Biotherm PURE-FECT SKIN – Anti-Shine, Anti-Pore & Anti-Imperfection Skincare


Recently, I was invited to attend a Biotherm event to preview their latest anti-imperfection skin care range – PURE-FECT SKIN.

It comprises of 4 products – Purefect Purifying & Anti-Bacterial Foaming Gel, Purefect Matifying & Anti-Bacterial Toner, Purefect Anti-Imperfection Anti-Shine Pure Skin Gel and Purefect Targeted Anti-Irregularity Solution.

It was held at the newly opened Biotherm boutique at #B1-56 Ngee Ann City @ Orchard Road.

It is actually the first Biotherm boutique in Singapore.



Anti-Shine, Anti-Pore & Anti-Imperfection

PURE-FECT SKIN, launched in May 2012, is the perfect skin care range for anti-shine, anti-pore and anti-imperfection.

It is a popular myth that skin imperfections such as oily skin, enlarged pores and blemishes are only exclusively for teenagers. But recent study has shown that while hormones are the main culprit of adolescent breakouts, the skin irritations suffered in adulthood, sometimes up to the age of 40.

Skin imperfections are often known to be triggered by excessive sebum production but new scientific studies have shown that water and bacteria are also the causes for the skin imperfections too. The excess sebum, together with water from humidity in the air or sweat secretion, forms a layer on the skin that can favor one particular bacterium known as proliferates p.acnes, which is the main cause of skin imperfections.

In 2012, Biotherm delivered a global anti-imperfection skincare solution that takes into account this crucial new understanding : imperfections are no longer a skin type matter and extend well beyond adolescence and into adulthood. It is due to lifestyle factors such as stress and unbalanced diet combined with environmental conditions such as humidity, heat and air pollution, which can upset the balance of our skin.

Introducing PURE-FECT SKIN, the first global anti-imperfection solution by Biotherm to target and reduce early and late-onset skin irregularities, via a triple action formula, anti-shine, anti-visible pores, anti-imperfections.

PURE-FECT SKIN is claimed to have these benefits :

  • ANTI-SHINE : 8-hour shine control
  • ANTI-PORE : Visibly tightened for 80% of women
  • ANTI-IMPERFECTION : Imperfections reduced clinically proven
  • MOISTURIZING EFFECT : 24-hour hydration

PURE-FECT SKIN taps the powerful anti-bacterial properties of Laminaria Digitata Extract associated to sebum-regulating zinc. Anti-shine Perlite Extract completes the skin-perfecting active ingredients that is claimed to help absorb sweat or water up to 5 times more than talc.

So what is Laminaria Digitata Extract? This key ingredient is an anti-bacterial by nature that under the aggressive conditions surrounding marine bacteria, this algae has the power to detect and eliminate bacteria by secreting its own oxygenated water, a substance with naturally antibacterial properties.

A combination of Laminaria Digitata Extract and Zinc is claimed to help target and reduce P.acnes; and limit the intrinsic production of sebum.

Do you know that…

  • while imperfections form in the T-zone during teenage years, in adulthood they tend to form in a U-zone?
  • polluting free radicals lead to oxidation, which makes the skin become uncomfortable and shiny?
  • stress may increase sebum production and sweat, leading to skin shininess?
  • there’s a correlation between the occurrence of acne and dairy-rich, high sugary diets and spicy food?


Anti-shine Purifying Cleansing Gel – S$42

A transparent light gel texture that instantly transforms into a white-colored foam upon application.

Fortunately, this cleanser is free of alcohol.


Micro-exfoliating Purifying Toner – S$42

A fresh light liquid that gently removes the last traces of impurities.

This toner actually contains alcohol denat (2nd ingredient) that I’m afraid may dry up my skin.


Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel – S$49

A lightweight moisturizer with mattifying powder that is suitable for combination to oily skin. It is claimed to control shine for 8 hour.

This moisturizer also contains alcohol denat (3rd ingredient) that may dry up my skin.


Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution – S$39

A transparent gel which targets imperfections during breakouts. Use locally to purify skin quickly.


Having trouble with oily and imperfection skin? Interested to try out Purefect Skin products too?

Well Biotherm is giving away complimentary Purefect Skin trial packs to all my readers. Simply visit the new Biotherm counter at Ngee Ann City, Tower B, B1-56 for a personalizd oil and shine test and you will receive a complimentary trial of Purefect Skin 123!

Biotherm has not forgotten the guys too! For my male readers, you will also be able to receive a complimentary trial of Biotherm Homme’s new TRUR 123 upon a personalized oil and shine test too!


5 sets of Biotherm Purefect Skin Hamper worth more than $240 to be won!

Love to win Biotherm products? Well, here’s your great chance and be one of the 5 lucky winners to win a Biotherm Purefect Skin Hampers worth more than $240!

How to win : Visit and take part in the Purefect Skin Challenge! All you need is to beat the clock and be free of dirt, impurities and imperfections! The 5 fastest players will win! Good luck!

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