NEW Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Launch Event


Do you know water is not only essential to our body but also to the skin too? It plays an important role for a youthful-looking skin. “Water is our first defense against aging” claims Dr Howard Murad, the founder of Murad Skincare.

When our skin turns oily or appears dull-looking, that might be a warning sign that our skin is craving for moisture. In addition, dehydration will slow down skin metabolism, increase sensitivity and cause lines and wrinkles too.

Hence it is very important to maintain a proper and consistent skin hydration for as long as we can. So how can we nourish our skin with a long-lasting moisture? Well read on to find out more…..

2 weeks ago, I was delighted to attend my first Murad event at Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery to preview the NEW Murad’s richest and most thirst-quenching moisturizer ever.

There are 12 beauty bloggers invited for this private Murad Holistic Inclusive Event.

A healthy meal was served to incorporate the holistic internal health. The drink (top left image) is not a Martini but an aromatic tea with lychee.

A Murad’s International Trainer from US shared with us the importance of a hydrating skin, the structure of a healthy cell, the goodness of the newly launched moisturizer plus the holistic internal health approach.


Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture – S$142 / 50ml

Introducing Murad’s richest, most thirst-quenching moisturizer yet – the Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture. This ultra rich formula is specially created to help combat aging and instantly relieves dryness and dehydration in mature skin while providing lasting moisture to restore youthful resilience and tone.

Dr Howard Murad, the founder of the market’s first doctor skincare line, has championed The Science of Cellular Water for years, a comprehensive approach towards achieving beautiful, youthful skin based on improving and maintaining the ability of skin cells to hold water.

Through his research, Dr Murad has shown that the better hydrated cells are, the better they can defend against internal and external aggressors that contribute to skin aging.

This intensely hydrating anti-aging cream, for mature or very dry skin, effectively delivers instant and long-term relief for dry, mature skin by locking in optimal moisture for 8 hours. It also helps renew and firm skin for improved suppleness and tone.

Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture is formulated with a variety of potent ingredients to help maintain cellular health.

  • Avocado Oil, Sunflower and Olive Fruit Oils - enhance skin’s ability to retain maximum levels of hydration
  • Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A) – encourage  renewal for improved skin texture and tone
  • Shea Butter - restore skin’s natural smoothness and softness
  • Collagen Support Complex - made up of Hyaluronic Acid and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (an anti-aging peptide), boosts skin’s resilience and plumps dehydrated skin

This velvety rich formula, suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, helps to provide all-day moisture, smoothness and comfort. Spot a ‘heart’ shaped on the cream? <grin>

Locking in optimal moisture for 8 hours!

Upon application it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrate though it does leave a very slight tinge of greasiness that gradually disappears within half an hour. It doesn’t have much scent though. I actually like the silky creamy texture very much and is extremely suitable for my dry skin. And thanks to the 8 hours of optimal moisture, my skin still feels super hydrate on the next morning even after sleeping in the air-conditioning room for 8 hours the night before.

Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture, priced at S$142, will be available at BHG Bugis, Metro Paragon, Robinson Centrepoint, Tara apothecary and all Sephora outlets from November 2011 onwards.


Btw during the event, the trainer also covered the Holistic Inclusive Health philosophy. Inclusive Health uses a three-pillar approach that addresses the mind, skin and body with topical, internal and emotional self-care.

Internal health approach helps to support all aspects of a healthy lifestyle from within and this includes nutrition and dietary supplements. Eat your water! Yes raw fruits and vegetables actually contain structured water, the kind that promotes healthy, young cells.

Emotional Self-Care helps us achieve psychological and social balance and this includes the feel-good services that can be offered at spas, stress reduction activities like exercise and support groups to nurture the psyche.

I truly enjoyed this exclusive private event and I’m glad to have obtained valuable beauty tips from the trainer. Each of us was presented a gigantic press kit upon the event. Isn’t it big? Can’t wait to attend the next Murad event soon. ;-)


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