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When I was younger, I love the sun. I will go sun bathing and water skiing almost every weekend. And the best thing is that, I do not believe in sun protection. I do not wear sunscreen (I hate the oiliness) until much later in my 30s. Sadly, these stupid habits have caused serious problems in my later life – photo aging.

So as early as in my late 20s, I began to notice pigmentations below the eye areas and on the cheek areas. The pigmentation is especially obvious on my right cheek area and these sun spots are size of 4 rice grains. In order to treat these aging spots, on top of my whitening products, I have tried various non-invasive treatments like IPL, Pigment Laser and Pixel. There is no visible result from IPL and Pixel at all. Although Pigment Laser is able to help remove the sun spots (on my right cheek) initially but after months later the spots reappeared again and bigger than what they were before. I almost give up on finding ways to remove them until I came across Paula’s Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion.

Before I have used this product, I never believe in skin lightening / whitening skincare products and their efficacies. Well after trying numerous whitening products, most of them can only help to create a fairer skin but not able to lighten the pigmentation. So far only Paula’s Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion can do that little magic!


Product Claims

2% Hydroquinone with a 7.4% concentration of glycolic acid at a pH of 3.6 works to effectively lighten sun- or hormone-induced brown skin discolorations (including freckles, age spots, and melasma). Has an elegant and silky lotion formula. Suitable for all skin types and skin colors. 100% fragrance- and colorant-free.



The key ingredient, Hydroquinone (2%), is considered as the most effective for reducing and potentially eliminating melasma. This strong inhibitor of melanin production prevents skin from making the substance responsible for skin color.

Glycolic Acid (7.4%), another powerful key ingredient, is considered the most effective researched ingredient to exfoliate sun-damaged skin from the surface of the skin.

This well-formulated lightening product also contains handful of potent emollients, water binding agents and antioxidants.



Paula’s Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion, with 7% Alpha Hydroxy Acid, is a surprising discovery! I have gotten these three FREE samples when I last made a purchase on AHA Gel and Antioxidant Serum.

I can see amazing result with only barely one and a half samples. OMG!!! Now you see it, and now you don’t!

Every morning and night, while having my daily regimen, I will spend almost five minutes observing the spots and amazed to see the spots becoming smaller and lighter each day. It is such a rewarding feeling!

WOW!!! I can’t believe it works! I luv it!

This lightweight lotion helps to lighten the pigmentations, with 70% improvement on the tiny spots below the eye areas and 50% improvement on the sun spots on my right cheek.

As there is a risk of using both key ingredients, Hydroquinone and Glycolic Acid, as they increase sun sensitivity, I will wear a sunscreen everyday indoor and outdoor to eliminate the risk.

I’m happy I have finally found Paula’s Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion! Needless to say, I will definitely buy a full size after I have finished the samples! :-)



Will I buy it? YES YES Definitely!!!


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21 Comments on "Review – Paula’s Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion"

  1. Jo says:


    where can i buy this and get samples of it? thanks

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jo,

    You can purchase or get samples of it online through US site (via vpost) :

  3. Kaz says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    You have a very interesting blog. Lots of information and great product reviews.

    I was wondering if you could help me sort my skincare regime a little. I’ve sensitive-dehydrated-combination-pigmented skin. I’ll soon be hitting my 40s. I’ve just added the Resist to my skincare regime and am experiencing slight tingles but haven’t had a major skin reaction. My skin is flaking a little though on the nose and chin (it was doing that already before I started the Resist) so I’m thinking I need a better moisturiser. Anyway, here’s what I’m using now:

    Fancl Cleansing Oil
    Hada Labo cleanser
    Hada Labo lotion
    Anti-ageing serum
    Paula’s Choice Resist
    Sofina Beaute UV Cut Emulsion SPF50 PA+++ Moist (dry skin) – for day
    Hada Labo moisturising cream (thinking of changing to the Aqualabel Moisturising Cream)

    1 – 2 times a week moisturising mask

    Do you think this is enough or should I be doing something more to help with the flaky skin? Thanks!

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Kaz,

    Thanks very much for the compliment.

    Your regime seems alright and I believe the Paula’s Choice Resist product you’ve mentioned is the Skin Lightening Lotion only.

    Your flaky skin is due to lack of sebum on the skin and the solution is to keep skin hydrate with moisturizer and weekly hydration mask. Although your skin is combination (I reckon is the T-zone area), the oiliness may be due to lack of moisture. When skin is dehydrated, the oil underneath the skin will push up to the surface of the skin. The solution : moisturize your skin instead of removing the oil.

    If dehydration still persists, you may want to incorporate a weekly exfoliating treatment with Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment w/ 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Exfoliating can help to remove the dead skin cells on the surface.

  5. Kaz says:

    Thanks for advice and your suggestions, Shirleen.

    As I’m using the Resist Skin Lightening Lotion with 7% Aha, would it still be OK to use the Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA? Will it dry my skin out more?

    I also have enlarged pores and blackheads on my nose and chin which I find difficult to get rid off. Is there anything else I could be doing? I’m finding that with my dehydrated and flaky skin, even the most gentle scrubs are leaving my skin tight and more flaky :(

  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Kaz,

    I reckon it is alright to use both products at the same time as long as you are not applying the Lightening Lotion on a larger area, tiny spots should be fine.

    I believe Weekly Resurfacing Treatment may help to reduce your pores size and blackheads. You will not be able to see immediate result but at least it will keep your pores and blackheads at bay.

    Btw, IPL treatment is great for pigmentation and enlarged pores. Go to a doctor clinic instead of a spa salon. And microdermabrasion will help to reduce enlarged pores and blackheads too.

    Concentrate on hydration as much as you can in order to treat your dehydrated and flaky skin.

  7. Jamie says:

    Hi ^^

    I couldn’t help but notice this . I don’t actually have freckles and I’m on the fair skinned side. I was wondering if this actually makes your skin paler while also covering up and help dark areas disappear ? there are so much whitening products but all I want is something that will make my skin actually become paler .

    please reply .
    thank you for the review ! ~

  8. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jamie,

    This Paula’s Choice LIghtening Lotion does not bleach your skin. It does not make your skin look paler or help dark areas disappear. It will only lighten dark spots and even up uneven skin tone.

    Not too sure what do you mean paler? You mean fairer in skin tone?

  9. Angeline says:

    Hi there,

    Can I know where to get this product in Singapore? As the SG Paula’s Choice website does not offer this product in its Resist range.

    Thanks heaps!

  10. Shirleen says:

    Hi Angeline,

    Yes, you wouldn’t be able to get this product on SG Paula’s Choice site, I’m afraid you can only get it at US Paula’s Choice site.

  11. Cherine says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    How would you compare this to the Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyser? I just went to the counter today and was advised to apply the Melonalyser to the whole face and then focus the problem area with further massage.

    I have some stubborn acne scar and pigmentation at the chin area and am wondering which is the most effective method.

    Should I apply Melanolyser to the whole face day and night followed by PC Lightening on only the problem area after Melanolyser in the night?

  12. Angeline says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Thanks so much for your reply! A combination of hydroquinone and glycolic acid as active ingredients sounds really interesting. Interested in trying after reading your review =)

  13. Shirleen says:

    Hi Cherine,

    I think Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyser is slightly better than Paula’s Choice Lightening Lotion.

    Reason because PC Lightening Lotion contains 2% Hydroquinone with a 7.4% concentration of glycolic acid, and both potent ingredients are extremely powerful and can cause sun sensitivity. Adequate sunblock is a must! If sun protection is not sufficient, the dark spots will tend to get darker than before.

    I find that it’s a waste to use Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyser on the whole face. As it is a whitening spot eraser, you will only need to apply on the dark spots areas.

    Both products are somewhat similar, use either one will do.

  14. Shirleen says:

    Hi Angeline,

    Do remember to apply lots of sunblock k! ;-)

  15. Joyce says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I wanna say thank you for all your detailed sharing about many of the facial products. I wanted to purchase this skin lightening but somehow when i wanna checkout from the website it shows invalid contact no. I tried many ways but still cannot checkout. :( Greatly appreciated if you could advice me. Thanks!!!

  16. Shirleen says:

    Hi Joyce,

    May I know which site (US or SG) have you been trying to purchase from? For US site, you will need an US contact.

    I wonder are you purchasing it via vpost? If yes, you should be given an US shipping address and US contact number from vpost.

  17. Phouston says:

    Has anyone tried Neucell skin lightener?? I wanted to try it, please keep me posted if anyone has tried it, tell me you’re experiences about the cream I heard it really works, but I’m still having second thoughts about it.

  18. susanwin says:

    I am worried that bydroquinone will gonna harm me in the long term. any opinion on that please?

  19. Shirleen says:

    Hi Susanwin,

    Yes, Hydroquinone should be stopped after 6 months of use as there is risk of hyperpigmentation with prolonged use. After a rest period of 3 to 6 months, hydroquinone may be used again. 3 months on and 3 months off is another acceptable way to use it.

  20. lyn says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I have this mole like dark spots(am not sure what this is called)on my face and it is growing bigger in size over time. When I was younger I always go out to the sun without any sunscreen. I wonder if is because of that my face started to develop these spots. Would appreciated if you could recommend any product that you think would help to lighten them.

  21. Shirleen says:

    Hi Lyn,

    I advise you consult a dermatologist regards to the mole/dark spot. He or she is a better person to recommend the right treatment for you.

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