Review – Lancome Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser


I started to notice pigmentation and discoloration on my face when I was in my early 30s. Pigmentation is one of my first signs of aging and I didn’t get it treated earlier until much later before realizing it was too too late. Hiaz!

Pigment spots are mostly situated around the cheekbone areas (directly below my eye sockets) and I’m also having discoloration around my cheek areas too. What has been troubling me the most is the stubborn sun spots on my right cheekbone area.

I was first introduced to Lancome Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser during a Lanc´me blogger event in early 2010 (just before it was officially launched in Singapore). I was presented with a trial size during the event and without hesitation I immediately tested the product on the following day. After tested the product for almost 2 weeks, I started to notice a superficial improvement on the stubborn sun spots and decided to make a purchase on the full size product at Perfumes & Cosmetics outlet @ Changi Airport where I can enjoy fabulous duty-free savings.

However, I actually made the wrong purchase at Perfumes & Cosmetics @ Changi Airport while I was on my way for a holiday in mid last year 2011. Due to my rush rush last-minute shopping, instead of grabbing the Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser (which I will reviewing soon too), I’ve mistakenly taken the wrong product Blanc Expert Intense Whitening Spot & Line Eraser. I only realized my mistake after months later when I was about to use it actually.

Fortunately, I managed to obtained a complimentary Lancome Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser recently and many thanks to Lanc³me Singapore. :-) I’ve tested the product for a couple of months now and I’m ready to review it.


Product Profile

360° action at the source of stubborn spots. Efficacy tested on cells, spots and total face: After 2 months, at cellular level, skin is freed from up to 70 %** of its excess melanin. Dark spots even the most stubborn ones are visibly reduced for 82 %*** of women. A new light flows into your skin with improved, pure transparency.



Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (I believe it’s one of the key ingredients) is a potent antioxidant that helps improve blood flow and it is claimed to inhibit melanin growth.

Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser actually contains a handful of antioxidants, skin-identical ingredients humectants and emollients that are beneficial to the skin.

It also contains salicylic acid that helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the skin surface for a clearer skin.

However, it actually contains some ingredients that are potential to cause skin irritation such as fragrance, linalool and peppermint. Fortunately, the amounts are too miniscule and they will very unlikely to cause any skin irritation actually. So far, I’ve not encountered any irritation even after using it for months.



For the longest time, I’ve been searching painstakingly for a skin lightening product that can treat my pigmentation problems especially the stubborn dark spots on my right cheek. I’m so obsessed with skin lightening skincare products that I will always include at least one into my night regimen. I just can’t leave without it. :D

So when I was presented with a complimentary full-size Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser a couple of months ago, I couldn’t wait any longer and started using it on the very day itself.

This skin lightening serum has an ultra lightweight, emollient fluid texture that is easily absorbed into the skin. My skin doesn’t feel greasy upon application.

Though it does contain fragrance, fortunately it is stated as the last ingredient on the list hence the amount is minuscule. I have not encountered any irritation at all.

After months of usage, I noticed a superficial improvement on my pigmentation and skin discoloration. My overall skin tone is more even toned and the cheek area is slightly less yellowish too. The pigment spots situated directly below my eye sockets also appear somewhat lighter through the result is not very significant. However, the stubborn sun spots on the right cheek area is still visible noticeable although it does appear slightly lighter in a way at times.

As of now, this whitening spot eraser serum does help to inhibit new pigment formation and improve my skin discoloration, I can’t wait to see a more significant improvement on my stubborn dark spots on the right cheek area.

All-in-all, I’m pretty satisfied with the overall result. And you know what, I’ve actually bought a new tube a few months ago while I was at Changi Airport again. Hope being obsessed will pay off! :D



Will I buy it again? Well, I just did!


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2 Comments on "Review – Lancome Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser"

  1. Claire says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    I realise i easily have dark spots recently like what you said starting 30s.
    Around corners of the eyes and eye bag or sockets, but i couldn’t apply sun screen around eye area. I also hope to find a sunscreen which i can apply on my upper eye-lids. but don’t think there is. Because even tho i wear sunglass, the sunlight will still penetrate through the top of sunglass, i think my upper eyelids are starting to be more yellowish or darker.
    I am looking for a product which can prevent sun spots or lighten sun spots, is this the one recommended? There are quite a few you have reviewed, so not sure which one is ok for me.

    Is there any sunscreen to apply around eyebags or corner of eyes?

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Claire,

      In fact, I have been looking around for a good sunscreen that can be applied near the eye area, especially the upper eyelid areas. Since I can’t find any, I will skip the upper eyelid areas and near to the corners too but I will apply sunscreen on the lower eyelid areas.

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