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I was first introduced to Shiseido Haku Melanofocus from the popular Taiwanese Beauty Variety Show “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da” (女人我最大) a few years ago. It was highly recommended at least twice separately by Lao Niu (老牛) in the show.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus is an award winning and the most popular whitening essence in Japan. Unfortunately Shiseido Haku Melanofocus is only available in Japan and nowhere else in the world. Although there’s a copied Taiwanese version with a different product name available in Taiwan, as it is printed in Chinese language, I’m actually skeptical if it is made in Japan.

I have bought this Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence bundle set during my previous trip to Japan in 2012. This bundle set comes with a piece of Haku Melanofocus EX Mask at 30% discount @ 7350yen (UP 10500yen) which is equivalent to S$116. In fact, this is my second bottle. :D

The packaging was printed in Japanese language which means it’s a genuine product that is made in Japan.


About Shiseido Haku Melanofocus

Shiseido Haku was first created in 2005 as Haku Melanofocus, containing an innovative whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic acid. In 2007, it was revamped again as Haku Melanofocus 2 to include another breakthrough whitening ingredient 4MSK that is said to help prevent the formulation of melanin that caused pigmentation.

In February 2009, its third generation Haku Melanofocus EX was launched in Japan. And after 2 years exactly in February 2011, Shiseido once again launched its fourth and latest generation, Haku Melanofocus W.


Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence – ¥10500 for 45g / ¥5250 for 20g (tax inclusive)

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence contains 2 innovative whitening ingredients, m-Tranexamic acid and 4MSK, to help suppress melanin production, prevent and lighten dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone.

This improved version also contains lotus seed ferment filtrate and hyaluronic acid to help moisturize the skin.

This fragrance-free essence also helps to restore damaged skin caused by UVA/UVB, pollution or other environmental factors. Its anti-inflammatory function is critical in the process of whitening as the skin becomes healthier, more transparent and in even complexion, thus, the whitening result is able to last longer.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence that comes in 2 sizes in 45g and 20g, is currently only available in Japan.



Some studies have shown that m-Tranexemic acid has an excellent de-pigmentation effect and skin care effect comparing with the hydroquinone (another proven whitening ingredient). M-Tranexemic acid inhibits melanin growth and remove existing pigmentation, but also effectively eliminates discoloration caused by acne and sun damage.

Another brightening key ingredient 4MSK, also helps to control the melanin production and lighten the sizes of discoloration, dark spots and even up skin tone.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence also contains lotus seed ferment filtrate and hyaluronic acid for good moisturizing benefits. It also contains Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, a potent Vitamin C, that inhibits melanin production and increase collagen production for a brighter and radiance complexion.

Although this brightening essence contains irritating ingredients such as alcohol and menthol, fortunately till now I haven’t experience any skin irritation at all.



This fragrance-free essence has a light silky creamy emulsion texture that actually takes a while before fully absorbs into the skin. It leaves a very very mild greasy residue on the skin which I’m very comfortable with it.

This brightening essence contains NO fragrance and there is no scent at all.

After using it for many months, I notice my overall skin appears brighter and less dull. The uneven and yellowish skin tone have significantly reduced. But the stubborn dark spots on the cheekbone areas still remain visibly obvious. I reckon the spots will need a longer period of usage before I can see significant result.

I only use the Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence during my night regimen, right after the Sisley Vitamin C Essence and before Lancome Blanc Expert Intensive Whitening Spot & Line Eraser and my usual moisturizer.

All-in-all, I’m very pleased with the result. My skin also appears smoother, more hydrated and glowing too. Thanks to the hydrating ingredients contain in it. Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence is nevertheless one of the best whitening essence I’ve tested so far! I would have given this Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence a full 5-Star rating if not because of its irritant ingredients (alcohol and menthol) in it.



Will I buy it again? Yes Definitely!


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    Thanks for the review! I am so going to get this when I go to Japan hahhas (: !

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