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Recently, I’m one of the 7 beauty bloggers to be invited by The Sample Store to review a range of b.liv latest products by Cellnique.

I have received a Drench Me Moisturizing Cleansing Gel, Quench Me Moisturizing Gel, Shrink & Tighten Large Pores Reducing Serum and Shrink & Tighten Large Pores Diminishing Night Complex.

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b.liv is about confidence and seeking to inspire the youth of today to believe in themselves; that they can make a difference not only in the care of their skin but also the world they live in. The name “b.liv” is not just a contraction of the word “believe”, but also of the words “be” and “live”. This constitutes a life-affirming motto which exhorts consumers to “live for the moment”.

Each b.liv product features a “multiple-delivery system” that releases ingredients based on the skin’s needs with multiple-functions. It is ideal for skin that experience lingering blackheads whiteheads, and enlarged pores.


Drench Me Moisturizing Cleansing Gel

120ml   S$34.95

Drench Me Moisturizing Cleansing Gel is soapless which is similar to Simple Facial Wash Gel (my all-time favorite washing gel). Although this lightweight cleansing gel is claimed to contain moisturizing benefit but unfortunately it doesn’t contain much hydrating ingredients in it. It contains fragrance ingredient which I’m not comfortable at all but fortunately it doesn’t irritate my skin.

I use Drench Me Moisturizing Cleansing Gel after my usual makeup cleanser. I like the scent which is soothing. It effortlessly remove all impurities, makeup residue and dirt from my skin. My skin feels clean but somewhat dry. Overall, it is fairly a good cleansing gel and I will continue using it.


Shrink & Tighten Large Pores Diminishing Night Complex

15ml     S$69.95

This night treatment product contains a few potent antioxidant ingredients such as L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), witch hazel and vitamin B5. It is claimed to help shrink, tighten pores and stimulates collagen production at night. Its key ingredient L-ascorbic acid may help to brighten up the skin and improve collagen production but I don’t think it can reduce pore sizes or firming.

This clear silky non-oily treatment makes my skin feels warm with mild tingling sensation when I first apply it. It probably due to L-ascorbic acid that contains in it. My skin doesn’t feel sticky nor oily. This night treatment effectively absorbs into my skin within a minute. It has this unique scent which I find it hard to describe. The scent is somewhat a little medical without any fragrance which is bearable to me.

Before I started with this treatment product, my pore sizes are considered relatively small and refined. So after using it for a week on every night, my skin is superficial brighter but there isn’t much improvement on the pore sizes as of now. I hardly see the different and I probably think that I will need at least a month before I can see the result. I believe people with enlarged pores will able to see more drastic result as compared to mine. You may consider this product if you are looking for a product to help boost collagen production.


Shrink & Tighten Large Pores Reducing Serum

30ml     S$69.95

This pores reducing serum contains handful of beneficial ingredients such  as arginine, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and beta-carotene.

This lightweight emulsion serum absorbs into the skin effortlessly. It just disappear within a few seconds on the skin. It doesn’t feel sticky nor oily on the skin. It contains minuscule potent ingredient BHA (salicylic acid) which helps to remove dead skin cells on the skin surface and pores sizes will be reduced eventually. I like the soothing scent.

After using Shrink & Tighten Large Pores Reducing Serum for a week, I noticed there isn’t much improvement on the pore sizes. As mentioned earlier, I already have refined pore sizes therefore the result is not very obvious. I hope to see more result after a month. But I reckon it will be ideal for people with enlarged pore sizes. So far, no irritation on my sensitive skin at all.


Quench Me Moisturizing Gel

50ml     S$49.95

This lightweight non-oily silky gel feels so smooth on my skin when it first apply. It effectively absorbs into the skin within a few seconds. It doesn’t feel greasy at all and it’s definitely ideal for people who never like sticky or oily texture. I like the refreshing scent.

This moisturizer contains some skin-irritant ingredients such as lemon fruit extract and fragrance that may not be suitable for my sensitive skin. My skin gets minor irritation with these ingredients. The lemon fruit extract will also tend to dry up the skin.

But all-in-all, Quench Me Moisturizing Gel is relatively a good moisturizer for all skin types. It is suitable for day and night use.


All b.liv products are available at :

Malaysia — Sa Sa, Alpro & Healthlane
Singapore — Sa Sa & Guardian


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