Review – StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum & Day Lotion SPF 30 (20 Readers To Win A FREE Trial Pack Worth $50)


Many weeks ago, I’ve actually attended my first StriVectin event to preview their latest and first whitening range – WH Photo-White. Click here to read my previous post on the launch event.

I was presented with a full size StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum and Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30 during the event. So here’s my review on both products after testing them for almost 8 weeks.

Do read on to find out how to win a FREE trial pack of StriVectin products worth S$50.


WH Photo-White Brief Introduction

Presently, WH Photo-White range actually comprises of StriVectin WH Photo-White Booster Serum, Spot Repair and Day Lotion SPF 30. A fourth product, Hydrating Night Cream, will probably be launched in later part of the year.

WH Photo-White, formulated with vitamin C complex® and NIA-114, help diminish the appearance of excess pigmentation (such as dark spots and skin discoloration) and skin becomes more even toned, brighter and radiant.

Its patented formula NIA-114 is claimed to be clinically proven to be 6x more effective than brightening actives alone in just 4 weeks.

StriVectin-WH Photo-White treatments works on three levels to:

  • Slow down the production of melanin
  • Normalize the transfer of pigment and improve the overall quality of the cell
  • Increase cell turnover to reveal those higher quality cells and get rid of dark spots
    and discolorations quicker!



StriVectin WH Photo-White Booster Serum ingredient list.

StriVectin WH Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30 ingredient list.

Proprietary NIA-114 (niacin, in the form of Nicotinic Acid) targets the triggers that cause hyperpigmentation by normalizing the transfer of pigments, and rebuilding skin health so you can hold onto new radiance.

Natural Tyrosinase Inhibitors, Vitamin C and Synovea® Skin Brightener (hexylresorcinol), help to regulate melanin formation, which is the source of dark spots, sun spots and age spots.

Vitamin C (stable ascorbyl glucoside) diminishes melanin production, reduces existing melanin, stimulates collagen and acts as a strong antioxidant.

Willowbark Extract, a natural form of salicylic acid, generates cell turnover to shed pigmented cells and improve skin texture.

Betaine, from Sugar Beet, a natural skin softener, minimizes transepidermal water loss (TEWL) for an overall smoother, healthier-looking complexion.

Pomegranate Extract, a powerful antioxidant, aids in enhancing cell turnover.


Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

I have been suffering from stubborn dark spots around cheek areas and a slight discolorations and uneven skin tone for the longest time. So when I was being invited to test the newly launched StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum and Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30 for 8 weeks, I accepted it without any hesitation. ;-)


StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum

Product Claim : A highly potent, quick absorbing all-over face serum for mild to moderate age spots, sun spots and dark spots, it brightens dull skin tones and visibly diminishes spots for clearer, brighter, younger-looking skin.

This non-comedogenic and paraben-free whitening serum has a light, non-greasy emollient texture that absorbs into the skin relatively quickly. Upon full absorption, my skin doesn’t feel greasy at all.

After using it almost 8 weeks, I do notice my skin appears superficial brighter and even tone, although the result is not very obvious. I believe if using continuously, I may achieve a greater even-looking and luminous complexion. But as for the stubborn dark spots on my cheek areas, the spots still appear relatively dark though and I guess I will need to use the WH Photo-White Spot Repair that contains a higher concentration of the potent ingredients to help target the stubborn dark spots.

StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum, retailing at S$140 in 50ml, is available at all StriVectin counters @ Metro Paragon, escentials at TANGS Orchard, Robinsons and Sephora from March 2012.


StriVectin-WH Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30

Product Claim : A lightweight day moisturizer with SPF 30 to protect and prevent UV damage that can lead to skin discolorations. Essential for keeping new spots from forming, StriVectin-WH Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30 works together with Photo-White Booster Serum and Photo-White Spot Repair to protect skin while uncovering a more translucent complexion. Non-comedogenic and Paraben-free.

Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30 has a rich and creamy texture which I find it rather too rich to be used for the day. If without the SPF, it will be ideal for night use. Though it has this thick creamy texture, the product absorbs pretty quickly into the skin and upon full absorption, my skin doesn’t really feel greasy as I thought.

This new day lotion with SPF has this typical sunscreen scent which is very very mild. It is formulated with SPF 30 but without any PA plus. I have to emphasize that PA rating is extremely important for UVA protection.

As SPF stands for the protection grade of the UVB filter (skin burn), PA stands for the protection grade of the UVA filter (skin aging). The highest standard of sun protection rating is the PA+++ rating.

StriVectin-WH Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30, retailing at S$115 in 50ml, is available at all StriVectin counters @ Metro Paragon, escentials at TANGS Orchard, Robinsons and Sephora from March 2012.


Final Verdict

All-in-all, both StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum and Day Lotion SPF 30 are pretty good except the missing of PA rating in the day moisturizer. I have no issue on the ingredients and I’m very pleased that after using both products for almost 8 weeks, I have not encountered any skin irritation at all. They are definitely suitable for sensitive skin like mine.


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  1. Tissany Ng says:

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    Also, my friends said that my voice is quite smoothing especially over the phone:)

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    I like most about myself is my fair complexion because I will look more beautiful. Dont they say white hides all the flaws?

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    I love my smile because I just have one of those that lights up my whole face like a lightbulb!

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    What I like most about myself is my high metabolism. I could eat whatever and as often I want without gaining that much weight.

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    I love myself for positive thinking and never give up easily. I always have proper planning before action.

  20. Shirlene says:

    I love my naturally curly hair and my eyes.

  21. Chay B Teves says:

    I love my smile! I was told it gives very positive feelings whenever friends see me smile. I’d definitely want to try StriVectin and let it further brighten my complexion. Thank you!

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  24. Shirleen says:

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