Previewed The New La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night & Swiss Cellular Intensive Illuminating Mask


Two Saturdays ago, I have attended my very first La Prairie event to preview the latest breakthrough night-time treatment and the new whitening sheet mask. It was a nice private and cozy event, held at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, and only 6 beauty bloggers were invited.

So before I begin to share more about the products, do you know our skin cells perform different functions between day and night? Well in the day, our skin prioritize its protective functions acting against UV rays, pollution and stress. And while we sleep, our skin prioritize skin cell renewal and perform skin repair function. Hence the best time to rejuvenate our skin is at night. It is also the best time to deliver high concentrated nutrition into the skin while our body is at rest.


Introduction the NEW La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night – S$780 / 40ml

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night, recently launched in end February 2012, is specially designed with a unique delivery system that make a never-before combination of Retinol and Oxygen to the exceptional skin-renewal energy of Cellular Power Infusion. It is also designed to take advantage of the “recovery mode” your skin assumes while your body is asleep.

Cellular Power Charge Night builds on the 3-dimensional action of Cellular Power Infusion – boosting the skin’s energy supply, improving cellular communication, and supporting the structural rebuilding of skin tissue – with the mutually optimizing additions of Activated Retinol and a proprietary Oxygen Accelerator.

Retinol & Oxygen : 2 keys to nighttime skin renewal

Retinol, also known as non-prescription Vitamin A, is a potent antioxidant and it is also considered a wrinkle fighter and collagen booster. It is proven to increase cell turnover for a firmer, younger-looking skin. It can also helps minimize pores and dark spots. Cellular Power Charge Night is formulated with microencapsulated time-release Activated Retinol that is easily absorbed by the skin without any irritation and dryness.

Oxygen Accelerator, which employs the oxygen transfer agent Perfluorodecalin (PFD), reverses oxygen deprivation, a prime contributor to age-related lines and wrinkles and reduce skin vitality. Do you know our oxygen level actually drops by 50% when we reach 40s? By supplying an optimum level of this vital element, it intensifies the cell turnover process stimulated by Retinol. It might be said to bring a surge of “fresh air” to oxygen depleted skin cells, a fact of daily life in our modern polluted environment.

Retinol together with a uniquely energizing oxygen support system strengthen the skin’s natural renewal functions, enabling you to awaken to revitalized, smoother, younger-looking skin.

As many age-inhibiting ingredients are too potent to be combined – traditionally Retinol cannot be mixed with oxygen – La Prairie developed a revolutionary dual-stream delivery system that permits the highest potency of each ingredient to be kept separate until the moment of application. The bottle holds 2 separate chambers : one containing smooth, white, microencapsulated Retinol cream, the other, a silken blue oxygen power gel.

Gently blend them together with your fingertips and apply to whole face and neck.

In addition to Activated Retinol and Oxygen Accelerator, Cellular Power Charge Night is also enriched with Skin Renewal Peptides and Phyto Stem Cell Extract to help maintain the natural epidermal stem cell function. Swiss Snow Algae increases the cell’s longevity and counteracts UV stress and Tissue Guidance Matrix promotes the renewal of skin tissue.

Due to the high potency of Retinol and its reaction to sunlight, it can only be used to full effect at night. As Retinol’s efficacy is best when applied directly to the skin, no other treatment product should precede application. Cellular Power Charge Night is used every night, after cleansing on a clean skin, with no other product between the skin and the formula except your usual night moisturizer.


Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask

S$318 per box / 6 sachets (6 upper & 6 lower parts)

Upon the introduction of Cellular Power Charge Night, we were introduced to second newly launched La Prairie product which is the La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask.

Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask, recently launched in end March 2012, is a new and important complementary addition to La Prairie’s Swiss Cellular White Collection.

This 2-phase infusion mask, comes in 2 separate parts (upper and lower portions), is specially designed to help brighten and lighten the skin by going right to the origins of skin darkening and uneven tone with the combined action of advanced ingredients :

  • concentrated Ascorbyl Glucoside Vitamin C at its best for skin’s fairest complexion. It reduces pigmentation, even up skin tone and boost collagen production.
  • a powerful antioxidant obtained from Garden Cress Sprout Extract
  • Oligopeptide-68, a new encapsulated peptide that inhibits melanin production
  • Ozone Protection Complex which converts stress-inducing ozone into beneficial oxygen

In addition to brightening and lightening benefits, it also helps to calm and relax the skin and saturate it with moisture and revitalizing nutrients. Thanks to a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and an extract of highly nutritious Wattleseed that build up and maintain moisture in the skin. Water Hyssop, an “anti-stress” herb, with Aloe Vera help calm skin, reduce irritation and protect the skin against free radicals. Soybean Seed Extract protects against loss of energy in the skin whilst La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex stimulates the natural renewal process. La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, patented by La Prairie, contains more than 100 ingredients that include ginseng.

How to apply : Step 1, after cleansing and toning, apply lower mask to the chin area. Step 2, apply upper mask to the forehead area and contours of your brow bone. Make sure that the upper mask overlaps the lower mask. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes before removing. Gently massage remaining essence into skin, then continue with your normal regimen.

Each mask may NOT be used more than once. It is recommended to be used weekly or as needed up to 3 times a week.

Upon the event, each blogger received a Cellular Power Charge Night in trial size (5ml) and a sachet of the Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask.



Both La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night and La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask are now available at all La Prairie counters at :

Takashimaya Department Store Level 1 Tel: 67380575 – TANGS Orchard, TANGS Beauty Hall Tel: 6836 6380 – Robinsons The Centrepoint Level 1 Tel: 6235 0903 – Metro Paragon Level 2 Tel: 6235 5087


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