Review – SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition

SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition, one of the best seller on SK-II line is said to help even out your skin tone to promote a clear, translucent glow and also make you fairer.

This intensive gel-based whitening treatment, inspired by laser technology, that helps disperse existing dark spots and fleckles while controlling the formation of new ones.


Pitera, a key ingredient, is a form of yeast claim to be unique because of the fermenting and filtering process it goes through before it being added to the products. Pitera, an essential ingredient only for SKII line and is found in every SK-II product.

Niacinamide, another active ingredient, also known as vitamin B3, is said to increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels in skin, prevent skin from losing water content. It also acts as a skin-lightening agent that treats skin discolorations.

It also contains ascorbyl glucoside, a form of vitamin C that combined with glucose, that acts as an antioxidant and may lighten the skin tone.


After completion on one bottle : dark spots are still fairly visible though no new formation appears. Skin is more hydrated.


Will I buy it again? …… I don’t think so!


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6 Comments on "Review – SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition"

  1. Melissa says:

    When choosing lightening cream it’s very important to avoid chemical bleaching agents such as hydroquinone and use only mild creams from natural sourcing. It’s also good to avoid sun exposure and use make up foundation with high sunscreen factor (SPF).

  2. johnstevens says:

    Glad I found this page via Google!

  3. Li says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I just found this blog and it is excellent. Thanks for all these useful reviews.

    May I find out why we should avoid hydroquinone? A friend of mine had recommended a product, Dermatics,stating that it is excellent and I heard that there is a high content of hydroquinone in this product.

    So is that good or not?


  4. michelle says:

    they have an upgraded version of this now.. the whitening spots specialist.

    i’ve redeemed a sample, but have yet to try it. try taking the quiz here to redeem a sample :)

  5. Nkiru says:

    does it work on dark spot and acne scars caused by hyper-pigmentation?

  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Nkiru,

    This product has been discontinued. I’ve yet to try the new improved version Whitening Spots Specialist hence I couldn’t answer your question.

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