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Today, I will like to review 5 of the great skincare products that I’m finishing soon. (from left) Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Clarins Double Serum, Clarins White Plus Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser and Leaders Clinic Medieu SPF 50+ PA+++ Mild Sunscreen & Waterproof Make-up Base Combination.


Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1

Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1

I’ve bought this large size (in 400ml) Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1 at Changi Airport. Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1 (ONE) is ideal for very dry to dry skin. Clinique 3-Step Skincare Care System, comprising of 3-steps – cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize; and Clarifying Lotion is used as the STEP 2 routine. Lotion (also known as toner), is one of my must-have products for my night regimen. Formulated with mostly water and miniscule active ingredients, this lotion acts as a double cleansing process to help cleanse away the residue and dirt that my cleanser has missed. It also helps to exfoliate my skin whenever I rub the soaked cotton pad with lotion on my face. This mild Clarifying Lotion is allergy tested and is 100% fragrance free. What I like about this mild lotion is that it doesn’t contain any alcohol and it’s super suitable for sensitive skin like mine. I will definitely buy it again!


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

estee lauder advanced night repair review

I have gotten this limited edition Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex during the Estee Lauder’s anniversary event quite some time ago. This 50ml size Advanced Night Repair is my second bottle actually and it’s considered a pretty good formulated anti-aging serum I’ve used so far! Though I’m not able to see any improvement on skin while using it but this antioxidant serum is great to help combat free radicals that may delay skin aging in a way. I will treat it as a preventive product! After using it for a longer period of time, I realized the consistency has turned thicker. It is especially after finishing up more than three quarter of this big 50ml size bottle. I do not like its current glue-like thick texture and I’ve since stopped using it.


Clarins Double Serum

clarins double serum

clarins double serum

Clarins Double Serum is another anti-aging serum which I use together with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair occasionally. Received this newly launched Clarins Double Serum from Clarins Singapore, it is designed with two separate phases – one hydric, the other lipidic – presented in side-by-side vials enable the otherwise impossible combination of water- and oil-soluble ingredients. I extremely like its oil-with-water texture that glides on the skin easily. Though it leaves a slight greasy residue on full absorption, but my skin feels extremely comfortable with it. This anti-aging serum is formulated with 20 plant extracts and it works like a preventive product to help delay aging process which is similar to Estee Lauder ANR. No visible result on wrinkles and fine lines though. Skin feels silky smooth and hydrated, thanks to its hyaluronic acid that comes with double molecular weight. Love its therapeutic scent which is pretty refreshing.


Clarins White Plus Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser

Clarins White Plus Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser

Received this new White Plus cleanser from Clarins Singapore recently. I actually like this Clarins White Plus Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser very much! Sadly, I’m finishing it real soon. Its creamy, translucent, gel-like texture effectively cleanses away all the makeup and dirt from my skin without stripping my skin’s natural protective layer and hence my skin doesn’t feel tight nor dry upon washing. My skin looks brighter and clean; pores appears more refined too. I will probably buy it again real soon.


Leaders Clinic Medieu Mild Sunscreen & Waterproof Make-up Base Combination SPF 50+/PA+++

Leaders Clinic Medieu mild sunscreen waterproof make-up base spf 50+ pa+++

I’ve received this complimentary Leaders Clinic Medieu Mild Sunscreen & Waterproof Make-up Base Combination SPF 50+/PA+++ probably more than a year ago. I love this product so much that I’m using it sparingly. It is one of the great sunscreens I’ve used so far! Probably because I like its tinted shade texture that makes my skin looking even-toned, smooth and flawless. It keeps my skin hydrated and protects my skin from harmful UV rays at the same time too. The tinted shade compliments my skin tone very well and it appears so natural on my skin. Though this sunscreen acts as a makeup base too, I actually don’t even bother to apply any foundation whenever I use this tinted sunscreen. Upon applying it, all I need is to dust a tinge of loose powder on my face and my skin instantly appears flawless and natural. I will likely buy it again.


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