Clarins Launched 3 “Alcohol-Free” Toning Lotions To Suit Different Skin Combinations


A few weeks ago, I was extremely delighted to receive 3 bottles of “ALCOHOL-FREE” Toning Lotions from Clarins Singapore. I couldn’t hold back my excitement when I realized the lotions are all alcohol-free.

Alcohol and fragrance are a NO-NO for me when it comes to skin care. Many of you may not aware that skincare products contain bad alcohol can actually cause free radicals damage and dry up the skin. And alcohol can irritate and aggravate skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema, sensitive or dry skin.


Clarins Toning Lotion – S$43 / 200 ml

In April 2012, Clarins Singapore has proudly launched 3 new “ALCOHOL-FREE” Toning Lotions which are sold every minute across the world.

The 3 flavors – Camomile, Iris and Aloe Vera – are specially designed to suit different skin types.

Alcohol-free and rich in plant extracts, emollient and instantly moisturizing, these Toning Lotions are adapted to every skin type and an essential step in every beauty routine. I can’t leave without a lotion and it is an important step in my night regimen as it provides the second step of cleansing. It is the first step to my totally cleansed skin. It not only freshens up my skin but it also removes the dirt that the cleanser missed. The mechanical rubbing with the toner-soaked cotton pad actually takes off unremoved makeup residue from my skin.

As cleansing is an essential step for beautiful skin, however by removing surface impurities, it also helps remove some of skin’s beneficial flora. That is why I only limit myself to only wash my face not more than twice per day.

This flora, known as “saprophytic” flora, is composed of millions of microorganisms that help maintain the balance of the hydrolipidic film and fight harmful germs responsible for skin imbalance and imperfections. In symbiosis with the corneal layer of the epidermis, this flora forms an ecosystem that acts as the skin’s first line of defense against external aggressions.

Knowing this, Clarins developed these 3 lotions to help restore the balance of the skin’s ecosystem. Depending on the formula (specific plant extracts and vitamins) to adapt to every skin type, their high content of active ingredients effectively purify, soothe or soften skin. Combined with rebalancing Bio-Ecolia, they also immediately rehydrate the skin. In addition, they also ensure optimal absorption of other skin care products afterwards.

Clarins has done a test and the result has demonstrated hydration of the skin surface of over 200% just 2 minutes after application of the Clarins Toning Lotion.


Toning Lotion with Iris

For combination or oily skin

Product claim : This highly refreshing alcohol-free skin care lotion purifies, hydrates and tones to leave skin perfectly clean, and prepares it for skin care products applied afterwards.

  • Iris extract purifies and improves the appearance of problem skin.
  • Witch hazel extract tightens pores and refines skin texture.
  • Aloe extract hydrates and soothes.
  • Bio-Ecolia contributes to balanced skin flora.

It contains a handful of potent emollients, exfoliant and antioxidants, however it also contains fragrance ingredients that may cause minor irritation.


Toning Lotion with Camomile

For normal or dry skin

Product claim : Refreshing and gentle, this alcohol-free skin care lotion restores the skin’s suppleness and velvety feel. Its hydrating and toning action prepares skin for products applied afterwards.

  • Camomile and linden extracts provide an enhanced softening action.
  • Derivatives of vitamin A and vitamin B5 regenerate the skin surface and hydrate.
  • A derivative of vitamin E protects against free radicals.
  • Bio-Ecolia contributes to balanced skin flora.

It contains a couple of potent emollients, exfoliant and antioxidants. Alike to Toning Lotion with Iris, this Camomile Lotion also contains fragrance ingredient in it.


Toning Lotion with Aloe Vera

For dry or sensitized skin

Product claim : This very gentle, alcohol-free skin care lotion with a light gel texture meets all the needs of sensitized skin. It soothes and hydrates to restore total skin comfort and prepare the skin for products applied afterwards.

  • Extracts of linden, marsh mallow and sweet almond act in synergy to comfort and soften the skin.
  • Aloe extract hydrates and soothes.
  • Bio-Ecolia contributes to balanced skin flora.

It contains a couple of potent emollients, exfoliant and antioxidants but I’m a little disappointed to spot fragrance ingredients on the list. But anyway, since I’m having dry and sensitized skin, I’m thinking to give this lotion a try.


Clarins application technique

1. After make-up removal and cleansing the face: dispense a little Lotion in the hands. Then apply with light pressing motions on the forehead and moving the hands towards the temples.

2. Repeat these movements from the middle of the face towards the ears.

3. Finish by applying the Lotion using the flat of the hand, with a light pressing motion, on one side of the neck and then the other, where the lymphatic glands are located.


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