Book Review –
The Japanese Skincare Revolution

Many women like me, will love to know on why the Japanese women have such a beautiful skin and what are their beauty secrets. Before, there have never been a book in English which reveal the secrets of their successful beauty regimens. Not until recently, I finally came across this book named ‘The Japanese Skincare Revolution’ by Chizu Saeki which I bought without a second thought.

The author, Chizu Saeki, Japan’s #1 best-selling beauty advisor, is a practicing esthetician and beauty consultant whose dream is to teach ordinary women how to become more beautiful. Born in the year of 1943, she doesn’t look anything like her age of 66. She has worked all her life in the beauty industry and has been working in big cosmetic companies like Guerlain and Parfums Christian Dior.

Chizu Saeki’s message

  • To achieve a beautiful skin like the Japanese, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on cosmetics and treatments to achieve it.
  • Your hands are the ultimate tools – they can gauge your skin’s condition like a sensor and smooth out wrinkles like an iron. They can also warm and soothe tensed-up skin, making it more receptive to skincare ingredients.
  • The effectiveness of any skincare product depends greatly on its use. It’s how you use your cosmetics, not what you use, that will transform your skin.
  • The importance of proper cleansing and washing

> Step-by-step face cleansing

In this book, Chizu Saeki is proud to introduce the unique lotion mask – a moisturizing treatment for keeping the skin fresh and lustrous; messages for toning the muscles of the face; no-nonsense remedies for wrinkles, sagging, oiliness, pimples and blackheads; water massages to energize the skin; and much, much more.

At a glance

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

  • A short list of essential tools and cosmetics.

Chapter 2 – Skincare Basics & Massage Techniques

  • Simpy touching or pressing your face with your fingers and palms, or wrapping your hands around it, will do wonders for your skin.

Chapter 3 – Lymph Massages

  • Doing these massages daily while sitting in the bath, watching TV, or just before applying makeup will make your skin grow lustrous.

> Lymph node pressure points

Chapter 4 – Everyday Skincare

  • Many women spend a fortune on beauty salons – but you can get similar results at home for a fraction of the cost.

Chapter 5 – Cures for Problem Skin

  • When I turned 40, my skin went through hell. But by looking after it carefully day after day, I was able to solve most of the major problems.

Chapter 6 – Quick Fix Spa Secrets

  • Meeting a friend you haven’t seen for ages? Got a hot date? Have an important interview tomorrow? No worries – here are some emergency remedies for quick results.

My Review

I personally find this book very inspirational. With all the step-by-step instructions, these make it easy to read.I especially fond of the lotion mask and the toning massage.

> Chizu Saeki's original lotion mask

> Chizu Saeki’s original lotion mask

The Lotion Mask is claimed as the key to beautiful skin. All I need is the cotton, water, lotion, and 3 minutes of my time.

> Chizu Saeki-style massage techniques

This book also covers the 6 unique massages for toning the muscles of the face and smoothing out wrinkles. I’ve already made a habit of lifting my cheeks and mouth twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I really hope to see some improvement from it.


Will I buy her other books? …… Most likely!


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7 Comments on "Book Review –
The Japanese Skincare Revolution"

  1. chia li says:

    Hi,do u know this book have language in chinese?

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Chia Li,

    I doubt there is, although her other book ‘Bihada Kakumei’ has been published in Chinese. Will check it out more soon :-)


  3. Shirleen says:

    Hi Chia Li,

    I have done some checking, seems like there isn’t any chinese edition for this title ‘The Japanese Skincare Revolution’. :-(

  4. Christine says:

    Hi, where did you get this book and how much was it? thank you!

  5. Shirleen says:

    Hi Christine,

    You can purchase it at Amazon, just click the banner above (centre column). It costs US$13.57 excluding shipping. :-)

  6. Leena says:

    I bought this book yesterday and I’ve been reading it nonstop. But I still have few doubts , hope you don’t mind answering? Well I wanted to know about the six saiki massage… do I have to do this massage everyday? Do I have to do this with my plain hands/ plain face ( without any serum etc on)?should I do this massage before applying any skin care products ?
    I’m so confused and not able to figure it out.

    Btw, what is the result of your massage? I hoped it’s helped you.

  7. Leena says:

    Shirleen never mind I figured it out. Gosh finally! I read this book twice and now it all make sense. Ugh!
    Thanks anyway for this post.

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