NEW Leaders Clinic Snail Collagen Filler 2-Step Mask & Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream


A few weeks ago, I was pleased to receive a parcel with newly launched Leaders Clinic products from Serenity Allure. There are 4 packs of Leaders Clinic Snail Collagen Filler 2-Step Masks, a Leaders Clinic Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream and a large passport case.

Are you familiar with this Korean brand Leaders Clinic? It is a leading clinical skincare brand that is developed by the top clinical experts in Korea. Their mask is one of the hottest selling clinical masks in Korea and it sells over 500,000 pieces in Korea each month. Their skincare line is also well-received by many Korean celebrities too.


Leaders Clinic Snail Collagen Filler 2-Step Mask – S$75 / a box (10 pieces)

Available at Sephora ION & Sephora MBS

Upon opening the parcel, what first caught my attention is the product name of the Snail Collagen Filler 2-Step Mask. Wow! Snail, collagen, filler, 2-step mask? The product name sounds tempting!

In the recent years, beauty products that are formulated with snail properties have been increasingly popular in Korea. It is claimed to have anti-aging benefits. To me, collagen and filler have the same benefits as they are usually made up of hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to help plump up fine lines and wrinkles. This is solely based on my own assumption anyway as there isn’t any ingredient list printed in English at the back of the packaging to identify on what are the ingredients that actually contain in it.

This Leaders Clinic Snail Collagen Filler Mask is a unique 2-step mask which is very new to me, can’t wait to try it actually!

The mask pack is designed in 2 separate sealed portions with Step 1 at the top corner and Step 2 in the bottom section.

After facial wash, I apply the gel-like ‘Mask Base Ampoule’ from the Step 1 portion evenly on my whole face. I then gently wrap my face with both hands to help the product absorbs into the skin.

After which, I remove the ultra wet mask from the pack and unfold it before placing it on my face.

The sheet mask is extremely thin and it fits perfectly on my face. I actually love the paper texture that appears almost transparent on my skin. This sheet mask contains plentiful of essence which has a slightly watery gel-like non-sticky texture.

I remove the sheet mask after having it on for 15 minutes. As my skin still feels ultra wet upon removal, I then gently pat my skin till it becomes semi dry. My skin feels soft, smooth and hydrate.

At the back of the mask pack, it has recommended to use the mask twice a week for continuously 4 weeks to see result.


Leaders Clinic Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ – S$34.95 / 60ml

Available at Guardian & BHG Bugis (mid of Feb)

This Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream is formulated with SPF 50 and PA+++ that help provide sufficient protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is claimed to be suitable for sensitive skin and even for children too. It is not only a sunscreen but also a makeup base too.

I’m pretty amazed that this Sun Cream contains 2 good sunscreen ingredients Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. Wonder if Zinc Oxide is in nano-particle size? Hope not!

This waterproof Sun Cream is formulated with a slightly tinted shade that helps give a light coverage to wear on its own or under my usual makeup. Don’t forget it can be used as a makeup base too.

I actually like this Sun Cream pretty much due to 3 factors :

  1. SPF50 with PA+++ that provides a high protection against harmful UVA and UVB sun exposure
  2. Its slightly tinted shade helps give a light coverage and even up my skin tone without feeling heaviness. And I can actually skip wearing any foundation after it. I extremely love sunscreen with tinted shade.
  3. It feels super light on my skin without much greasy feeling.

I’m glad I was introduced to these products! Have you tried any of these products? If yes, do you like it, do share with us. ;-)


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