Dermalogica NEW UltraCalming Skincare Range & Leonard Drake UltraCalming Treatments For Sensitive Skin


A few weeks ago, I was exclusively invited to the UltraCalming Skincare Workshop hosted by Leonard Drake Skincare & Health Spa in-conjunction with Dermalogica Skin Care that was held at Marriott Singapore Hotel. The highlights of the workshop were to preview the NEW Dermalogica UltraCalming Skincare range, understanding the causes of skin sensitivity, FITE programme and Leonard Drake’s new line of UltraCalming Treatments.

It was a eye opening event! I have gained precious beauty tips, thanks to special guest Dermalogica’s skincare expert Ms Heather Vounnou, International Corporate Trainer for Asia and New Zealand. She has generously provided an in-depth information on sensitized skin.


Dermalogica’s skincare expert Ms Heather Vounnou examining the skin sensitivity on a volunteer using a special device on the head.

Ms Vounnou performing a mini UltraCalming Treatment on the volunteer.


What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is a skin condition that is used by individuals who consider themselves to be more intolerant of topical preparations, and environmental conditions than the general population. The common characteristics of a sensitive skin are :

  • Skin texture may appear thin and translucent
  • Tightness
  • Red and blotchy
  • Prone to dry flaky patches and cracking
  • Prone to blushing, itching and stinging


What are the common causes for sensitivity?

Sensitivity can cause by many factors and the more common causes are stress, climate, hormone medication, weak impaired barrier, humidity, age, cosmetics, diet, dirt, chemical assaults and pollution.

Severe weather is the most common factor for skin sensitivity. Product reactions (stinging and burning) is the second most common factor. The internal factor most strongly associated with sensitive skin is stress.


Are You Having Sensitive Skin and/or Sensitized Skin? Do You Know The Difference?

Recent studies indicate that over 50% of individuals describe themselves as ‘sensitive’. But most of them do not actually have a sensitive skin, they’re in fact having sensitized skin. Sensitive skin is genetic whilst sensitized skin is commonly caused by internal or external factors such as inappropriate use of skincare products, aggressive skin treatments, excessive exfoliation, stress or sudden change of climate. The common reactions are itching, stinging or redness.


The three components of inflammation or sensitization

Inflammation is the common cause for irritation, flushing and stinging. When paired with the loss of skin’s protective barrier, skin health is compromised and becomes highly reactive.

IMMUNOGENIC INFLAMMATION - Triggered by immune system and skin inflammation is caused by foreign substance such as pollen or artificial fragrances.

NEUROGENIC INFLAMMATION - Triggered by the nervous system and the sensitized or inflamed skin is likely caused by environment, chemicals or physical and emotional stress.

LOSS OF PROTECTIVE BARRIER - Excess exfoliation, exposure to soap and water, even psychological stress can compromise the skin’s protective barrier, lowering tolerance against potential stressors resulting in sensitization and irritation.


Dermalogica® UltraCalming – Serious relief for sensitized skin

Dermalogica believes that sensitvity comes in many forms and the solution comes in one – UltraCalming.

Itching, burning, stinging and redness are the obvious signs of sensitive skin. Stress, climate, hormone medication, impaired barrier weaken, humidity, age, cosmetics, diet, dirt, chemical assaults, pollution and even aggressive skin treatments can intensify skin’s highly reactive state.

When skin is over-reactive from all these assaults, UltraCalming is claimed to help calm and relief skin, soothe irritation and dramatically reduce redness.

UltraCalming contains UltraCalming Complex, the exclusive complex clinically proven to control neurogenic and immunogenic inflammatory pathways that lead to skin sensitivity.

Key Ingredients

  • Acetyl tetrapeptide-15 – Targets neurosensitive skin by reducing painful sensations
  • Boerhavia diffusa (red hogweed) root extract – Targets neurogenic inflammation, restores tissue integrity and soothes to restore skins normal sensitivity level for immediate and long-lasting effects
  • Avena sativa (oat kernel) extract – Natural anti-irritant and anti-redness properties
  • Ginger extract and bisabolol – Work synergistically to help reduce redness and irritation


UltraCalming Cleanser
Gel/cream soothes while gently lifting irritating debris.

UltraCalming Relief Masque
Use this soothing remedy anytime for quick relief of irritation and flare-ups. Can be used near eye areas.

UltraCalming Mist
Hydrating mist desensitizes while easing redness and stinging. Ideal to use it after waxing.

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate
The calming antidote for skin sensitivity that restores skin’s barrier to increase tolerance against assault. A great emergency product, immediate relief irritation. Can be used as a moisturizer.

Barrier Repair
Velvety moisturizer melts into skin to shield against skin stress.


During the workshop, Dermalogica in-conjunction with Leonard Drake, also introduced the FITE programme here in Singapore.

About FITE

FITE, stands for ‘Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship”, is a programme that helps women entrepreneurs gain economic independence through a microfinance scheme. It is a hand up, not a hand-out, which makes it different from other charitable activities where you simply just donate money – this is more self-sustaining. Once the loan recipient has gotten her business up and running, and has repaid her loan, the money is returned and reloaned to another entrepreneur, and so the cycle continues.

Leonard Drake who has been working very closely with Dermalogica for all major launches and workshops since 1989, ensure all ground-level staff to share with their customers and encourage them to buy the selected FITE products. FITE laptops are placed at selected centres to help facilitates the dissemination of information of the FITE programme and allows convenience of the FITE code redemption should customers choose to do so on the spot.


Leonard Drake Skin Care Health Spa, a strong presence in the local spa industry for the last 21 years, has specially designed a new line of UltraCalming Treatments to help treat redness and skin irritation forever. These treatments are especially suitable for reactive, highly sensitive, dehydrated, sensitized and allergy-prone skin.

About Leonard Drake Skin Care Health Spa

Leonard Drake Skin Care Health Spa abides by a philosophy of promising “Optimum Skin Health with Maximum Results” and is affliliated to the International Dermal Institute in Los Angeles (the world’s leading postgraduate centre for skincare therapy). Leonard Drake’s regional network is Aster Spring, located in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Malaysia. Treatment results are achieved by advanced techniques, using medical-grade skincare equipment and products from Dermalogica, the leading professional skincare system in the United States.

Leonard Drake will be rebranded as Aster Spring in various stages throughout 2011.


Leonard Drake NEW UltraCalming Treatments

UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial – $160 60mins

The all-new UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial, exclusive to Leonard Drake, is designed for reactive, highly sensitive, dehydrated, sensitized and allergy-prone skin.

Key Benefits :

  • Provides long-term relief from flare-ups
  • Calms and soothes the skin, as well as prevents future sensitivity
  • Improves skin hydration and its barrier repair function
  • Speeds up the skin’s healing process and strengthens its own defence


Advanced UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial – $200 75mins

The Advanced UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial, exclusive to Leonard Drake, is designed as a more detailed treatment working on reactive, highly sensitive, dehydrated, sensitized and allergy-prone skin. Individuals who are stressed and suffering from aggravated and irritated skin should try this treatment.

Key Benefits :

  • Helps the skin recover and provides long-term relief from flare-ups
  • Helps to strengthen the skin’s own defence
  • Prevents future sensitivity
  • Complexion appears smoother, brighter and supple
  • Improves skin hydration and its barrier repair function
  • Calms and soothes skin irritation
  • Speeds up the skin’s healing process
  • Skin becomes more refined and softer


UltraCalming Eye Treatment – $70 30mins

Key Benefits :

  • Improves skin hydration and its barrier repair function
  • Calms and soothes the skin’s condition
  • Speeds up the skin’s healing process


UltraCalming Neck Treatment – $70 30mins

Key Benefits :

  • Helps the skin recover and provides long-term relief from flare-ups
  • Helps to strengthen the skin’s own defence
  • Prevent future sensitivity
  • Improves the skin’s hydration and its barrier repair function
  • Calms and soothes skin irritation


Don’t Miss The Exclusive Promotions

Buy any 3 UltraCalming products (new range) and get to enjoy one latest UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial treatment (worth $160)* FREE.
*limited to one complimentary treatment per customer only

Trial: 30% OFF* any UltraCalming Facial Treatment
*limited to one trial per customer only

Sign up any UltraCalming Facial Treatment program (6+1) and receive :

  • 6 complimentary UltraCalming Eye Treatments
  • 6 complimentary UltraCalming Neck Treatments (total worth $840)

**limited to one program per customer only

All promotions are valid until 30 April 2011.


Leonard Drake Skincare & Health Spa Centres

  • Causeway Point #B1-19  (Tel: 6894 9770)
  • Centrepoint #05-09/10/11  (Tel: 6737 9177)
  • Century Square #02-22  (Tel: 6783 9006)
  • Compass Point #02-01/02  (Tel: 6875 5175)
  • HarbourFront Centre #02-108/109  (Tel:6271 9208)
  • nex @ Serangoon Central #04-23/24  (Tel:6634 2368)
  • Parkway Parade #04-04  (Tel: 6348 7289)
  • Plaza Singapura #03-10  (Tel: 6339 0855)
  • West Coast Plaza #02-14/15  (Tel: 6777 9618)
  • White Sands #03-20  (Tel: 6581 7887)


My Complimentary Treatment

As a form of appreciation, Leonard Drake has extended a complimentary UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial treatment to me.

Upon arrival at the spa centre, I was requested to fill up a detailed consultation sheet. Leonard Drake abides by a comprehensive 3 step skin analysis before any treatment is performed at all outlets.

And after Karin (Leonard Drake’s Technical Manager) analyze my skin using the consultation sheet as the reference, I began to learn a lot more regards to my skin sensitivity. Thanks Karin!

I then proceed to my step 2 skin analysis which is Skin Scanning. Using a Skin Scanner, this unique method makes use of a special UV light which will enable me to see my own underlying skin problems with a mirror built in it. Using colors to identify my skin problems, I was able to observe different colors on different spot areas on my face. I have noticed Light Violet (dehydrated skin) on my overall face and Light Brown (pigmentation formation) on my nose and cheek areas. There are about 8 colors under the Skin Scope Chart.

My final skin analysis is Face Mapping. This is done after a double cleansing is completed. Face Mapping procedure provides the skin therapist an objective view of the skin’s condition, as well as an indication of the underlying health issues that may be affecting it. It divides the face into fourteen distinct zones, each with its own set of potential problems and unique needs.

After the Face Mapping procedure, a breathing therapy was performed to help my body relax. There is no scrubbing for all UltraCalming treatments as these are specially created for sensitive and sensitized skin. Next, a lymphatic massage was followed to help further relax not just the body but also to calm the skin too.

This one-hour treatment, also comprises of a hydrating spray (using a machine) and double masks (with oat mask), is overall quite relaxing. After the treatment, there are minor red spots on my face. This is due to weak skin structure. If UltraCalming treatment is performed regularly (recommended twice a month), I believe my skin structure will likely to be improved. ;-)


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