirleen,\r\n\r\nI am a silent reader of your blog. I would like to ask you about about my skin problem and suggest me.\r\nI am 31 years old and I have oily/combination skin(oily on nose , a little dry on forehead,normal to cheeks)\r\n dark circle around eyes, visible pore around nose area. I am working in air conditioned room.\r\nI am not fair skin .I want my skin whitening and clear.\r\nMy night skincare routine as follows:\r\nWash->Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam\r\nToner->SK II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion+ SKII Facial Treatment Essence\r\nMoisturizer-> SK II stem Power (I used skin signature for 1 year before, I just started Stem power for one month ago)\r\n\r\nMy day skincare routine as follows: \r\nWash->Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam\r\nToner->SK II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion+ SKII Facial Treatment Essence\r\nFor hydration , I apply Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid\r\nI didn;t use SK II stem Power for day.\r\nAfter that I use Skin 79 Hot pink BB cream.\r\nCan you recommend me which sun screen or sun block and any whitening product I should use?I want to try AQUALABEL product.\r\nAny suggestion ???\r\nKindly advice if my skincare routine is wrong.\r\n\r\nWish you all the best…\r\nHope you reply soon!\r\nThanks & Regards,\r\nKhine

  5. Shirleen says:

    Hi Khine,

    If you want a brighter and clearer skin, you will need to exfoliate your skin frequently. You may want to incorporate a scrub or product that contains AHA or BHA into your regimen. Alternatively, you can also check out the Cellumination Essence EX which helps on skin brightening and hydration.

    For Hada labo, are you using the lotion or the milk?

    Your night regimen seems alright to me. Since you have normal skin that is dry on the forehead and oily on the nose, I will advise you to apply a thin layer of SK-II StemPower for your day regimen too (may skip the nose area in the day). I’m currently using it in the day and it doesn’t feel greasy at all. Prolong dehydration may lead to more skin aging issues later such as fine lines on the forehead.

    I have tested the Aqualabel whitening lotion before however I didn’t get to see any result at all. Learned from peers that their sunscreen is pretty good. I’ve yet to try it. For sunscreen, I’m now using sunscreen from Kiehl’s.

  6. Khine says:

    Dear Shirleen,

    Thanks for your suggestions and quick response!I really appreciate it.
    For Hada labo, I’m using Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion.
    I will follow your advice and will apply a thin layer of SK-II StemPower on days(skip on nose area).I will try Cellumination Essence EX and sunscreen from Kiehl’s and will let you know the result after tested.

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Shirleen says:

    Hi Khine,

    You are welcome! :D

    If you are using Hada Labo SHA Lotion and SK-II FTE on the same regimen, I will suggest you start with SK-II FTE follow by Hada Labo SHA Lotion.

  8. Andy says:

    Hello Shirleen,

    Great to find this website!

    I m 42 this year but has quite a good complexion. I m currently using skin signature and will get a stempower soon. For my age, should I get the regular stempower or the rich version? My skin is quite dry and have some light wrinkles around my eye. I m using skin signature eye cream and wrinkle specialist to address it.

    Thanks for your advice is advance. Cheers..

  9. admin says:

    Hi Andy,

    Since you have dry skin and in your early 40s, I guess StemPower Rich Cream will be more ideal.

  10. Shasha says:

    Hi, shirleen. I’m elergi on certain food which makes my face itchy. Is it okay for me to carry on with my stem power @ sk11 product?

  11. admin says:

    Hi Shasha,

    Have you tested the StemPower yet? If yes, have you encountered any skin irritation so far? Unless your skin is allergic to Pitera, I don’t think there should be a problem to use the StemPower. I have a very sensitive skin and my skin just loves it. :D

  12. Shasha says:

    Dear shirleen, I’ve started applied the Stempower since 5 days ago 2x daily. Should I applied the Stempower like 3x weekly or etc? I’m not sure if I’m elergi to pitera or not. Or maybe I should just carry on using it since I’ve just starting using it.
    I’m not sure if the Stempower or pitera can make my face itchy. Please, I need your advise,,,

  13. Shirleen says:

    Hi Shasha,

    Since you haven’t encounter any skin irritation even after using the StemPower for 5 days, I guess you should continue using it, twice a day.

  14. maha says:

    can i use SK-II product when i am pregnant

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