Review – Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Whitening Night Cream, Renewing Gentle Exfoliator & Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel


You probably have read my earlier post on the launch of three new additions to Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Series which are Whitening Night Cream, Renewing Gentle Exfoliator and Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel.

Click here to read my previous introduction post on White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched.

And after a month of usage, I’m now ready for a full review. Do read on to find out if these products work for me.


Do you know pigmentation does not stop at night?

The interesting thing I have learned during the preview event is that pigmentation does not actually stop at night. It was really an eye opening. I didn’t realize it until I was explained on the cause and how pigmentation is developed.

Do you know that melanocytes (melanin-producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis) will continue producing more melanin even while you sleep? So can we do anything to prevent it? Well, I guess we can, do read on to find the answer.


Other Major Cause For Hyperpigmentation

Clarins believe that sun is not the only major cause for hyperpigmentation.

In fact, the other major cause for pigmentation is due to stress factors. Yes, I totally agree with Clarins. Whenever I’m under extreme stress, pigmentation will seem to appear darker and more obvious. And worst, more new pigment spots will start to surface out of nowhere. To make things worst :

stress >> more pigmentation >> more stress >> even more pigmentation! ArHHH!!

So in order to keep pigmentation at bay, I guess I need to manage my stress level and be happy as much as possible. Of course, not forgetting the Clarins White Plus HP skin care range too.


White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched – Brightening Powers Of Two White Flowers

For these three latest additions, Clarins Research has incorporated two innovative high performance brightening ingredients into its White Plus HP skin care range. These white flowers, Sea Lily Extract and Daisy Extract, provide dual action to combat against the direct and indirect causes of skin hyperpigmentation.

Sea Lily Extract

Sea Lily extract, an exceptional brightening plant active ingredient, has been used for the first time in White Plus HP skin care range. Clarins Research has demonstrated the capacity of Sea Lily extract to control the extension of melanocyte dendrites, the “arms” of melanocytes which deliver melanin to cells in the epidermis.

While direct pigmentation is linked to daytime UV rays, the production of melanin it triggers during the day will continue at night. Sea Lily extract has the capacity to help control the extension of melanocytes dendrites for producing more melanin.

Daisy Extract

As mentioned earlier, stress factors are the indirect cause of pigmentation. Stress will cause skin to weaken and thereby speed up melanin synthesis. Daisy extract, an anti-stress ingredient, helps to calm and soothe the skin, to leave it soft, fresh and bright again in the morning.



Whitening Repairing Night Cream – S$110

This essential anti-dark spots night cream has became my must-have night product. It is the first night cream with white flower extracts which controls hyperpigmentation due to daytime UV rays, and also stress accumulated from morning to night.

I especially like the soft lightweight creamy texture and the flowery scent. It absorbs onto the skin pretty well.

Whitening Repairing Night Cream contains pretty good ingredients except minuscule amount of fragrance which thankfully doesn’t cause any skin irritation on my skin.

All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with this Whitening Repairing Night Cream. It has became my night regimen must-have skin care product. As I sleep an average of 6 hours in an air-conditioning room daily, I definitely need a slightly more richer cream for the night. Therefore this creamy yet lightweight texture is definitely ideal for my slightly dehydrated skin.

As you know that the direct pigmentation that is linked by UV rays has triggered more production of melanin during the day and unfortunately does not STOP at night! Therefore Whitening Repairing Night Cream is definitely a perfect night product to help control further production of melanin while I sleep. All thanks to the powerful brightening white flower, Sea lily extract.

And also due to the numerous daytime stress factors, more melanin production are triggered too. And again thanks to the presence of soothing, anti-stress ingredient Daisy extract that helps to calm, soothe my skin and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed in the morning. And most importantly, the pigmentation is under control too.

What I’m not comfortable about the product is the packaging. In fact, the nutrients will lose the efficacies with frequent opening and exposure to air. In order not to lose its efficacy, I have stored a small amount of the cream into a small container for daily use (sufficient for 2-week usage) and I have kept the full size packaging in the fridge cooler compartment.

Click here to read more about “how packaging can effect efficacy on skin care products”.


Will I buy it myself? Yes very likely!


Gentle Brightening Exfoliator – S$60

Gentle Brightening Exfoliator is now my favourite weekly exfoliant! Love it very much!

It contains two types of microbeads, exfoliating microbeads and refining microbeads, to help lift off dead cells, deep cleanse pores and encourage cell renewal.

It contains natural brightening ingredients such as Strawberry extract to help encourage biological exfoliation and smoothes the skin surface, Grapefruit extract to tighten pores and Raspberry extract to brighten the complexion.

Gentle Brightening Exfoliator is creamy in texture and is extremely gentle on my sensitive skin. It perfectly eliminates the dead skin cells without stripping off the natural skin moisture.

For my weekly regimen, I will first apply a small amount of Gentle Brightening Exfoliator in the hands then apply to a damp face and neck, avoiding my eye areas. And I will rinse off with warm water after 5 minutes. I will then follow up with Gentle Brightening Exfoliator.

My skin feels clean, fresh, brighter and smooth. A great exfoliant for all skin type, highly recommended!

Do you know that exfoliation does not only help to remove dead cells and encourage skin renewal but it also helps to provide a better penetration of skin nutrients from the next product.

Do continue reading to view pictures on before and after.


Will I buy it myself? Yes definitely!


Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel – S$65

Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel, an exfoliating lotion, is also my favourite weekly product!

I apply this silky exfoliating lotion with a cotton pad on my dry skin avoiding the eye contour area. No rubbing is required.

Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel contains natural ingredient such as Tamarind extract fruit acids to help eliminate impurities and dead cells. This natural exfoliating ingredient also help to encourage cell renewal and skin will naturally exfoliate over the following days. This gentle peel also contains White Nettle extract to help tighten skin texture and Mimosa Tenuiflora extract to soften and soothe the skin.

Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel is formulated with very gentle fruit acids such as tamarind fruit that encourages natural elimination of impurities and dead cells. Therefore no rubbing is required, just simply apply with a cotton pad to eliminate the dullness of the skin.

We were advised during the recent White Plus launch event that both Gentle Brightening Exfoliator and Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel are recommended not to be used on the same day. It is preferably to use both products on an alternative day. Well as usual me being adventurous, I took the risk to use both products on the same day. And to my surprise, after doing that for almost a month, so far my sensitive skin does not encounter any irritation at all………hee hee……….

I reckon both products are very gentle yet effective.

After one usage with Gentle Brightening Exfoliator and Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel, I immediately notice a superficial improvement on my skin. The treated skin is much brighter, smoother and even toned. The skin dullness has significantly reduced. That is quite amazing, don’t you think so!


Will I buy it myself? Yes definitely!


1 month later . . . . . . .

After faithfully using all three products for a month, daily with Whitening Repairing Night Cream, and once or twice weekly with Renewing Gentle Exfoliator and Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel, I can now see a much significantly improvement on my dark spots. They are much lighter and scattered. My overall skin is brighter too.

Frankly, as I’m very desperate of finding ways to lighten these stubborn spots, so while using these Clarins White Plus products, I’m actually also using other whitening products (spot correctors) from other beauty brands too. I’m not too sure if other whitening products from other beauty brands do help to speed up the lightening process.

But anyway I love them all! I will continue using them and I hope to see more significantly result soon. ;-)


Clarins SkinTime 30

Interested to know more about Clarins White Plus range? Now, here is a great chance for you to test Clarins White Plus products before actually buying them. All you need is 30 minutes of your time. SkinTime 30, a FREE one-to-one consultation, an assigned Beauty Specialist will analysis you skin and prescribe the right solutions for you. You will take home a FREE trial* supply of products customized to your skin.

You can also opt for SkinTime 15, a 15-minute consultation, which you will able to test the products on your arm instead on face. It is recommended to make an appointment for SkinTime 30 / 15.

For appointment for SkinTime 30, click here.

Complimentary Trial Supply*

You can also visit any of the Clarins counters to receive a complimentary trial supply* of White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Soothing Serum and Whitening Repairing Night Cream. Click here to find out more.

* Terms and conditions apply.


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4 Comments on "Review – Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Whitening Night Cream, Renewing Gentle Exfoliator & Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel"

  1. Hi Shirleen,

    Thank you for your review! I’m starting to get dark spots too and am hoping that Paulas Choice skin lightening product will do the trick. I will be receiving that soon. Can’t wait!

    Just wanted to share with you. My mum (approaching 60) had lots of dark spots/age spots scattered all over her face, including one that was the size of a 10 cent coin. Luckily her dark spots are only not very deep. She has had them for years and they have increased in number and size on her face.

    About 1 year ago, she had the spots lasered off her face (only the spots, not the whole face). I counted them (over 70 dots all over!) it took 3 months or so for the skin to return back to normal colour. Her face is almost completely clear of dark spots, and she looks younger too. She is pleased with the results. She wears suncream, hat & sunglasses religiously!

    Perhaps this is something you may consider?

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi MummyToSophie,

    Many thanks for sharing that with us. May I know what type of laser is that and where did she do it?

    I have tried pigment laser a few years back on my stubborn dark spots which is about 1cm diameter. Unfortunately it reappeared again months later.

  3. I’m not sure what type of laser it is. I’ll ask next time i pass the place. I’m thinking of zapping away some beauty spots on my face by them. My mum & my friend did it there around 1 year ago (both dark sun spots & beauty spots) and their faces are clear now, and continues to stay clear.

    Its Sophia Brow House on Marine Parade Road (near Parkway Parade). Their staff are quite pushy on buying their packages or on their more expensive treatments. I advise that unless you really want to buy other services, avoid being persuaded by them. I’m not advertising for them in anyway. They are beauticians and not plastic surgeons. So you may want to go for better qualified practitioners.

  4. Shirleen says:

    Thanks MummyToSophie.

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