Dermalogica Launches Newly Reformulated Concealing Spot Treatment that Treats & Conceals


Dermalogica® has launched the updated and reformulated Concealing Spot Treatment, an effective alternative to products containing Benzoyl Peroxide.

The original formulation, a sulfur suspension packaged with a glass bottle-dropper, has been modified to better suit customer needs. The creamier, more highly concentrated product has been redesigned for easier application and a consistently flawless finish.

First launched as part of the Dermalogica’s MediBac Clearing segment created to target ubiquitous adult acne, the new formula treats skin conditions that may trigger comedones (pimples or blemishes), and camouflages the spot with a neutral Iron Oxide tint.

The primary actives of this product – a blend of Sulfur, Niacinamide, Zinc Gluconate, Salicylic Acid, Yeast Extract, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Bark, Caffeine and Biotin – arrest bacterial activity “on the spot.” The newly added ingredient is hydrolyzed Ceratonia Siliqua, or Carob Seed Extract, a legume which has been a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean health care staple for 5,000 years.

Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment – $55/10ml

The Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment is currently available at all AsterSpring Centres and Dermalogica-authorised skin care centres. For locations, visit


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One Comment on "Dermalogica Launches Newly Reformulated Concealing Spot Treatment that Treats & Conceals"

  1. Karen Clarke says:

    I have this new cream and I dont like it as much as the old lotion, its too dark and doesnt conceal as well I wish they had continued the old product aswell

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