2 New Additions To Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Range – Defining Eye Lift & Shaping Facial Lift Wrap


Clarins Facial Lift (S$102), the #1 contouring serum, is the first and only serum to promote balanced facial volumes for a perfect V-shaped contour from every angle.

This August 2012, Clarins has extended its best-selling Facial Lift with 2 new pioneer products, specially dedicated to Asian women. Introducing the new Clarins Defining Eye Lift and Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Wrap.

A while ago, I was glad to receive these 2 new products from Clarins Singapore. Can’t wait to try these products soon. :-)


Defining Eye Lift – S$82 / 20ml

The first product to help relieve heavy-looking eyelids, drain and brighten the eye contour.

See brighter, more open eyes in just 4 weeks!

Defining Eye Lift is claimed to help relieve eyelid puffiness and provide an immediate ‘lift’ effect, thanks to a triple lightening, draining and brightening action. It has an oil-free formula that is colorant-free and ophthalmologist tested.

Defining Eye Lift is designed with a patented application method, inspired by Shaping Facial Lift’s Manual Auto-Lifting@ Method.

Defining Eye Lift, for the first time, takes into account 3 causes that affect the natural, expressive beauty of Asian eyes: the effacement of the upper eyelid, slower drainage linked to lifestyle, and an uneven skin tone.

* Clinical evaluation under ophthalmologist supervision carried out on 24 Asian women.

To minimize the natural heaviness of the eyelids, an immediate ‘lift’ effect followed by a targeted lightening action

  • Oat sugars form an invisible, skin-tightening ‘veil’ on the skin’s surface that gently pulls the eyelid up.
  • A combination of caffeine and dextran sulfate enhances the removal of excess lipids and slows down their accumulation again while minimizing the risk of irritation on the eyelid.

A reinforced draining action helps avoid occasional puffiness

  • Dextran sulfate reduces the appearance of ‘puffy’ eyes by stimulating the removal of water which has accumulated in tissues due to a horizontal sleeping position, heat or even stress.
  • Extracts of organic ginkgo biloba and maritime pine help prevent the accumulation of water in skin tissues by boosting microcirculation.

A brightening action promotes a clearer, more even eye contour

  • Alchemilla extract limits the transfer of melanin pigments to cells in the epidermis in order to reduce the natural darkening of the eye contour.
  • Extracts of organic ginkgo biloba and maritime pine have an action on microcirculation to help reduce the appearance of dark circles linked to fatigue.

A clinical evaluation test was done on 30 Asian women and the result has shown that there is a 41.7% reduction of dark circles over a 4 week period (applied morning and evening). 94% have agreed that the eye contour looked brighter and eye area looked more ‘open’.


Shaping Facial Lift Wrap – S$75 / 75ml

Clarins believe that even thin faces can experience a ‘heavy’ look and features that are not well defined. Why does this happen? Excess water in the skin tissue is the reason.

Better than a simple mask, Shaping Facial Lift Wrap is able to help reposition facial features and restores a more refined appearance in just 10 minutes, thanks to its hydrating, brightening and matifying actions.

Inspired by Clarins Beauty Institute expertise, this is a quick way to help reduce a puffy appearance linked to water retention.

Shaping Facial Lift Wrap has a rich, creamy,mousse-like texture that makes application a real treat. It is created with a draining technique to pamper the skin for optimized results.

A double ‘water-reducing’ action helps reduce and prevent puffiness

  • Chinese barley has draining properties and helps remove excess water that has accumulated in tissues.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract helps prevent new puffiness from setting in: by protecting blood capillaries, it limits their permeability, at the origins of water leaks toward skin tissues.

Hydrating, brightening and matifying actions help wake up skin’s radiance and ensure its comfort

  • Christophine extract, a fruit originally from South America, hydrates and softens the skin’s surface.
  • Parsley extract helps regulate melanogenesis thereby brightening the complexion.
  • White clay absorbs impurities and excess oil. It also has an astringent effect which helps tighten pores.

“Wraps The Face” Application Method

Shaping Facial Lift Wrap‘s rich yet lightweight texture smoothes easily onto the lower part of the face where puffiness tends to accumulate. Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing well with cold water.

Carried out during the last few minutes of application, this draining method further optimize the product’s retracting effect.

(Right Image)

  • Place the left elbow in the palm of the right hand and place the chin in the palm of the hand.
  • Make sure the thumb and index finger are placed under the jaw.
  • Gently shift the head toward the left and ‘wrap’ the left hand over the face’s oval.

(Left Image)

  • Holding the thumb and index finger on the jaw, relax completely the weight of the head in the hand for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this position 4 times on the left side.
  • Then proceed the same way for the right side of the face.

A test was carried on 35 Asian women and the immediate result after application has shown that 97% felt a retracting effect and 91% have less puffy features.


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Watch this video to find out how Asian women (interviewing women in Singapore) define a beautiful face.


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