Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched 2 New Additions – Whitening Velvet Emulsion & Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF 20


In January 2011, Clarins has launched 3 amazing White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched products and now a year later in January 2012, Clarins is once again proud to extend 2 new additions to its White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched range.

Introducing the new Whitening Velvet Emulsion and Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF 20.

Two weeks ago, I was one of the first few to preview these 2 newest White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Emulsions at Clarins Skin Spa @ Wheelock. These 2 latest additions will be launched at all Clarins counters in January 2012.

The 3 recent products that were launched early this year are Whitening Repairing Night Cream, Brightening Exfoliator and Brightening Peel. Click here to read my previous post on the introduction on these 3 whitening products and click here to read the reviews on these 3 products.


Whitening Velvet Emulsion – S$92

Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF 20 – S$100

Both in 75ml

These 2 newest whitening emulsions, one with SPF and one without, are formulated for individual needs. Enriched with active potent ingredients such as Sea Lily Extract and Alchemilla Extract, both emulsions provide high protection against hyper-pigmentation and ensure even brighter, more beautiful and comfortable skin.

Whitening Velvet Emulsion with SPF 20, specially formulated for day use, is enriched with meadowsweet extract that protects against shine due to the heat, facilitates makeup application and prolongs its hold. UV filters and white tea extract helps protect the skin against harmful environment factors and the sun exposure that is a major cause of skin aging. As it is a moisturizer with sunscreen, you may actually skip applying a sunscreen and hence your skin will feel less greasy.

Whitening Velvet Emulsion has an ultra lightweight soft and smooth texture that is suitable to be used in the day and night. For day use, you will require to wear a sunscreen after this moisturizer. In fact, Whitening Velvet Emulsion with SPF 20 has similar texture too. The incredibly soft texture leaves an exceptional velvety finish on the skin. Love the refreshing natural botanical scent of both emulsions.


Active Ingredients

Active ingredients such as Sea Lily Extract and Alchemilla Extract, are capable to slow the extension of dendrites and transfer of melanin pigments. This is how the “arms” of melanocytes look like, the palm represents melanocytes and the fingers represents dendrite.

Sea Lily Extract, a flower with exceptional whitening properties, controls the extension of dendrites, the ‘arms’ of melanocytes which deliver melanin to cells in the epidermis.

Alchemilla Extract slows the excessive transfer of melanin to the epidermis.

The combination of raspberry extract, ascorbyl-2-glucoside (a highly stable vitamin C derivative) and biotin (vitamin B8) slows the synthesis of melanin.

In addition to controlling the extension of dendrites, these 2 whitening emulsions also contain ingredients such as alchemilla, raspberry and parsley that help stimulate circulation and enhance natural drainage action by increasing the resistance of blood capillaries.

Above ingredient list for Whitening Velvet Emulsion with SPF 20.

Above ingredient list for Whitening Velvet Emulsion.


SkinTime 30 Session

During the event, we were given a chance to experience the Clarins SkinTime 30 session. It’s been a while since I last did it. White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched products used during the SkinTime 30 include Whitening Pure Aqua Lotion, Whitening Intensive Clear Mask, Whitening Smoothing Serum, Gentle Brightening Exfoliator, Brightening Peel and not forgetting the new Whitening Velvet Emulsion.

I actually like this Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser a lot. It’s super gentle and yet it removes all dirt and makeup effectively.

In order to see the result later, we applied all products (including this White Plus Intensive Clear Mask) only on half of our face.

During the session, I was introduced to a couple of great products such as this Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil for Dehydrated Skin. This Treatment Oil is 100% pure plant extract with no preservatives. So tempted to buy it to treat my dehydrated skin actually. In fact for a better absorption, it is recommended to apply it over a toner (especially while the skin is still wet with toner). I did a test on both hands and realized that the oil actually absorbs easily into the skin on my right hand (with toner) and it doesn’t feel greasy at all whilst my left hand (without toner) feels rather greasy.

After SkinTime 30, the right side on my face appears slightly smoother, moisture and glowing.


Clarins Invites You To Experience The Clarins SkinTime 30

If you have 30 minutes to spare, why not check out the signature Clarins SkinTime 30. This FREE-OF-CHARGE session allows you to test the products on your face in order to see the result before purchasing the products. This will definitely help to avoid spending unnecessary on products that do not work for you. You may receive a free supply of samples customized to your skin after the session. You are not obligated to buy any product on the spot and you can think about it and buy the product that you like in the later part.

In this 30-minute one-to-one session with an assigned beauty specialist, you will :

  • Discover the perfect beauty regime for your skin
  • Learn step by step, how to achieve optimum skincare results and
  • Enjoy a customized trial supply of Clarins products.

Clarins is the only brand in Singapore to do this!

If you are rushing for time, you can also opt for the SkinTime 15 which means a 15-minute session on your forearm to test the products.


For an appointment, it is best to register via online at :

Register Your SkinTime Now


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