ALBION Skincare Exclusively Available In Takashimaya Beauty Hall


Japanese women are known for their smooth, healthy and glowing complexion. Generally, most Japanese women tend to appear much younger than their actual age. Thanks to their genes, diet, lifestyle and skincare products they’re using. I have to confess I’m a pretty big fan of Japanese skincare products.

I was recently invited to an exclusive media launch event by Luxasia to be introduced to a new Japanese brand that will be arriving in Singapore soon.


Introducing ALBION

ALBION, founded in 1956, is one of the largest and most prestige cosmetics Japanese brands in Japan. It is claimed to be the most preferred skincare brand among Japanese cosmetic users. It has won numerous awards including “Hall of Fame” for their emulsion, lotion and oil. ALBION is proud to maintain a Top 10 Ranking in Japan department stores.

ALBION carries 4 signature series that range from EXAGE, INFINESSE (not available in Singapore yet), EXCIA and EX-VIE (the highest range). And 2 additional whitening series under EXAGE and EXCIA separately.

ALBION is probably the first in the beauty industry to introduce first whitening product “Milk Lotion White”, which was created in 1965.

ALBION Skincare will be exclusively launching at Takashimaya Beauty Hall from September 2012.


ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential

ALBION is also famously known for its signature toner – Skin Conditioner Essential.

ALBION believes that to achieve a healthy and beautiful skin, our skin metabolism has to run smoothly. Formulated with original ingredient “concentrated Coix lacryma-jobi (Job’s tears) extract”, Skin Conditioner Essential is able to enhance skin’s self-recuperative capacity, restore metabolic rhythm to a normal state, and keep skin in healthy condition.

It’s key ingredient, Job’s tears extract, is grown in the cold region at northern Hokkaido. Clockwise from right : Job’s tears seeds (1), unshelled Job’s tears grain (2) and blasted Job’s tears grain (3).

Action on skin :

  • Corneous cell metabolism regulation (Deeps metabolic rhythm normal)
  • Anti-inflammation (Suppresses inflammation and wards off problems)
  • Whitening (Curbs melanin production)
  • Antioxidant (Eliminates free radicals)
  • Immunoregulation (Restores immune function and puts skin in healthy condition)
  • Moisturization (Enhance moisture retaining ability)

Skin Conditioner Essential Toner is also formulated with horse chestnut extract and witch hazel extract.

How to use Skin Conditioner Essential Toner :

As part of your morning and evening beauty regimen, after washing face and applying milk lotion (above image : EXAGE White Milk for example), pour a generous amount of Skin Conditioner Essential Toner (as above) onto a cotton pad and blend it in over the entire face using a light, patting motion.

ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential Toner comes in 2 sizes for Singapore market : 165 ml at S$82 and 330 ml at S$140.

ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential series also comprises of Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask (S$50) and Skin Conditioner Essential Facial Soap (S$63) which are suitable for sensitive skin too.

So now I’m going to provide you a brief in-depth of the ALBION ranges of products starting from EXAGE.



Range from S$41 to S$99

EXAGE range is considered ALBION‘s entry line that comprises of 13 products, ranging from S$41 to S$99. EXAGE, launched in 1997 and it was improved in 2009, is a moisturizing range that is formulated with its unique “Base Water”.

‘Water’ is our base of skin’s moisture and it is absorbed from the dermis in order to preserve moisture. At EXAGE, it is called “Base Water”. When Base Water wells up like a spring from beneath the skin and continuously circulate, every cell is washed with this ripple of moisture, making the skin more translucent. And this leads to ‘self-moisturizing skin’ that is filled with the ultimate in dewy youthfulness.

EXAGE is formulated with 3-point strengthening approach : Base Water Supply Capacity, Base Water Circulation Capacity and Moisture Retention Capacity.

By proactively making “Base Water” (the origin of moisture) well up and promoting its circulation throughout the epidermis, the skin’s moisture retention capacity will be ensured. A fresh and supple skin can be attained by thoroughly circulated Base Water which contains plenty of nutrients needed to keep a healthy skin.

EXAGE also contains active moisturizing ingredients such as Organic Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract, Acorus Calamus Root Extract, Black Soybean Peptides, Red Wine Yeast Extract and Cholesterol Derivative.

EXAGE Skin Care System

STEP 1 – Cleansing
EXAGE Moist Cleansing Oil 200ml – S$50
EXAGE Emollient Cleansing Cream 170g – S$50
EXAGE Pure Mild Wash 120ml – S$41

STEP 2 – Softening
EXAGE Moisture Milk I * II * III 200g – S$82

STEP 3 – Refining
EXAGE Moist Active Lotion I * II 200g – S$82

STEP 4 – Activating (Serum/Cream)
EXAGE Serum Birth 40ml – S$82
EXAGE Cellular Force Cream 30g – S$99 for 30g

Special Care (To be added or replaced)
EXAGE Skin Chance 90ml – S$82
EXAGE Moist Serum Mist 60ml – S$50


EXAGE White Line

Range from S$41 to S$99

ALBION‘s popular range EXAGE also comes with a whitening series named EXAGE WHITE that is formulated with whitening benefits. EXAGE WHITE comprises of 14 products, ranging from S$41 to S$99, that includes :

EXAGE WHITE White Milk I * II * III 110g – S$82
EXAGE WHITE White Clearness Lotion I * II 200ml – S$82
EXAGE WHITE White Splendid Serum 40ml – S$82
EXAGE WHITE White Cellular Cream 30g – S$99
EXAGE Sebum Control Plus 60ml – S$58
EXAGE WHITE Whitening C Charger 1.0ml x 28 bottles – S$99



Range from S$90 to S$328

One of ALBION‘s core series – EXCIA AL – consists of 12 skincare products, retailing from S$90 to S$328, is created to attain skin with strong “Beautiful Skin Receptivity”. The New EXCIA AL comprises of Skin Care Line and Make Up Line. And under Skin Care Line, there are Renewing Line (which is catered to Autumn/Winter for skin cells to regenerate) and Whitening Line (catered for Spring/Summer).

Beautiful skin receptivity is the power of skin to react with great sensitivity to factors that affect beauty such as hormones, active ingredients, etc. “Skin with strong beautiful skin receptivity” is created when there is grouping of capable cells that can reliably accept and react to information that is good for the skin. What New EXCIA AL focused on, in order to cultivate beauty is the “Beautiful Skin Receptivity”.

EXCIA AL contains active ingredients such as Chloranthus Japonicas Extract (revitalizing agent), Iris Florentina Root Extract (revitalizing agent), Arginine (revitalizing agent), Oyster Extract (skin conditioning agent), Biotin (skin conditioning agent) and Christmas Island Red Seaweed Extract (skin conditioning agent).

EXCIA AL Renewing Line comprises of :

Daily Care
EXCIA AL Circulating Cleansing Cream 150g – S$99
EXCIA AL Circulating Milky Foam 150ml – S$90
EXCIA AL Renewing Rich Milk 200g – S$197
EXCIA AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk 200g – S$197
EXCIA AL Renewing Lotion 200ml – S$197
EXCIA AL Eternal Brilliant Cream 30g – S$328

Special Care
EXCIA AL Repair Eye Cream 15g – S$246
EXCIA AL Future Promise (serum) 10ml x 3 bottles – S$328
EXCIA AL Overfull Mask 14 sheets – S$197

EXCIA AL Future Promise, retaining at S$328 for 3 bottles in 10ml, is a serum that contains concentrated quantities of effective anti-aging ingredients such as Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Cordyceps Sinensis Saccardo Extract and Jujube Extract, for a youthful, firmer skin. To ensure product freshness, this unique serum comes with a freeze-dried powder and essence that are packed separately. Mix both powder and essence before use.


EXCIA White Line

Range from S$90 to S$410

EXCIA White series, comprises of 10 skincare products and are retailing from S$90 to S$410, provides whitening benefits that target pigmentation irregularities and blemishes of the skin to attain a fair and clear complexion.

Formulated with whitening ingredients such as Vitamin C derivative and Kojic acid, EXCIA White also contains Ononis Extract, Artemisia Extract and Citrus Depressa Extract.

Daily Care
EXCIA AL White Clear Softening Cleansing Oil
EXCIA AL Circulating Watery Cleansing Cream 150g – S$99
EXCIA AL Circulating Essence Foam 150ml – S$90
EXCIA AL Whitening Rich Milk 200g – S$197
EXCIA AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk 200g – S$197
EXCIA AL Whitening Lotion 200ml – S$197
EXCIA AL Whitening Crystal Cocktail 40ml – S$246

Special Care
EXCIA AL Bright Up Peeling 100g – S$99
EXCIA AL Whitening Immaculate Essence 1.5ml x 28 pcs – S$410
EXCIA AL Whitening Spots Mask 40g – S$197

ALBION EXCIA AL Whitening Immaculate Essence, retailing at S$410 for 28 vials in 1.5ml, is a medicated intensive serum to help eliminate spots for a clear, translucent-looking skin.



Range from S$197 to S$982

ALBION‘s most prestige range – EX-VIE – comprises of 6 skincare products, ranging from S$197 to S$982. It is claimed to promote skin regeneration, revitalize intracellular respiration and restore skin due to female hormonal imbalance. EX-VIE, an anti-aging range, is targeted to women (mainly 40s and above) who want to maintain a youthful-looking skin. It is designed to help reduce the signs of aging such as chronic dryness, tiny wrinkles, sagging, dullness and rough skin.

The balance of female hormones tends to fall into disarray due to aging. By restoring it to an ideal state, EX-VIE helps skin recover its original function. As a result, the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the dermis is promoted, and skin is restored to a firm, radiant, smooth condition.

In order to restore the balance of female hormones to an ideal state and revitalize intracellular respiration :

  • The formula supplies an ingredient that acts int he same way as female hormones
  • It boosts the receptivity of hormone receptors in the cell membranes
  • EX-VIE activates the cell membrane function and restores a condition in which the aspiration of oxygen and nutrient matter and the elimination of carbon dioxide and waste matter can be performed smoothly
  • It supplies the energy ingredients required for cells’ respiration activity
  • It stimulates the activity of mitochondria

EX-VIE is formulated with Pueraria Lobata Root Extract, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract and Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract.

EX-VIE Milk – 200ml @ S$295 and 120ml @ S$197
EX-VIE Lotion – 200ml @ S$295 and 120ml @ S$197
EX-VIE Serum Synaptic 40ml – S$819
EX-VIE The Cream 36g – S$982

ALBION EX-VIE The Cream, ALBION‘s most expensive skincare product, is retailing at S$982 in 36g.

ALBION EX-VIE The Cream is claimed to give skin a firm and resilient feel and a brilliant and fresh appearance from the very moment of application.

ALBION EX-VIE The Cream’s product claims :

  • Provides the ideal conditions for DNA repair of quiescent cells, dramatically enhancing their activity level and ensuring a high ratio of activated cells within the skin
  • Revives cells that have stopped functioning due to age and stimulates smooth cell divisions and protein synthesis to revitalize the skin
  • Regulates the balance of female hormones, it helps the skin recover its inherent functions
  • Creates optimum conditions for biosynthesis of all components necessary for skin metabolism


Upon the event, I was presented with a goodie bag that contains a full size 140ml Skin Conditioner Essential, a full size EXCIA Whitening Rich Milk and a silver pouch with EXCIA trial pack set. I can’t wait to try out the Skin Conditioner and I may consider doing a review on that soon.

Have you tried any of the ALBION products before? How do you find the products? Do you like it? Love to hear from you too! :-)

ALBION Skincare will be exclusively available in Takashimaya Beauty Hall from September 2012.


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25 Comments on "ALBION Skincare Exclusively Available In Takashimaya Beauty Hall"

  1. Glenn Wong says:

    Hello Shirleen,

    Just read your review on Albion,
    Love it and they are finally in Singapore,
    The First time I’ve have gotten it is from Japan, subsequently in Taiwan.

    I’m very much a whitening person, so i prefer proucts thats are formulated with whitening benefits.

    One interesting step about Albion is their milk lotion, and since you have Excia Whitening Rich Milk, (I’m using Infinesse White), you should try using using Albion Skin Conditioner as a DIY Mask after the Excia Milk,
    Just gave you a link on my review of the DIY Mask.

    Hope you enjoy your Albion products :)


  2. TW says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Thank you for this post. I do buy Japanese magazines and have seen the Skin Conditioner Essential featured countless time in the mags.

    Have you noticed an Astalift (skincare by Fujifilm) shop on the second floor of Centrepoint?

    If you ever have the opportunity, I would appreciate hearing your views of the Astalift Lotion as compared to the Albion Skin Conditioner Essential.


  3. Shirleen says:

    Hi TW,

    I’ve yet to try any products from Astalift. I didn’t notice there’s an Astalift shop at Centrepoint, thanks for letting us know.

    I’m afraid it’s hard for me to make a comparison as Albion Skin Conditioner Essential is meant to be applied right after any Albion Lotions.

    Albion regimen is :
    Lotion >> Conditioner >> Serum >> Moisturizer

  4. TW says:

    Hi Shireen,

    Ok and thanks.

    I bought a beginner’s set from Astalist and got a few satchets of their star product, the jelly, to try.

    Thought the Lotion was quite good, in case you are interested.


  5. Shirleen says:

    Hi TW,

    Thanks for the feedback, will probably check out their products one day. :-)

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Could I ask – Which of the Exage skin care system is meant to be used as the moisturizer? I have the moist cleansing oil and the skin conditioner and they are working well to reduce spots on my face and heal pimples :)

  7. Shirleen says:

    Hi Amanda,

    The moisturizer under Exage skin care system is cellular force cream. I was told that serum birth can also be used as a moisturizer too.

  8. Chua MeiKang says:

    I bought the bright up peeling. I am not sure how to use it. Do i use it dry on my face or mix with water as other cleansing foam. Pls give me d instruction to use in English. Thz.

  9. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mei Kang,

    How to use on Bright Up Peeling :

    Take an amount about the size of a cherry size (about 3g) onto the palm of the hand and apply it on a wet face. Massage and rub in across the entire face. Rinse off with cold or lukewarm water.

    Avoid eyelids and eye area.

  10. Ivy Tan says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    I am 37 and my skin condition changed lately. It became dry. Any recommendation for night cream for price range 100 to 120? Thank you.

  11. Shirleen says:

    Hi Ivy,

    Can’t think of any moisturizer within the price range of 100 to 120, however you may want to check out Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture @ S$142 or Belif The True Cream-Aqua Bomb which I believe is less than $100. Both are great moisturizers for dry skin.

  12. Melissa says:

    Interested in Albion but don know it works on very sensitive skin? If yes, which range? My skin is very dry on surface but oily from inside tat cause pimples/ acne if I have used something that dry up my skin. My skin is very dry to sensitive wth pimples/acne. Can I use Albion skin conditioner essential?
    Thank you

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Melissa,

      I reckon EXAGE Line may be suitable for your skin type. I do not have the ingredient lists on this range, do ensure the harmful ingredients such as “Alcohol Denat” and “fragrance/perfum” are not listed on the first 10 ingredients. These 2 are a no-no for dry and sensitive skin. Albion Skin Conditioner Essential Toner may be one of the ideal choices if you want to try out Albion products. I guess it will help to improve your skin moisture in a way. You may want to add on a moisturizer of your choice (probably from EXAGE line) upon it.

      It will be good if you can incorporate a hydrating mask or a hydrating serum to further boost your skin hydration. Your pimples/acne and sensitive skin issues will reduce if your skin is properly hydrated. Not too sure if Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask or EXAGE Moist Serum Mist will able to improve your skin dryness. You may want to check with the sales assistant on which products will be more ideal for you.

  13. Nancy says:

    Hi! I have been using Albion nearly a year (M’sia) introduced to me in the beauty saloon. Recently they’ve changed to other product cos according to them their supply can’t procured anymore. Where can I get them in Malaysia? I am using the exage n in finesse range. Please help!

  14. sherene says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Do you know where to get Albion in Korea?

    Your help is much much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  15. ang says:

    Where can I buy Albion products in Malaysia?
    Can Singapore dealer sell Albion Products in Malaysia?

  16. rose says:

    Ladies try albion chiffon moisture powder foundation,,it is so great, you will love it

  17. Yulia says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    It is always a pleasure to read your blog. I have been using Albion Excia Whitening line for a month. My skin is annoying sensitive combination type. I tried different brands like shiseido and sofina, even dior and the history of whoo. Albion is now so far the only brand which is able to comfort my skin and maintain a good balance. Amazingly, my spots started disappearing.. Thanks a lot for introducing this fabulous brand.

  18. Melissa says:

    I do not have much skin concern other than alittle dry on cheeks area and wanting to achieve the radiance look. Which line do you recommend to try, the exage or excia line? I was looking at the excia whitening line but am concern if it’s too early to start on that line (I’m turning 28 this year). Thanks!

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Melissa,

      I guess the exage line should work fine on your skin type. It’s never too late to start using the whitening range at 28.

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