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A few months ago, I have received a full range of Japan SANA’s Natural Resource products and I was supposed to review them one month after usage. Yes I know it was way overdue. But due to other commitments lately, I have no choice but to defer this review. Excuses excuses excuses hee hee…………..

Thankfully, Carra from SANA has never chased me on this. Thanks Carra and Elfaine from TheSampleStore for their patience and understanding! :-)

Click here to read my earlier preview on SANA’s Natural Resource.

The range of SANA’s Natural Resource products that I have received and to review are :

  • Natural Resource Medicated Cleansing Oil
  • Natural Resource Medicated Foamed Wash
  • Natural Resource Medicated Skin Lotion (Toner)
  • Natural Resource Medicated Milk Lotion
  • Natural Resource Medicated Cream
  • Natural Resource Medicated Essence Lotion (Serum)
  • Natural Resource Medicated UV Milk SPF19 PA+++ (sunblock)
  • Natural Resource Liquid Foundation UV SPF22 PA+++
  • Natural Resource Loose Powder UV SPF19 PA+++
  • Natural Resource Medicated Compact Pressed Powder
  • Natural Resource Moist Skincare Powder 24h (night powder)


SANA’s Natural Resource Profile

SANA’s Natural Resource products, from Japan, contain natural ingredients such as balsam, wild rose, magwort, white birch, brown sugar and adlay extracts. They also contain refreshing fruits and fragrant flowers such as geranium, lavender, rosewood, bergamot (orange) and grapefuit. These natural aromas allows skin and mind to relax with the refreshing fragrance of herbal aroma and to heal tired spirit. Frankly, I was a little skeptical to review these products at first. Reason because it contains natural lavender ingredient which (I always have this perception) will cause skin irritation especially on sensitive skin like mine. But I brave myself to try out the products and to my surprise, most of the products do not cause any irritation except the Essence Lotion.

All SANA’s Natural Resource products are FREE of colorants, mineral oil, alcohol (except Skin Lotion AC), paraben, ultraviolet ray absorbent agent and artificial fragrances.

All SANA’s Natural Resource is suitable for sensitive skin except Lotion AC.


SANA’s Natural Resource Cleansing Oil

180ml / S$34.90

SANA’s Natural Resource Cleansing Oil is my favourite SANA Natural Resource product. I like the transparent lightweight, dilute and non-oily texture. It is less oilier than other cleansing oils I have tested before such as Shu Uemura and Fancl. I like the light lavender scent too.

Although SANA Cleansing Oil is very gentle but it effectively removes stubborn waterproof makeup pretty well. This oil-based makeup remover effortlessly remove all traces of makeup and it doesn’t make my skin feeling greasy/oily after use. It doesn’t make my skin feeling dry nor tight. And most importantly, it doesn’t cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. Great! It is definitely suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin too.


Will I buy it myself? Yes definitely!


SANA’s Natural Resource Foamed Wash

160ml / S$28.90

SANA’s Natural Resource Foamed Wash is my second step cleansing product. It helps to remove impurities, dead skin cells and residue on my skin. The lather is thick and supple. It feels gentle on my skin and it doesn’t cause any skin irritation. My skin feels clean and fresh after usage. Although my skin doesn’t feel tight which most cleansing foams do but SANA NR Foam Wash tends to leave a slight friction on my skin. I reckon it is due to the drying agent such as detergent in it.


Will I buy it myself? Maybe


SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion M (Toner)

180ml / S$38.90

What I like about SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion is that it provides the third step of cleansing : it further helps to remove the dirt and residue that the cleansing oil and foamed wash missed.

SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion provides this lavender scent which is very refreshing. It is not sticky and it is quite watery. It doesn’t contain alcohol or fragrance which is good.

For night regimen, I will soak a cotton pad in SANA’s Natural Resource Skin lotion and rub my face with it. I will see makeup, residue, dirt and grime on the cotton pad. This mechanical rubbing with the toner-soaked cotton pad also helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the surface at the same time.


Will I buy it myself? Very likely!


SANA’s Natural Resource Essence Lotion (Serum)

180ml / S$44.90

I don’t really fancy this product and I hardly use it. The bottle is almost new. It contains a higher concentration of the mineral oils and hence it has stronger lavender scent than the rest of the SANA’s Natural Resource products.

After using this essence lotion for a week, I noticed there is mild redness on my sensitive skin. I’m not too sure what’s the cause of the inflammation. And after suffering from the minor irritation I hence decided to stop using it completely. This essence does contain plentiful of natural oils that are claimed to help soothen skin.


Will I buy it myself? No way!


SANA’s Natural Resource Milk Lotion

150ml / S$38.90

SANA’s Natural Resource Milk Lotion is so lightweight and fluid, I actually like it a lot. As I was trying to do a comparison on the texture between Hada Labo Milk Lotion, Aqualabel Emulsion and SANA Milk Lotion, and the result is that this SANA Milk Lotion is the lightest of all. It is definitely suitable for all skin types especially oily skin.

Although my skin feels a little shiny/oily right after application but the shine disappears instantly after 3 minutes. I like the lavender scent, it makes my skin feels soothing and calm. It is so light, I doesn’t feel the heaviness at all. My skin definitely feels moisture.


Will I buy it myself? Very likely!


SANA’s Natural Resource Cream

35g / S$42.90

I find that the texture for Natural Resource Cream is only slightly heavier than Natural Resource Milk Lotion. It is so lightweight and fluid that it feels so much like a lotion than a cream. This extremely lightweight cream has the same benefits as lotion and it is suitable for oily skin too.

I especially like the strong refreshing lavender scent and it smells much stronger than lotion. Thankfully, the lavender doesn’t cause any irritation on my skin at all. I will usually use this cream at night. It provides sufficient hydration on my skin.


Will I buy it myself? Probably yes!


SANA’s Natural Resource UV Milk SPF19 PA++

35g / S$34.90

I don’t really like this sunscreen. It leaves a white cast on my skin and I look ghostly whenever I use it. Occasionally, the product will turn rainy when it is squeezed. I have to waste the product by discarding the watery portion.

It doesn’t blend well at times and it creates patchiness on my face, especially if I use it after a face mask. To me, SPF19 is too low for me, I will prefer SPF30 or above.


Will I buy it myself? Unlikely!


SANA’s Natural Resource Compact Pressed Powder

The texture is fine and smooth. I am still using this SANA Compact Pressed Powder and I will only use it to touch up my T-zone area. It gives a matt finish on my skin.

Even though I try to pat just a little of the powder on my nose area, it will still give this matt yet heavy finish that looks very “makeup” to me.


Will I buy it myself? Maybe!


SANA’s Natural Resource Loose Powder UV SPF19 PA+++

15g / S$39.90

Generally, loose powder is very important for me. I usually do not like wearing any foundation during the weekday unless I have an event after work. Hence l will dust my face with minimal loose powder to help provide this natural makeup look and I will finish it up with cheek color brush and lipstick.

Although I did mention on my previous SANA preview post that I actually like this SANA loose powder but after using it for a longer period and I’m also comparing it with my new current loose powder (from SANA too), I think otherwise now.

I don’t really fancy this SANA loose powder now because it gives a “heavy” makeup look. Although the texture looks fine but it tends to leave a very matt finish which doesn’t look natural at all. And the color shade is slightly lighter than my natural skin tone. The finish is quite matt and drying for me.


Will I buy it myself? I don’t think so!


SANA’s Natural Resource Liquid Foundation UV SPF22 PA+++ (Shade 02)

30g / S$39.90

I like the light and fine texture of the foundation. The finish effect is pretty natural, but I don’t really like the matt finish though. Now I dislike matt finish because it will tend to create a “makeup” look which I’m not comfortable with it nowadays.

It blends well and it manages to cover up the uneven skin tone but not the dark spots though. The color is very close to my skin tone and it doesn’t clog my pores at all. The foundation is quite long lasting but it does smudge a little during the day on the oily area.


Will I buy it myself? I doubt so!


SANA’s Natural Resource Moist Skincare Powder 24h (night powder)

10g / S$34.90

This is the last step regimen for NIGHT (Yes, for night!) that helps seal in moisture after skin care, leaving skin smooth without feeling sticky. I haven’t tried this product yet and I doubt I will. I don’t really like the idea of putting on powder at night and I just worry it will clog my pores.

But this product is perfect for women who want to meet their loved ones at night without the sticky look on their face.

Any taker? I’m giving away this SANA’s Natural Resource Moist Skincare Powder 24h to one reader. All you need is to post your name on the comment box below by 8 Dec 2010. The mini-giveaway will be announced on 10 Dec 2010.

Thanks for reading and see you soon. :-)


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