Sothys [W]+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme


Two Thursday ago, 3 bloggers and I were privileged to be invited to our first Sothys bloggers event to preview their latest Cosmeceutic Line – [W]+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme. This private event was held at Heart Bistro @ Palais Renaissance.

(From left) Gin, myself, Sharon and Yvonne were invited for this exclusive private session.


Through Sothy‘s discoveries and observations, dull complexion and pigmented spots may result due to the following :

Pigmentation & Reproduction

Wrinkles are not the only sign of aging that is effected by passage of time. Dull looking skin and pigmentation are also the common signs of premature aging too. The pigmentation can be affected by various factors such as UV exposure, hormone imbalances, skin aging and/or stress.

The Power of Light

Skin color we perceive is in fact the resultant of the combined effects of absorption, scattering and reflection of light by internal skin structures, which are called chromophores. There are 3 types of chromophores – Haemoglobin, Collagen and Melanin.

Just as the quantity of melanin changes with exposure to sun, it progressively affect the other chromophores. Haemoglobin chromophore leads to the formation of pro-inflammatory messengers and causes localized redness. Melanin chromophore caused local hyperproduction of melanin that leads to pigment spots and Collagen chromophore causes a reduction synthesis of support macromolecules and result uneven skin tone, skin roughness, wrinkles and aging. Therefore, the correct balance between these molecules contributes to the uniformity of skin color, radiance of the complexion.


Dual Performance

[W]+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme is formulated with Sothys exclusive H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex and [W]+ Complex, the active ingredients boost the pool of healthy cells and act on 4 key biological mechanism of skin color to obtain a maximum overall brightening action of the complex :

  1. Optimized cell renewal
  2. Reduction of melanin synthesis
  3. Limitation of melanin transfer
  4. Equilibrium between light scattering and reflection


New [W]+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme

[W]+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme consists of (from left) : [W]+ Brightening Mask, [W]+ Brightening Preparative Lotion, [W]+ Brightening Double Action Serum, [W]+ Brightening Serum with Pure Vitamin C and [W]+ Brightening Fluid. And this is the correct sequence if you are using the full range.


1. [W]+ Brightening Mask - S$135 / 50ml

[W]+ Brightening Mask is claimed to instantly brighten up the skin while providing softness and smoothness.

Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. My skin does appear superficial brighter after application.


2. [W]+ Brightening Preparative Lotion - S$93 / 200ml

[W]+ Brightening Preparative Lotion is formulated with H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex, [W]+ Complex and Prickly Pear extract that helps to moisturize, smooth and impart radiance to the complexion while preparing the skin for other products in the programme.

Surprisingly, the texture is pretty thick as a lotion.


3. [W]+ Brightening Double Action Serum – S$219 / 10ml x 2

[W]+ Brightening Double Action Serum provides intensive dual action, 1. Brightening Solution (white cover) and 2. Peeling (black cover), to eliminate pigment spots and provide immediate brightening result.

1. Brightening Solution (white cover), a lightweight emollient texture, contains H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex and [W]+ Complex to reduce spot color and provide a radiance, uniformly and luminous complexion.

There are two methods of application for (1) : Apply on the entire face during the day for overall radiance. And apply locally on the spot during the day and night to tackle target spot.

2. Peeling (black cover), a slight creamy texture, is formulated with Sothys’ exclusive of AHC + BHA + AHA and water lily complex to soothe and exfoliate dead cells for an immediate brightening complexion.

Apply (2) to the entire face during the night and avoid eye contour area.

This duo serum absorbs onto the skin pretty well. My skin appears somewhat brighter.


4. [W]+ Brightening Serum with Pure Vitamin C – S$505 / 15 doses

[W]+ Brightening Serum with Pure Vitamin C is an intensive serum with pure Vitamin C lightens pigmented spots and provides new radiance to the skin.

This Vitamin C serum, in vial packing, is very much similar to Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C. Both packaging are created similarly – same disposable cap, powder falls into the solvent when the cap is pushed down, mix the powder and solvent, and finally replace the separate applicator.

There are 15 vials in a box and each vial is required to complete within a single night. It is recommended to use it only in the night to avoid oxidation and preferable to use it on an alternate night. The 15 vials is for a month’s usage.

Whilst there are 8 vials in a box for Sisley Vitamin C Serum. Each vial will need to complete in a week. The 8 vials is for 2 months’ usage.

The fluid is quite dilute and it flows easily on the skin.


5. [W]+ Brightening Fluid – S$167 / 50ml

[W]+ Brightening Fluid brightens the complexion with H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex, [W]+ Complex and anti-aging illuminating agent.

This light and melting emulsion is the last step for the programme. It absorbs pretty well onto the skin.

After tested all the 5 products, my right hand appears somewhat brighter although it doesn’t look obvious on this picture.



[W]+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme is available at all SOTHYS Contracts Salons and the following SOTHYS Dealer Salons :

The 14 key Sothys Dealer Salons are also strategically located at Paragon, Palais Renaissance, Raffles Hotel Arcade, Delfi Orchard, Tanglin Shopping Centre, VivoCity, Square 2, Tampines 1, Roxy Square I, Tanjong Pagar, West Coast Plaza, Bishan and Heartland Mall.

You can also check their website at or Facebook Page at for more info.


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